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Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine 3 June 2013

Los Angeles is known

worldwide as a city

of innovators, risk-

takers and entertainers, and

L.A.’s culinary scene is no

exception. Dining in the City

of Angels is continually

evolving with ever-changing

trends including sous vide

and macrobiotic cooking.

Chefs are now focusing

more on healthy eating,

using field-to-table ingredi-

ents and expanding the vast

array of fruits and vegetables, in-

cluding goji berries, black radish,

and fiddleheads. Interesting and

delicious vegan and gluten free of-

ferings are now widely available

across the city. Restaurants in L.A.

have the advantage of local arti-

sanal breads, cheeses and charcu-

terie. Local craft brewing and

distilling has made a huge impact

on the beverage scene as well.

Meat choices run the gamut of ex-

otic fish and game, poultry, heir-

loom pork and beef with names

like Kobe, Waygu and Piedmon-

tese. It’s all about choice in L.A.

The food truck craze seems to

have mellowed with diners opting

for a more civilized manor of sat-

isfying their hunger. This bodes

well for the brick and mortar es-

tablishments that have invested

heavily in the community. Gour-

met burgers are still luring patrons

searching for “the best” and spe-

cialty cocktails are big, making

mixologists newly minted celebri-


Our second annual Dining &

Entertainment magazine serves up

an enticing array of all Los Ange-

les has to offer – from terrace din-

ing and celebrity chefs, popular

summer time destinations like the

Hollywood Bowl and Dodger Sta-

dium, and a complete summer

movie guide. We’ve highlighted a

few restaurant favorites, and ven-

tured a little out of the city limits

for those wanting to explore new


When you visit the establish-

ments you’ll find inside, please

mention that you read about them

here. We would appreciate it.

Now let’s see what’s on the menu!

Bon Appetit!

Karen and Michael Villalpando



Editor and Publisher


Restaurant Writer




Staff Writers




Advertising Salesperson


Editorial Assistant


Graphic Designer

The Park Labrea News & Beverly Press are weekly newspapers publishing since 1946.

The Dining & Entertainment magazine is a special edition publishing on June 6, 2013

5150 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 330 P.O. Box 36036, Los Angeles, CA 90036

323.933.5518 • www.beverlypress.com

Discovering L.A.’s Culinary Treasures

What’s on the Menu

Dynamic DUO pg. 4Five Star Dining at the Four Seasons Wailea

Host a wine tasting party pg. 6Sommelier Edgar Poureshagh summer suggestions

Peninsula Roof Garden pg. 8

Nick & Stef’s pg. 10Girl and a Grill

Zengo pg. 12

Terrace Dining pg. 14The Roof at The Wilshire Hotel & Katana

FigOly pg. 16

El Coyote pg. 18

Welcome to the jungle! pg. 20Fun this summer at Los Angeles Zoo

Downtown L.A. Dining pg. 22Kendall’s Brasserie, Bottega Louie & Soleto Trattoria

Greek Theatre pg. 24

Summer Movie Guide pg. 26-29

Korean BBQ pg. 30

Kings of the craft pg. 34Enjoy a brew or two at L.A.’s craft beer pubs

Pampa’s Grill pg. 38Southeast Asian L.A.’s way

A Whole New Blue pg. 40New food & craft brews, too

Celebrity Chefs pg. 42

Summer at LACMA pg. 44

Why Run when you can fly? pg. 46 Sky Zone - the ultimate work-out

Hollywood Bowl pg. 48L.A.’s own superbowl

Normandie Bakery pg. 50Oui, oui, it’s tres French!

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4 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

Five-star hotel dining in Los Angeles of-

fers a plethora of choices – The Mon-

tage, The Peninsula, and the Four

Seasons Beverly Wilshire, just to name a few.

Recently, we flew over the Pacific to Maui and

experienced the five-star, fabulous DUO at the

Four Seasons Maui at Wailea.

The restaurant is set poolside with low

lighting and magnificent views of the Pacific

Ocean. The trade winds blow gently through

the umbrella-lined patio. DUO is aptly

named, as it is a steak and seafood restaurant,

helmed by award-winning Executive Chef

Roger Stettler and chef de cuisine Bryan


We were celebrating our 25th wedding an-

niversary, and appropriately started with a

glass of champagne and oysters on the half


Kumamoto oysters from Washington State

were served with Hawaiian sea salt, lemon

wedges and a traditional cocktail sauce, as

well as a soy yuzu vinaigrette, a perfect open-

ing act to the chef’s culinary performance.

For the next course, we dined on braised

Kurobuta pork cheeks with apple and sage

bread pudding and Hamakua mushroom

ragout. The pork was ultra-tender and the

smoky-rich mushrooms and sweetness

of the apples complemented the cheeks

perfectly. The sommelier paired the

dish with a buttery Peter Michael

chardonnay, a memorable wine.

Since DUO is a steak and seafood

establishment, we obliged and ordered

a Kobe beef strip steak and a lobster

tail, split between the two of us. I was

tempted to order the beef with the same

mushroom ragout, that I loved so

much, but our waiter steered me in the

direction of the Maytag blue cheese

sauce, which was an excellent choice.

A side of white cheddar and

truffle macaroni and cheese was

served in a cast iron skillet and was

definitely decadent, and oh-so-good.

Grilled asparagus was a refreshing

bite of green and tamed the richness

of our dinner.

A lovely 2008 Beaulieu Vineyards

Rutherford cabernet sauvignon was a

superb pairing to the Kobe.

We lingered over our last glass,

soaking up the moment, feeling very

satisfied and happy.

The expertly-

trained wait staff

attended to our

wants, approach-

ing the table

seamlessly. Our

charming server,

Chad, engaged

us in funny ban-

ter without being

too intrusive. Al-

though we de-

clined dessert – due to

the heavenly mac and

cheese – he presented a

ribbon of white choco-

late decorated with

“Happy Anniversary”

and a few chocolate

truffles to persuade us to

nibble a bit. We took a

leisurely stroll back to

our room, reflecting on

a perfect night.

