Paving the eportfolio path with ePDP

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Telling eportfolio Stories. The Road to Stickiness. Telling eportfolio Stories. Paving the eportfolio path with ePDP. HEA Pathfinder Project Embedding eportfolio at level 1. Telling eportfolio Stories. The Road to Stickiness. HEA Pathfinder Project. 31 members of staff - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Paving the eportfolio path with ePDPTelling eportfolio StoriesHEA Pathfinder ProjectEmbedding eportfolio at level 1

  • HEA Pathfinder Project31 members of staff21 modules across a range of disciplines such as Writing, Dance, Drama, Education, Engineering and the Built Environment, Health, Human Resource Management, Interpreting (British Sign Language/English), Legal Studies, Mathematics, Pharmacy, Psychology, Social Work, Visual Communication 1810 students

  • Eportfolio PDP, Mentoring and retreatsTutors were asked to design and implement module-based ePortfolio mediated PDP tasks These tasks are aimed to facilitate reflection on a variety of learning related issues to enable learners to better meet the challenges of HE.

    ePDP + residential retreats + mentoring = Pathfinder project

  • Pathfinder in actionExample of using eportfolio in the Pathfinder project for ePDP and more!

    School of Education Foundation Degree

  • Teaching eportfolio*Visual representations of reflection, shared with peers and tutors

    *Digitising PDP activities

    *Reflective blogs, critical incident sharing and action planning

  • Eportfolio for collaborative learning

  • Live linkIts good to talk!

  • More schools and their Pathfinder fun

  • Dissemination leaflet

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  • Working with wonderful staff

  • Evaluation606 student questionnaires, 42 staff questionnaires (both interim and end of project) 35 residential staff development retreat specific questionnaires, 3 hours of staff feedback presentation video, 2 hours audio of staff final interviews External evaluation of telephone interviews with Associate Deans within the project schools.

  • On a scale of 1-5 how difficult did you find the tasks that you had to do in PebblePAD? Easy (1) 8%Right level (3) 75%Difficult (5) 16%Did you enjoy using PebblePADYes 54% No 41% How often did you receive feedback from your tutor relating to the PebblePAD tasks?Weekly 16%Monthly 16%Twice during module 16%Once during module 19%Never 31%Was the concept of PDP (Personal Development Planning) explained to you as part of the module introduction/overview?Yes 65%No 25%Unanswered 31%Would you have preferred to do the tasks you did in PebblePAD on paper?Yes 38%No 56%Unanswered 6%What is most important to you in relation to the PebblePAD tasks?Grade (if assessed) 40%Tutor feedback 30%Self development and self identification of areas I need to improve 30%

    If you could have had a choice, would you have preferred the PebblePAD tasks you completed to be?Assessed with a grade 37%Assessed pass or fail 15%Not assessed but with tutor feedback 24%Not assessed and no feedback, purely for my self development if I chose to do it 15%Example student responses - 100 students

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