Part 4: The Big6: Information & Technology Skills Rob Darrow Big6 Trainer for Student Success

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Text of Part 4: The Big6: Information & Technology Skills Rob Darrow Big6 Trainer for...

  • Part 4: The Big6:Information & Technology Skills Rob DarrowBig6 for Student Success

  • Big6 Cards orVideo: Lucy and Information Literacy

  • Outline of the WorkshopPart I: The information age: implications for learning, teaching and technologyPart II: Information literacy: the Big6 Skills process & approachPart III: The Big6 and technologyPart IV: Big6 Implementation and Integration

  • Micro Planning - GuidelinesView your existing units and lessons in relation to the Big6.Explain assignments from a Big6 perspective.Offer specific Big6 lessons (tied to curriculum) classroom teachers, library & information specialists and technology teachers.

  • Micro Planning Plan One!Big6 TemplateChoose a curriculum unit context (grade, subject, assignment)Determine 1 Big6 stage as an objectiveSketch out a possible lessonShare your ideas

  • Big6 - Curriculum ConnectionWorkshop Handbook p. 91Essay questions on controversial science topicsMythology projects10th Grade probability coin flippingMaking a TV/radio commercial or billboard on nutrition (or drugs, smoking, alcohol)Ancient Rome radio shows

  • Big6 - Curriculum ConnectionWorkshop Handbook p. 91Test on causes of World War IMaking graphs using spreadsheet softwareBiology labReading poemsWeb authoring weather in various places in the U.S.

  • Macro Planning (LMS, Dept. Head, Dist. Library Coordinator)Skills x Unit Plansp. 120 - 128

  • Macro PlanningLMS/Dist LibrarianCurriculum MapAssessmentStudent AchievementDocumentation

  • Curriculum Map: Middle p. 121


    Middle School ExampleThe Big6

    Skills by Unit MatrixTask DefinitionInformation Seeking StrategiesLocation & AccessUse of InformationSynthesisEvaluation


    06-06SEWCurrent EventsSSreport1234XXXXXXAll year long - can hit all Big6

    06-06ARBPoetryEnglishshort written assignmentxxx4XXX#4 - reading powems; #5/6 - writing good poetry

    07-07SLJGraphsMathproductx2xxXXTypes of graphs and spreadsheet software.

    07-07TCHRecyclingSSproductx23xXXX-X-lots of technology

    08-08HJWMap SkillsSSworksheet1xxxXXuse of maps

    08-08TMJNoiseSciwritten reportx2xxxXXXxbuild on gr 7, technology

    07-08CERDiet and NutritionHealthposters1x3xXX--XxHealth reaches all stduents; repeats two times a year.

    07-08CERTobacco and Smoking`Healthtest1x3xXXXXCooperative teacher, test-taking strategies & the Big6.

    &REisenberg/Berkowitz, 1998



  • Sample Skills by Unit Matrix: Mr. Hancock


    Figure 1: Sample Skills x Unit Matrix: Mr. Hancock - 4th Grade Teacher

    The Big6


    SpellingLanguage ArtsTest123440Xxstrategies for learning/remembering spelling

    State HistorySocial StudiesWritten Report12xx30XXXXXXmajor unit - lessons on all Big6

    GeographySocial StudiesMaps, Product1x3x20XXcomputer graphics to produce maps

    Listening SkillsLanguage ArtsTest1xxx10XXnote-taking, tape recording

    Personal HygieneHealthAds, Product1xxx15XxxXevaluating ads, creating posters

    Letter WritingLanguage ArtsProduct1xxx15XXXwhat makes a good letter? Using word processing.

    Food GroupsHealthProduct (chart, posters, ads)x2xx15XXXXperiodical indexes on CD and the Web.

    Multiplication Tables-10sMathTestx2xx20xjust mention ways to memorize

    Structure of PlantsScienceExperiment, Testxx3420Xlab reports - can computer generate

    Rocks and MineralsScienceWorksheet, Testxx3x20XXuse sources for worksheet - focus on brainstorm, narrow, and keywords

    Metric MeasurementsMathTestxx3x20XXtest will include examples of the metric system in action. Will need sources.

    Deserts/Life, WeatherSocial Studies/ScienceWritten and Oral Reportxx3x30XXX2 subjects, lots of electronic information seeking strategies, location & access

    Mixed NumbersMathWorksheetxx3x20Xself-evaluation



  • Sheet1

    The Big6

    Skills by Unit MatrixTask DefinitionInformation Seeking StrategiesLocation & AccessUse of InformationSynthesisEvaluation


    &REisenberg/Berkowitz, 1998



  • Ways to organizeBy categoriesBy time - chronologicallyAs as story - narrativeProgression (continuum)AlphabeticallyAny combinations of the above

  • AssessmentP. 76

  • Big Juiciesp. 106Are important units in the curriculum:have a longer durationreach many studentsinvolve a report, project, or productuse multiple resourcesinvolve a range of teaching methods

  • Implementation Context: the process information problem solving - the Big6

    Context: technology in context technology within the process

    Context: curriculum real needs in real situations assignments: papers, reports, projects skills x unit matrix

  • Curriculum - Big6 Integration

  • Implementation: CONTEXT!!WARNING! Teaching information & technology skills out of context is hazardous to your students health.

  • REFLECTION POINTQuestionsSummaryConclusionsEvaluation (workshop)Commitment Sheet

  • SummaryIts an information-rich and complex world.Information & technology literacy essential skills for the information age.The Big6 powerful approach to information literacy can implement immediately.Technology gains meaning if learned and used in a Big6 context.Fully integrates with the classroom: 1+1=1.

  • Final Thoughts"There are two fundamental equalizers in life: the Internet and education."-John Chambers, CEO, Cisco Systems, 1999

  • Call to ActionThink Big(6)!This is reallyimportant!!!

  • www.big6.comAll Big6 resources available from:Linworth

    Each group how would you explain or describe the Big6 to another teacher, administrator, or parent?ShareNext slide has some statements