We were only able to

spend a few days at the

Four Seasons Maui, and promised ourselves a

return trip. The resort is luxurious with an

emphasis on service and amenities that are in-

clusive, not a la carte. An adult-only serenity

pool is the newest addition to the resort, to

add another option for lounging to the family

pool and main, center pool area. And of

course the beach is just steps away.

Until we meet again, Four Seasons Maui

… Aloha! 3900 Wailea Alanui Drive Wailea,

Maui Hawaii U.S.A. 96753. +1 (800) 311-


photo by Deborah Jones, courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Maui

DUO offers many cuts of beef, including the always

delectable filet mignon.

photo courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Maui

Fresh oysters are perfect way to begin an evening of

fine dining at DUO.

The perfect place to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary

– the Four Seasons Resort Maui.

Dynamic DUOby kAren 

villAlpAndoA silver anniversary celebration 

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Park Labrea News/Beverly Press 5 June 2013Dining & Entertainment Magazine


Serve your guests only the highest quality beef, lamb,pork and poultry. We carry Piedmontese Beef, PrimeBeef, Colorado Lamb and Niman Ranch Heirloom Pork. Our meats are hormone and steriod free, naturallyraised, grass fed. We supply the finest restaurants inLos Angeles. At your next dinner party, present Marconda’s meatsat your table, and impress your guests.

66333333 WW.. TThhiirrdd SStt.. •• FFaarrmmeerrss MMaarrkkeett •• 332233..993388..55113311 Family Owned at the Farmers Market for 72 Years


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6 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

How to host a wine tasting party at homeBy eDgAR PouReShAgh

Guest Columnist and Sommelier

If you’re curious about wine and have a

knack for experimenting, create a little

amateur wine tasting group to enhance

your summer. Don’t let its pretentious reputa-

tion fool you; wine tasting is easy and fun.

Let’s enjoy the beautiful evenings, and what

better way to do so than with wine in hand.

Here is a quick tutorial on the do’s and don’ts

of wine tasting.

The most important thing to do here is to

not overdo the wine selections. If you are

having 20 guests over, you might be inclined

to want to have 20 different wines to try…

however, this will create a lot of spoilage, and

people will quickly deplete the favorite

wines. Instead, I recommend no more than

12 wines (ten is ideal). I would suggest hav-

ing five to six reds, three to four whites and

one sparkling wine or champagne.

Plan on having your guests drink two

glasses of wine each, which is a little less

than half a bottle. So, for forty guests, expect

to purchase around twenty bottles of wine.

Often when I am asked to help create these

events, I will create a potluck list for each

guest to bring. The trick here is to not spend

too much on the wines. You do not necessar-

ily want the best examples of each type of

wine. Plan on spending ten to 20 dollars per

bottle. There are many hidden gems that cost

around 12 dollars.

Here is where you can get adventurous and

really create an experience for your guests.

Find a reputable retailer or sommelier and en-

list their help. Step out of your comfort zone.

I often like to choose a specific part of the

world (like “The Wines of Northern Italy”)

and really delve into the different offerings.

Your inclination might be to provide your

guests the wines you love, but with events

like this it is more important to create a mean-

ingful experience.

Sample tasting lineup for the wines of

Northern Italy:

Franciacorta from Lombardy (Sparkling


Kerner from Alto Adige (White)

Sauvignon Blanc from Alto Adige (White)

Sylvaner  from Alto Adige (White)

Dolcetto from the Piedmont (Red)

Barbera D’Asti from the Piedmont (Red)

Langhe Nebbiolo from the Piedmont (Red)

Barbaresco (Nebbiolo) from the Piedmont


Brachetto D’Acqui (Sparkling Red Dessert


A tasting like this will be a lot of fun, and

really give your guests a great understanding

of what wines

from that area

are all about. Be

safe, have fun,

and enjoy life

one grape at a


photo by Brett Jones, courtesy of Wine Folley

Nebbiolo-based wines like Barolo and Barbaresco are from Northwestern Italy.

Edgar Poureshagh

Summertime & Wine

Some see a glass as half empty; others see it

as being half full. I look at a glass and wonder

what I want to put in it. My drink, and career of

choice, is wine. Being that my humble estab-

lishment, 3Twenty Wine Lounge, has enjoyed

two successful years on the Miracle Mile, I am

starting to realize more and more that the

beauty of serving others is much more about the

personal interaction, than it is about the experi-

ence of owning a restaurant or touting the label

of ‘sommelier.’ My biggest success, as a wine

steward, is to make the moment more enjoy-


Wine, when chosen well, should not be the

highlight of an evening, but instead a perfect

complement. Wine can accentuate flavors, be a

muse for pondering, and the means by which

one may smile for just a little longer. The mo-

ment should define the wine, and not the other

way around.

If you are enjoying an outdoor or summer-

time event, I urge you to take the time to think

about what wine would pair best with the envi-

ronment, as well as the cuisine. When sitting in

the hot sun, an oaky and alcoholic cabernet

sauvignon is much too heavy. Instead select a

cool and refreshing Sancerre (Sancerre is a

sauvignon blanc made in the Loire Valley of


For those who really love red wines, look for

simple red wines, with very low tannins to

enjoy on a warm summer evening. There are

some red wines that actually taste quite good

chilled, like Barbera, Bonnarda, and Grenache.

Chill to about 50 degrees for the perfect temper-

ature without numbing too much of the wine’s


If you ever need help with selecting of a

proper wine pairing for your dish, do not hesi-

tate to email me at [email protected].

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8 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

Roof Garden at

the Peninsula Hotel By Jill Weinlein

Inaturally gravitate to the com-

fortable seating around the fire

pit at the Peninsula Hotel’s

Roof Garden.

