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Past and forthcoming meetings

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Page 2: Past and forthcoming meetings

Prog. NeuroPsychopharmacol.5 Biol. Psychiat. 1983, Vol. 7. pp. 383-386 Printed in Great Britain. All rights reserved.

027.3~5846/83/030383-04$03.00/0 Copyright@ 1983 Pergamon Press Ltd.



PLACE/DATE: Caribe Hilton, San Juan, Puerto Rico, December 15-17, 1982. OFFICERS OF ACNP President: Leonard Cook President-Elect: William Bunney Vice-President: Murray Alpert Secretary: Oakley Ray Treasurer: David Engelhardt Past-President: Donald Klein Council: Seymour Fisher

Eva Killam Nancy Mello Herbert Meltzer Arthur Prange

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM President's Plenary Session: Approaches for the Development of Animal Models for Cognitive Dysfunction and Their Use in Pharmacological Evaluations

Chairman: L. Cook Study Groups and Symposia Molecular Mechanisms in Antideuressant Action

Chairman: E. Costa _ Studies of Central Nervous System Plasticity

Co-Chairmen: S. Koslow & S. Zalcman Are Neurotropic Peptides Here to Stay?

Co-Chairmen: W. Krivoy & R. Ritzmann Is HLA Type a Genetic Marker for Affective Illness?

Co-Chairmen: S. Matthysee & H. Stancer Clinical Efficacy of Deprenyl, A Specific Inhibitor of MAOB

Chairman: F. Quitkin Reappraisal of the Role of Dopamine in Behavioral Regulation and Neuroleptic Action

Co-Chairmen: A. Friedhoff 8 M. Alpert Mechanism and Efficacy of Serotonin Selective Antidepressants

Chairman: L. Hollister The Long-Term Treatment of Schizophrenia: Alternative Strategies in Drug Treatment

Co-Chairmen: J. Kane & N. Schooler Dealing with Diagnostic Complexity and Heterogeneity In Genetic, Biochemical and

Epidemiologic Research Chairman: M. Weissman

- New Biological Studies of Genetic Vulnerability to Psychiatric Disorder Chairman: E. S. Gershon

- Biology of Depression Co-Chairmen: J. Maas & P. Stokes

Session I: Neuroendocrine and Neurotransmitter Function in Depressed Patients and Healthy Subjects


Page 3: Past and forthcoming meetings

384 PNP News & Intercom

Session II: Differential Pharmacological and Behavioral Effects of Amitriptyline and Imipramine in Relationship to Treatment Outcome - Cholecystokinin: Ascension from Gut to Brain

Co-Chairmen: S. Paul, E. Ellinwood & A. Sudilovsky - Neuropeptides and Schizophrenia - Spinal Fluid and Brain Studies

Co-Chairmen: D. van Kammen, J. Wood & C. Nemeroff - Interaction of Calmodulin with Psychotropic Drugs: Neuropsychopharmacological Implications

Chairman: B. Weiss - Neuropsychopharmacology of Nicotine and Tobacco Smoking: Tobacco Smoking as a Dependence Disorder

Co-Chairmen: E. F. Domino & D. R. Jasinski - Hypothalamic Hormones in Neuropsychiatric Disease

Co-Chairmen: P. Gold & D. Jacobowitz - Clinical and Psychobiologic Implications of Response to Tricyclic Antidepressants in Patients without Primary Affective Disorder

Co-Chairmen: D. Murphy h L. Siever - Classification of Schizophrenic-Like Psychoses: Biologic and Pharmacologic Issues

Co-Chairmen: W. Carpenter & C. Tamminga - Biological Markers In Psychiatric Disease

Chairman: T. Detre - The Genain Quadruplets: Four Monozygous Women Discordant for the Severity of Their Schizophrenic Illness. A 25-Year Follow up

Chairman: A. Mirsky Conditioned Aspects of Drug Dependence

Chairman: C. O'Brien Alzheimer's Disease

Co-Chairmen: K. Davis & R. Mohs Neurobiologic Perspectives on Anxiety

Co-Chairmen: G. Heninger, J. Tallman & E. Usdin Receptor Physiology and Hormone Secretion in Affective Illness

Chairman: L. Judd Tyramine and Depressive Illness

Co-Chairmen: D. Klein & M. Sandler Morphological and Neuropsychological Abnormalities As Predictors of Clinical Response to

Psychotropic Drugs Co-Chairmen: R. Smith & J. Maser

- Neuropsychobiology of Circadian and Seasonal Rhythms: Light as a "Drug"? Co-Chairmen: F. Goodwin & A. Lewy

- Animal Models of Depression: New Findings Co-Chairmen: N. Kalin & W. McKinney

- Imipramine Binding and Serotonin Uptake in Blood Platelets of Depressed Patients: ? Trait Markers of Affective Illness

Chairman: H. Meltzer Special Sessions - ACNP Task Force on CNS Toxicology of Psychotropic and Nonpsychotropic Drugs

Co-Chairmen: J. R. Wittenbo&& T. M. Itil - Teaching Session - ACNP Education Committee Panel

Co-Chairmen: R. Meyer & D. Janowsky Poster Sessions Three sessions: 85 posters FURTHER INFORMATION: Dr. Oakley Ray and Ms. Terry Hall, Secretarial Office of ACNP, 134 Wesley Hall, Vanderblit University, Nashville, TN 37240, U.S.A.