Tucked away near the magnifi-

cent Peninsula Spa is the alfresco

bar making some of the best cre-

ative cocktails in Beverly Hills.

I’ve enjoyed a Sunset on the Roof

martini, speckled jalapeno mar-

garita and frozen lemonade. Tak-

ing a sip or two while watching the

sunset is an optimal recipe to un-

wind and relax.

Executive Chef David Codney

cooks up The Peninsula’s annual

outdoor summer barbeque each

weekend during the summer, be-

ginning June 8.

Start your terrace dining with a

bowl of chilled cucumber soup

with white hearts of palm, sprigs

of cilantro and citrus tapioca. In

the center is a slightly spicy cu-

cumber-melon sorbet. It is refresh-

ing and full of delightful flavors,

an ideal summer appetizer.

The terrace menu includes

dishes like smoked baby back ribs,

Char Sui BBQ duck tacos, Prime

skirt steak, grilled tuna and a 12

oz. Australian Rock lobster tail

with yuzu and white soy butter.

Beef from the grill menu is from

local butcher Harvey’s Guss Meat

Co. in Culver City. Grill Chef

Brandon Weaver rubs the marbled

meat with 40 different herbs and

spices, and cooks it to perfection.

He likes to add sides of purple Ok-

inawa sweet potatoes with an or-

ange-ginger butter sauce and

Brandon’s barbecue pickled salad

with fennel, carrot, Kirby cucum-

bers, radish and tomatoes.

Splurge and enjoy a piece of

Ted’s caramelized honey corn

bread. It’s delicious.

Summer desserts include co-

conut and green apple gelato that

tastes exactly like the actual fruit.

Dining on the terrace at The

Peninsula Beverly Hills is a treat

you should allow yourself at least

once this summer. Parking is valet.

9882 S. Santa Monica Blvd.


photo courtesy of The Peninsula Hotel

The comfortable seating around the fire pit is a perfect place to relax

and unwind with a glass of wine or cocktail.


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L.A.’s Top Dog Since 1939

The Pink Family thanks Los Angeles for

73 years with a 36 Hot Dog Variety “Salute”

and a dozen varieties of Hamburgers - YUMMY!

Still Family Owned & Operated since 1939

Corner of La Brea & Melrose

Pink's.6.6_Layout 1 6/4/13 12:42 PM Page 1

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10 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

When craving a really good

steak, where do you go?

There are a few great steak-

houses in Los Angeles, and Nick &

Stef’s in downtown Los Angeles is one

of the finest.

The Executive Chef Megan Logan, a

young, gorgeous blonde with a sweet at-

titude, enjoys grilling on the terrace once

a week during the summer. The aroma

of grilled meats and vegetables allure

workers to stop by before driving home

after a day at the office.

Her steaks are so tender and flavorful.

Her secret? The dry aging room. Guests

can view the floor to ceiling glass room

holding meat of every cut for a mini-

mum of 28-days at 35 degrees with 85

percent humidity. During this process,

the moisture evaporates from the mus-

cle, creating a more intense absorption

of beef flavor and taste. Also, the natural

enzymes break down the connective tis-

sue in the muscle, allowing the beef to

become more tender.

The New York steak is one of their

best sellers, and is served with three different

sauces: an incredibly rich and delicious Maytag

blue cheese, a decadent béarnaise and a lighter

red wine bordelaise sauce.

Finish your meal with the Guinness bread

pudding with cognac ice cream.

At sunset, guests gather to enjoy the Happy

Hour festivities every Monday through Friday

from 3 p.m to 9 p.m.

Sit on the comfortable outdoor

lounge terrace for $5 mixology cock-

tails paired with braised beef short rib

skewers and mini steakhouse burgers.

The terrace offers lovely views of

downtown L.A. It’s the perfect spot to

relax after work or before an evening on

the town.

Open Monday through Friday for

lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and

dinner Monday through Saturday from

5:30 to 9:30 p.m. The restaurant is

closed on Sundays. Valet service is

available in the Wells Fargo Center

garage, from the entrance on Hope

Street. Parking is free for three hours

with a validation from Nick & Stef’s

during dinner. After three hours there is

a flat rate of $9.

For pre-theater dinner, a complimen-

tary shuttle service to the Music Center

on performance nights is available.

Park in the Wells Fargo Center garage

all evening for flat rate of $5.70, with

validation from the shuttle driver. If

you choose to walk to the performance,

your ticket stub will also suffice as validation.

330 South Hope St. (213)680-0330.

by jILL weInLeIn

It’s all about the dry aging room... and Chef Megan Logan at

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12 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

Zengo, the Richard San-

doval restaurant in Santa

Monica, offers a new après

rooftop lounge to enjoy beach sun-

sets and Promenade viewing. Sit

in one of the modern sofas or a

rustic communal table as chef and

owner Sandoval celebrates sum-

mer with a new affordable lunch

and dinner menu. Nothing on the

menu is over $19.

Locals come up to enjoy

Zengo’s Happy Hour for the $4

mojitos every Sunday through Fri-

day from 3 to 7 p.m. Splurge for

one more dollar and sit back with

a hibiscus mojito or prickly pear

caipirinha. These drinks go nicely

with the Yuca fries with miso mus-

tard and lemon sake aioli or the

shrimp tempura with shrimp, crab

and avocado.

The beverage menu features in-

novative, hand-muddled cocktails

as well as Latin wines, Japanese

sakes and a collection of fine


On Saturdays, the popular DJ

Tim Koranda and guest DJs are

spinning techno to deep house

music from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Enjoy alfresco dining on the ter-

race every Sunday for the $35 bot-

tomless brunch with unlimited

small plates. Steak Benedict with

poached eggs goes nicely with a

lychee Bellini.

The restaurant opens for lunch

Monday through Friday from 11:30

a.m. to 4 p.m. Dinner begins at 4

p.m. to closing. Park in the Santa

Monica Place parking structure.

The restaurant validates. 395 Santa

Monica Place (310)899-1000.

An Artful blend of Latin

and Asian Flavors at

Zengoby jill weinlein

It’s all about positive energy at ROFL Caféon Melrose. ROFL is a Govind Armstrongcreation specializing in local California cui-sine.

Armstrong started his culinary career work-ing for Wolfgang Puck at the iconic Spago’sin West Hollywood. He is the Executive Chefat Post & Beam in Baldwin Hills, and justopened Willie Jean’s in Venice.

Armstrong is known for his burgers, butROFL Café serves other plates such as salads,

sandwiches and pizza. Weekend brunch is very popular with their sig-nature ROFL waffle with chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries andIntelligentsia coffee. 7661 Melrose Ave. (323)951-1536.

Friendly, creative, local. ROFL Cafe.

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Page 14: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

14 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

The terrace overlooking

Sunset Boulevard is a per-

fect spot for people-watch-

ing and enjoying bustling West


A favorite spot for film, music

and television celebrities, Katana

offers innovative Japanese cuisine,

and a glorious selection of sake,

Japanese beer, wine and creative


The robatayaki style of cooking

uses an open robata grill, which is

an ancient style of Japanese cook-

ing with skewers.

The elegant 1920s building also

houses executive offices for Mira-

max Films. On the sexy terrace,

guests sit at tables with comfort-

able chairs, next to heaters and

flaming Tiki torches during the

daily happy hour from 5:30 p.m.

to 7 p.m. Dinner service begins at

6 p.m.

Hama Hama oysters are served

with creative cubes of tomato

gelee and lobster medallions are

topped with black truffles in a

cherry port soy vinaigrette.

Be sure to order a few of the ro-


yaki, like the Wagyu

Japanese premium beef. From the

robata grill, try the Kobe pepper

with a spicy back pepper sauce.

The Japanese Karashi mustard

goes nicely with the Kurobuta

pork sausage. The tender pork ribs

practically fall off the bone and are

accompanied by a soy garlic bar-

becue sauce.

The food and service on the ter-

race attract Hollywood’s elite en-

joying an array of robata style

dishes, a grand sushi bar, and spe-

cial hot and cold dishes from the

award-winning kitchen.

Parking is valet in the building’s

garage. 8439 W. Sunset

Blvd. (323)650-8585.

KatanaA gem in the iDG ring of restaurants

by Jill Weinlein

Chef Eric Greenspan is

known for his culinary

creativity at The Foundry

on Melrose. When I heard about

his newer restaurant, The Roof at

The Hotel Wilshire, I was eager to

try it.

Exiting the elevator on the top

floor of the Kimpton boutique

Hotel Wilshire, I was immediately

wowed by the views of the

Wilshire corridor at dusk. The sky

looked like chains of rubies and


The Roof is elegant while main-

taining trendy vibes in its prime

Los Angeles location. The cozy

seating is perfect for a first date, or

meeting up with friends to enjoy a

night on the town. With a hand-

crafted cocktail in hand and the

spectacular panoramic views of

the city, you can’t go wrong here.

Our waiter was charming and

helpful when making the very im-

portant decision of which cocktail

to order. I chose the El Diablo,

made with tequila, lime juice, gin-

ger syrup, house-made ginger beer

and a cassis float. It arrived in a

chilled copper mug and tasted

similar to a really good margarita.

My husband ordered a cool

Southside gin cocktail with cu-

cumber, mint and lime.

Glancing at the three-page

menu on a clipboard, the candles

offer just enough light to read

about Chef Greenspan’s interest-

ing dishes. The nori nachos and

lobster salad caught our eye.

These nachos have an Asian

twist and are served with tuna

tartare topped with a spicy salmon

roe and eel sauce. It’s served with

his homemade rice and seaweed

crackers flash fried with an airy


The decadent lobster salad was

presented stacked with generous

pieces of lobster, tomatillo, chives

and avocado next to four corn frit-

ters. The fritters evoked Southern

home cooking with every bite.

All of the entrées come with a

choice of a side. We ordered the

fresh grilled halibut on a bed of

fried Brussels sprouts, sautéed

with sweet and sour onions and sa-

vory bacon. We also selected the

chilled bean salad and a side of

creamed corn elote (Spanish for

corn on the cob). The dish tasted

just like the wonderful corn on the

cob at a County Fair or Farmers

Market. It’s cut off the husk and

mixed with chili watermelon juice

and queso fresco.

The wine list is interesting with

whites from Portugal, France, Italy

and the California Central Coast.

We ordered a glass of Copain

Tours Ensemble Chardonnay from

the Anderson Valley and a Black

and White Cabernet from Topanga

Vineyards in Napa to accompany

our dishes.

All the beverages are served in

fine plastic stemware to prevent

breakage, due to the table’s prox-

imity to the deck and swimming

pool in the center of the restaurant.

Eric Greenspan’s creativity in

the kitchen turns ordinary cuisine

into a masterpiece.

Next time you have guests who

need a “home away from home,”

check out The Hotel Wilshire.

Then join your friends for and din-

ner on The Roof. Open for break-

fast, lunch and dinner. $$ 6317

Wilshire Blvd. (323)852-6002.

The Roof

Emily Villalpando and

Karen Villalpando

contributed to these stories


photo courtesy of The Roof at The Hotel Wilshire

by Jill Weinlein


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Page 16: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

16 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

Terrace Dining

When attending a show

or an event at the Sta-

ples Center or one of

the theaters around L.A. Live,

dining options can be limited if

you’re not willing to wait.

However, I found a great new

hidden gem across the street from

L.A Live. FigOly at Luxe City

Center Hotel, a boutique hotel at

the corner of Figueroa and

Olympic, is the perfect spot for a

charming meal with good pizza

and pasta.