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PNP News & Intercom 385


PLACE/DATE: University Hospital, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, May 25-27, 1983. OFFICERS OF CCNP President: W. G. Dewhurst, Edmonton Past-President: R. L. Singhal,.Ottawa Vice-Presidents: A. A. Boulton, Saskatoon

P. Grof, Hamilton Secretary: G. B. Baker, Edmonton Treasurer: D. J. McClure, Montreal Councillors: H. C. Fibiger, Vancouver

F. Garcin, Quebec H. A. Robertson, Halifax T. R. Sourkes, Montreal H. C. Stancer, Toronto

LOCAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE Chairman: A. A. Boulton Members: G. Johnson, G. Juorio, D. Keegan, K. Midha, T. Wishart, J. Wood SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM Plenary Sessions - Academic Lecture

T. L. Sourkes, Montreal, 1982 Heinz Lehman Award winner - Critical Review of the Benzodiazepines

I. Martin, Cambridge, U.K. - Monoclonal Antibodies and the CNS

N. Sternberger, Rochester, N.Y. - Pain

J. Edmeads, Toronto - New Antipsychotics and Antidepressants

J. Feighner, San Diego Symposia. The following 5 symposia are organized: symposium 1 - Aggression

Organizer: F. Ervin, Montreal Symposium 2 - Neurotransmitters and Neuropeptides in Feeding and Drinking

Organizer: T. Wishart, Saskatoon Symposium 3 - Pharmacoendocrine Approaches to Psychiatric Disorders

Organizer: G. M. Brown, Hamilton symposium 4 - Drug Receptors

Organizer: H. A. Robertson, Halifax symposium 5 - Anxiety

Organizer: D. Keegan, Saskatoon Workshops. Three workshops will take place: Dr. K. Midha will act as Workshops Coordinator. Workshop I - Mass Spectrometry

Organizer: D. Durden Workshop II - HPLC

Organizer: J. Warsh Workshop III - Radioimmunoassay

Organizer: E. Hawes Round Tables. The following three Round Tables are planned: Round Table A: Current Trends in Benzodiazepines: Are They Justified? Round Table B: Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Benzodiaxepines Round Table C: Pain PROCEEDINGS: The Proceedings of the 6th CCNP Meeting will be published in the journal "Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry" Vol. 7, Issues 5-6, 1983. FURTHER INFORMATION: Dr. Alan Boulton, 508A University Hospital, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, S7N 0X0.

Page 5: Past and forthcoming meetings

386 PNP News & Intercom


Under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.

PLACE/DATE: Istituto Mario Negri, Milan, Italy, June 21-22, 1983. SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: S. Garattini, Milan, Italy

C. Radouco-Thomas, Quebec, Canada M. Sheperd, London, U.K.


S. GARATTINI, Milan, Italy General introduction A. Sartorius, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland Genetic markers studies S. Rose, U.K. Disease models : state of the art. The biological-biochemical approach

S. Kety, U.S.A. Drugs : guide and caveats to explanatory and descriptive approaches S. Garattini, Italy Biological markers and high risk studies in mental disorders and alcoholism C. Radouco-Thomas et al., Canada Biological markers of functional psychoses. A contribution from the developing world B.B. Sethi, India

SESSION II Chairmen: J. ANGST, Switzerland

F.K. GQODWIN, U.S.A. The model and the reality of depression - General overview

R.J. Baldessarini, U.S.A. - The results of a long-term epidemiological genetic study

R.R. Fieve, U.S.A. - CSF markers

O.J. Rafaelsen, D.K. - Clinical relevance of steroid assays

G.W. Arana, U.S.A. - Blood cells as markers

G. Muscettola, Italy SESSION III Chairmen: H. HIPPIUS, Germany

C. RADOUCO-THOMAS, Canada Causes, consequences, descriptors?

The post-mortem findings L. Iversen, U.K. - Neurophysiological markers D.J. Kupfer, U.S.A. CAT and schizophrenia D.R. Weinberger, N.I.H., U.S.A. Any lesson from dementia studies ? J. Coyle, U.S.A. Neuroleptic binding B.M. Cohen, U.S.A.

SESSION IV Chairman: M. SHEPHERD, U.K. Where to go - Epidemiological and clinical research as a guide in the search for biological markers

A. Jablenski, WHO Discussants:

F. Goodwin, N.I.M.H., U.S.A. L. Eisenberg, U.S.A. B.O. Osuntokun, Nigeria M. Vartanian, USSR G. Tognoni, Italy

FURTHER INFORMATION: Dr S. Garattini, Director, Istituto "Mario Negri", Via Eritrea 62, Milan 20157, Italy