The terrace is ideal for a few

quick cocktails, tapas and pizza

before heading to a show. My fa-

vorite cocktail was The Other

Side, which is bourbon with a lit-

tle fresh lemon juice, sage macer-

ated raspberries and ginger.

FigOly is a swanky and sexy,

especially for the after-work

crowd to enjoy the FigOly 5 for 5

Happy Hour. It’s available every-

day in the bar and on the terrace

from 5 to 7 p.m. Five dishes for

$5 is a great deal. Order the sa-

vory short rib sliders. Pair it with

a glass of Prosecco or wine for an

additional $5.

Cozy seats surround the fire pit

or for a more intimate setting, ca-

banas are toward the back of the

terrace. Large heat

lamps keep guests

warm, as do the orig-

inal cocktails.

If you are staying

for a more leisurely

dinner, I recommend

the spicy Ahi tuna

topped with an avo-

cado mousse served

with sesame crackers.

The roasted summer

squash salad is a fa-

vorite of mine topped

with toasted pepitas

and pomegranate

seeds to give it that

extra crunch.

Signature dinner

entrees include the

FigOly gourmet

burger made with aged sirloin

and tres leches cheese served on

a challah bun with spiced aioli

and a thin layer of prosciutto.

The seared salmon is served

with a creamy Romesco yogurt

sauce, mixed cauliflower,

sweated onions and an almond


Save room for the decedent

chocolate ganache on a graham

cracker crust accompanied with

grape jelly and housemade

marshmallows. Castrouma olives

dipped in Muscadet and simple

syrup decorate the top.

The gooey pecan tart made

with pecan shortbread arrives

with a scoop of coconut sorbet,

sprinkled with snowy pecan pow-

der and passion fruit caramel.

Valet park at the Luxe City

Center. FigOly will validate. In-

stead of paying anywhere from

$10 to $30 at other lots around

downtown Los Angeles, we paid


Go up for the views and stay

for the exquisite food. Open

seven days a week from 6 a.m. to

11 p.m. 1020 S. Figueroa St.


photo courtesy of FigOly

The expansive terrace at FigOly beckons the after-five crowd, the pre-and post Laker game pack and

even an intimate date for two.

Where Dowtown L.A. Comes Alive

by JiLL WeinLein

photo by Jill Weinlein

Fire pit tables add both warmth and ambience.

Emily Villalpando and

Karen Villalpando

contributed to this story.

Page 17: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 5/31/13 12:59 PM Page 17

Page 18: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

18 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

The bursting burritos and icy cold mar-

garitas at El Coyote Mexican Café are just

two of the very good reasons to visit the

Beverly Boulevard mainstay. It’s no mys-

tery why this place is so popular: they’ve

been around since 1931 and still have lines

nearly every night waiting for a seat. The

waiters and waitresses are outfitted in tra-

ditional Mexican attire, while the restaurant

has colorfully-painted walls adorned with

sombreros and a mix of eclectic art. Weekly

specials, such as Margarita Monday and

Tequila Tuesday, make this spot a favorite

among locals. The food is standard Mexi-

can fare and the prices absolutely can’t be beat. From classic combina-

tions like taco and enchilada with rice and beans to sizzling shrimp

fajitas, there’s something to please everyone at El Coyote.

Want to throw a fiesta in your own backyard? El Coyote can help with

custom-tailored catering including “street” tacos, tamales, chips and gua-

camole and more. They’ll even bring their famous margaritas.

Located at 7312 Beverly Blvd. Call (323) 939-2255 or visit www.el-

coyotecafe.com for more information.

��� ����� ����� �������

“The healthiest, most delicious steak ever.”Jay Weston, Huffington Post

“An elite variety of beef – centric part of Los Angeles”Barbara Hansen, Korean Restaurant Guide

3807 Wilshire Blvd. • 213.384.5464parking off Manhattan




Only Korean BBQ Restaurant in L.A. to serve Certified Piedmontese Beef



Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 5/31/13 5:37 PM Page 18

Page 19: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 5/31/13 12:59 PM Page 19

Page 20: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

20 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

Welcome to the jungle!Beastly Ball, roaring nights & Brew at the Zoo get the zoo jumpin’ for summer

The Greater Los Angeles

Zoo Association (GLAZA)

invites residents to step

into the rainforest during the 43rd

annual Beastly Ball, where patrons

will get a sneak-peek at the zoo’s

new Americas project.

The event, held on June 15, will

honor “NCIS” actress Pauley Per-

rette and Wells Fargo while offer-

ing a glimpse of the new exhibit,

“Rainforest of the Americas”,

which will present mammals, rep-

tiles, birds and insects in a lush,

tropical setting.

GLAZA president Connie Mor-

gan said the organization, which is

a “major” nonprofit partner of the

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical

Gardens, is “absolutely thrilled” to

host the fundraiser, “which is al-

ways a fantastic event.”

“I’m excited about it because

we’re not only going to have

fabulous food and animal

encounters for our guests,

but we’ll also be



lot of music from Brazil and from

southern and Central America,”

she said.

Further, the event will offer

silent and live auctions with come-

dian Jimmy Pardo, animal feed-

ings and a pre-party soiree with

animals, cocktails and Perrette,

who will receive the Tom

Mankiewicz Leadership Award.

The award honors those who have

shown leadership in wildlife or en-

vironmental conservation or for

the recipient’s effort to promote

civic pride and harmony in a

multi-cultural community.

Tickets are $1,000 per person,

and the pre-party is an additional

$500. For information, call

(323)644-4753 or visit


While the

Beastly Ball

is the

GLAZA’s biggest

fundraiser, the fun

at the zoo will not

stop there. Zoo of-

ficials are hoping

patrons will “roar”

with laughter dur-

ing the organiza-

tion’s “Roaring

Nights” nighttime

series beginning

July 11.

Participants will

be able to tour the

zoo after-hours,

listen to live

music from local

bands such as So

Many Wizards

and CHIEF, enjoy

a dance party with DJ Morn-

ingstar, laugh with stand-up

comics and eat from a variety of

food trucks.

“We’re very excited, because it

is for anyone over eighteen,” Mor-

gan said. “We are really hoping

that the young people

will be coming out for

this, because we know

most have very fond

memories of visiting

the zoo as children, and

we’d like to have them

out and see all the im-

provements at the zoo

over the last fifteen


The events will be

held on July 11, 18 and

25, from 7 to 10 p.m.

Admission is $15 for

zoo members and $18

for non-members. For

information, visit


On Aug. 9, officials

will host “Brew at the

L.A. Zoo”, an evening

of fun with California

craft beer, food, live

music and an opportu-

nity to walk the zoo grounds at

twilight. Guests will receive beer-

tasting tickets, a tasting mug and

more. Tickets are $50 at the door.

With a large line-up of events,

GLAZA officials are excited about

the zoo’s future. GLAZA had been

in talks to take over the operations

of the zoo, and though those talks

stalled, GLAZA may be taking

over some other aspects of the op-

erations, such as its marketing pro-

grams, Morgan said.

“We’re here to add to the life of

the zoo,” she said, adding that

GLAZA operates six zoo depart-

ments — fundraising, member-

ship, volunteers, publications,

concessions and special events.

Although officials are pleased

with the state of the zoo and are

excited about the rainforest ex-

hibit, patrons can continue to ex-

pect new developments at the

facility, Morgan said.

“It’s just like a house,” she said.

“As soon as you finish, you go

back and start thinking about what

else needs to be done.”

The zoo is located at 5333 Zoo

Drive in Griffith Park.

Motoyama the orangutan photos courtesy of Los Angeles Zoo

By AAron


Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 5/31/13 5:37 PM Page 20

Page 21: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine 21 June 2013

Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 5/31/13 1:00 PM Page 21

Page 22: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

22 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

Downtown Los Angeles has

blossomed into a culinary mecca

offering a full menu of 5-star

restaurants, street food and the

hottest joints to hang out. Here are

a few of our favorites:

Kendall’s Brasserie

and Bar

Next time you are seeing a pro-

duction at the Los Angeles Music

Center downtown, reserve a table

at the Parisian-style Kendall’s

Brasserie and Bar for pre-theatre

dining or for an after-the-show


Award-winning mixologist Paul

Sanguinetti has revamped Patina

Restaurant Group’s authentic

French café with an innovative

cocktail menu. Start with

an absinthe aperitif to

stimulate your appetite or

the Don Javier Goes

To France cocktail

made with

Tequila Ocho

Plata. It pairs

nicely with a

cheese plate and

crusty French baguette.

Executive Chef Jean Pierre

Bosc prepares a divine lemon-dill

salmon tart with onion soubise and

salmon roe. The roasted duck

breast arrives with leg confit, wild

mushroom daube and delicious

South of France style pommes


A patio for those who prefer al-

fresco dining is open for lunch on

weekdays from 11:30 a.m. and on

weekends when there is a matinee

performance. Dinner starts at 5 p.m.

Valet parking is available (din-

ner only) on Grand Avenue in

front of Patina at the Walt Disney

Concert Hall for $8 with Kendall’s

validation.135 N. Grand Ave.


Bottega Louie

This bustling downtown Euro-

pean café doesn’t take reserva-

tions, so just put your name on the

waiting list and watch the chefs

perform in the kitchen or grab a

drink at the well-stocked bar.

When your table is ready, you

will be found by a host and be ad-

dressed by your last name

throughout the meal.

Craving a smoked salmon

Benedict or ham and cheese crois-

sant? This bright space with a high

ceiling is open for breakfast at 8

a.m. Monday through Friday and

9 a.m. on weekends, when they

also serve brunch.

The lunch and dinner menu of-

fers a variety of salads, Napoli-

tano-style pizzas, pastas, soups

and sandwiches. Try one of the

24 different small

plates ranging

from $9 to

$13. En-

trees are

from $22

to $35 for

the Rib Eye

and New York

Strip steak. The 14 oz. Rib Eye is

a generous portion of beautifully

marbled grilled beef. It comes

with Kennebec French fries and a

luscious béarnaise sauce.

Save room for a chocolate souf-

flé or the beignets with raspberry

compote. You’ll love the butter-

scotch budino. Before leaving,

check out the glass shelves filled

with pastel Le Grand macarons. A

variety of delicate flavors include

chocolate orange, rose, violet cas-

sis, salted caramel and pistachio.

The trays of buttery croissants,

cranberry lemon scones, croissants

and pain au chocolate will also

mesmerize you. Treat yourself to

a few for a late night snack or

morning treat.

There is also a gourmet mar-

ket onsite offering salads, sand-

wiches and small plates to take

back to the office or home. 700

S. Grand Ave. (213)802-1470.

Soleto Trattoria & Pizza


Within walking distance to

the Staples Center, Soleto Trat-

toria (an Innovative Dining

Group creation) fills up before

every Lakers or Kings game.

With years of experience man-

aging BOA Steakhouse on Sun-

set, Mike Baray, the general

manager, opened Soleto last


It’s a casual and fun spot with

recycled wood flooring and soar-

ing brick walls, leading up to a

black industrial ceiling. Each wall

is decorated differently, with

eclectic light fixtures and different

types of globes that soften the


The menu is simple with freshly

made Italian food and pizza. My

favorite appetizer is the home-

made meatballs with fresh mari-

nara sauce blanketed with

mozzarella cheese.

Of the salads, we enjoyed the

grilled vegetable and Chopt Ital-

ian. Both are dressed with Soleto’s

secret vinaigrette.

The restaurant offers flavorful

grilled oyster mushrooms

dressed with a truf-

fle vinaigrette,

sprinkled with

parsley and

s h a v e d


It pairs

nicely with

a glass of

2008 Gab-

biano Chianti

Classico with lush

berry notes, mild tan-

nins and hints of savory spice. The

pan-seared scallops resting on a

creamy mushroom risotto with a

parmesan foammade with garlic,

thyme and butter is delectable, es-

pecially with a glass of buttery

Jordan Chardonnay.

The pan fried Branzino Mi-

lanese is served with arugula, half

a lemon and thick shavings of

grana padano. Grano padano is a

subtler version of Parmigiano,

with a nuttier and less salty taste.

The delicate flavor works well on

salads, risotto and fish, because it

doesn’t overpower a dish.

Pizzas are fire roasted in the

brick pizza oven at Soleto Tratto-

ria. We tried the spicy smoked

pizza covered with thinly julienne

Fresno and Anaheim peppers and

caramelized onions. For those that

prefer a spicier pie, on each table

is a tall bottle of peppers soaking

in oil to sprinkle to your taste pref-


Be sure to valet

park behind the

restaurant; it’s

only $5. Just

take the ele-

vator up to

the ground

level. The

restaurant is

next to the en-

trance of the of-

fice tower. Open

for lunch Monday

through Friday from 11:30 a.m.

to 4 p.m. and dinner until 10 p.m.

The restaurant is closed on Sun-

days. Daily Happy Hour specials

are from 3 to 7 p.m. with food and

drink specials starting at $3. 801

Figueroa St. (213)622-3255.

Downtown LA Nightlife and Dining

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Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 5/31/13 1:01 PM Page 23

Page 24: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

24 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

June 14-16

June 20

July 7

June 8

June 6

July 13

July 14

July 19

Aug. 17

Sept. 21

July 23-24

Aug. 3

Aug. 10

Aug. 24

Sept. 15

oct. 20

Music lovers will find

something from nearly

every genre this sum-

mer at the Greek Theatre, with

concerts performed in a unique

outdoor setting nestled in the hills

of Griffith Park.

The Greek Theatre has been a

top venue for concerts since 1931.

The 5,900-seat theatre has played

host to hundreds of well-known

musical groups over the years, and

the 2013 “Summer Concert Sea-

son” is no exception.

Audience members will also

enjoy a large selection of food and

beverages at the Greek Theatre,

which has a new grilling station

and a Pink’s Hot Dogs stand. An

extensive menu and full wait staff

service is available in the VIP box

suites. Food baskets and bottled

wine can be purchased for a pic-

nic. The Greek Theatre was

named “Best Small Outdoor

Venue of the Year” for the 13th

consecutive year at the 24th an-

nual Pollstar Awards in February.

The theatre is owned by the city

of Los Angeles, but has been man-

aged and operated by Nederlander

since 1976. Approximately 1,300

seats were added in 1983, and a

multi-million dollar renovation

was completed in 2004 that added

box suites and restored the

venue’s original 1930’s design.

The Greek Theatre is located at

2700 N. Vermont Ave. For infor-

mation, call (323)665-5857, or

visit www.greektheatrela.com.

Barry Manilow

Steve Miller Band and

The doobie Brothers

ll Cool J, ice Cube,

Public Enemy and de

la Soul

Pat Benatar with neil

Giraldo and Cheap


Jethro Tull’s

ian Anderson

Cyndi lauper

The Stylistics,

Peaches and Herb

Go Country 105’s 6th

Annual “Summer Under

the Stars”

“Funkfest” with George

Clinton & Parliament


dianna Krall

Postal Service

Gypsy Kings

The national

Peter Frampton and

B.B. King

Carly Rae Jepsen

The Beach Boys

Summer Concert Schedule

photo courtesy of the Greek Theatre

The Greek Theatre is one of Los Angeles’ most popular locations for

artists around the world.

By Edwin FolvEn

Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 6/3/13 3:27 PM Page 24

Page 25: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

photo by Robert M

Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 5/31/13 1:02 PM Page 25

Page 26: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

“into darkness.” Superman’s reboot includes a bleaker rendition by the “Watchmen” and “300” director, Zack Snyder. Joining the man of tomorrow, we have quite the fas-cinating characters, from herding zombies, ghost police, dystopian post-humans, “Kick-Ass” super-heroes (I’m not cursing, the sequel premieres Aug. 16) and a former X-Man whose regenerative abili-ties aren’t what they used to be.

But if grit ain’t your bag of reel, there’s plenty of popcorn cheese. “Pacific Rim” is basically a Japanese anime in live action. This is what “Godzilla” should be. Percy Jackson finally returns after years of silence (that’s rarely good for a film franchise), ready to take on more mythical crea-tures in the “Sea of Monsters”, and another teen book series, “The Mortal Instruments”, vies for the “Twilight”-void in our moviegoing lives. We’ll just have to see if the superpowered off-spring of angels are as fascinating as Washington-based vamps with no fangs.

And then there’s Gru’s return in “Despicable Me 2” –– oh how I love those Twinkie-shaped min-ions (and Twinkies for that matter...RIP). But before you buy your tickets, order that large popcorn and pick out that seat with optimal acoustics (oh Sheldon Cooper), heed these words.

Midnight MadnessEver been to a midnight screen-

ing? It’s quite the experience. Fans donning Jack Sparrow costumes, throwing beach balls around two hours before 12:01 a.m. (it’s al-ways “01”), cheering during antici-pated trailers and gasping in unison amidst narrative reveals.

If you prefer passive viewing experiences, I’m sure there’s a matinee available, but if cinematic synergy beckons, take the leap...or simply a nap beforehand so you don’t fall asleep in the third act. And if waiting in lines for long hours doesn’t sound appealing, Arclight bookings make life easi-er, though you might just miss out on the cultural experience. Your choice.

Man of steel (June 14): British hunk Henry Cavill sure is dashing, adding rugged to Christopher Reeves’ all-American charm. Who knew Superman could grow a beard? More importantly, how does a man with impenetrable skin shave? And then there’s Michael Shannon (“Boardwalk Em-pire” and “Taken Shelter”) as evil villain, General Zod. Finally a “Superman” film without Lex Luther.

Henry Cavill is Superman.

Movie Munchies Ever since AMC Theatres made the unfortunate decision to disal-low outside food in their doors, culinary options dwindled in the modern-day movie palace. Sure, Arclight has carmel popcorn, but is it worth the high cost of tickets? Then there’s specialty theatres like iPic in Pasadena that offer both Lay-Z-Boy-esque seating and din-ner during the film, but that’s hard-ly sustainable for the repeat viewer.

But hey, at least our mayor didn’t decide to add a special tax to

oversized sodas at the movies, thus increasing the already 500 percent increase on movie food costs. Just remember, use your Gucci knock off to smuggle in a meatball sub, lest the cheap tomato sauce linger on.

suMMer sessionsIf you love movies but don’t

know how to channel that passion outside the theatre, check out these two summer events.

Hero Complex: Los Angeles Times’ “Hero Complex”, a once blog now subsection of the publica-

“Man of Steel” / Warner Bros. Pictures; “Much Ado About Nothing” / Roadside Attractions / “Despicable Me 2” / Universal Pictures; “Kick-Ass 2” / Universal Pictures

A. Fran Kranz stars as Claudio in “Much Ado About Nothing”.B. The minions pump out more antics in “Despicable Me 2”.C. Chloë Grace Moretz prepares to kick more...villains as the sadistic vigilante, Hit-Girl, in “Kick-Ass 2”.

| Movie Smuggling Tip |

Remember to use your Gucci knock off to smuggle in a meatball sub, lest the cheap tomato sauce linger on.

tion, hosts free screenings of upcom-ing movies, so check their website throughout the summer to reserve tickets. They go quick, so practice your mouse-clicking abilities.

LAFilmFest: Sure, Cannes might be in France and Sundance in Park City, Utah, but Angelinos have their own experience, LAFilmFest presented by Film Independent, June 13 through 23. Whether you crave indie films, shorts, music videos or classics, this one’s just as eclectic as the host city itself.

Page 27: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

Much Ado About NothiNg (June 7)Joss Whedon follows his worldwide hit, “The Avengers”, with...Shakespeare. This modern-day adaptation of Billy’s comedy, “Much Ado About Nothing”, already has quite the early buzz and plenty of familiar faces, if you’ve seen anything in the Whe-donverse (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Firefly” and “Dollhouse”). We’ll just have to see if the storyteller known for witty ban-ter can lead a cast using only Old English.

This is The end (June 12)Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny Mc-Bride, Emma Watson, Jason Segel, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Jay Brachial and Craig Robinson as themselves in this end-or-the-world flick appropriately named “This is the End”. Too much of a good thing? Per-haps, but at least the R-rating is a tiny sign of hope for countless crass jokes to come.

World War Z (June 21)Brad Pitt in a zombie movie...I’m in.

The heaT (June 28)“Bridesmaids” proved women can be just as vulgar as men, and now director Paul Feig takes on the buddy cop genre joining uptight Special Agent Sarah (played by a “Miss Congeniality”-esque Sandra Bull-ock) and loose cannon Det. Shannon (Me-lissa McCarthy).

despicAble Me 2 (July 3)Remember a cute little girl declaring, “It’s so fluffy,” as she squeezed her pink unicorn? It’s time for “Despicable

Me 2” to provide us with a few more ring tone-worthy one-liners and adorable sounds by those minions.

r.i.P.d. (July 19)Welcome to this supernatural cop thriller, co-starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges as law enforcers of the R.I.P.D., the Rest in Peace Division. Even after death, they pro-tect the world, but this time from the dead. Or at least Bridges’ returns to his carica-tured accent employed in “True Grit”.

red 2 (July 19)Just admit it, “RED” was incredibly fun,

and “RED 2”, reuniting Helen Mir-ren, John Malkovich and action king Bruce Willis, is bound to be just as enjoyable. Let’s welcome Catherine Zeta Jones and Anthony Hopkins to the party, too.

The Wolverine (July 26)Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. And he reprises the career-defining role for the sixth time (I’m counting his cameo in “First Class”). I know what you’re thinking: Mr. Jackman, it’s time to

move on, but have faith in director James Mangold (“Walk the Line”). Some charac-ters just don’t die, and that’s rather appropri-ate for the Wolverine.

elysiuM (Aug. 9)It might look like an adaptation of the popular video game, “Halo”, but “Elysi-um” is a completely original story (minus that halo ring in the preview). The “Dis-trict 9” director, Neill Blomkamp, gears up for his sophomore release, depicting a slum-like dystopia and a paradise – Ely-sium – orbiting above. But one of earth’s have-nots, Max (Matt Damon), straps on a robotic exoskeleton to gain access to the planet’s best view.

KicK-ass 2 (Aug. 16)What better way to the end the summer than with a ragtag crew of vigilantes craving something more than an everyday life. And in place of Nicholas Cage’s Big Daddy in the first film, meet Jim Car-rey as Colo-nel Stars and Stripes. Just wait, just you wait.

JuNe 7As Cool As I AmÉvocateur: The Morton

Downey Jr. Movie Hey BartenderThe InternshipMuch Ado About NothingPassionThe PurgeRapture-PaloozaSyrupTiger EyesViolet & DaisyWish you were here

JuNe 12More Than MoneyThis is the End

JuNe 14Apostles of ComedyBerberian Sound StudioThe Bling RingThe GuillotinesHatchet 3Man of SteelStorm SurfersTwenty Feet From StardomVehicle 19The Wall

JuNe 21A HijackingThe AttackBetween UsLiars AllManiacMonsters UniversityRushlightsUnfinished SongWorld War Z

JuNe 28A Band Called DeathByzantiumCopperheadThe HeatI’m So ExcitedLaurence AnywaysRedemptionSome Girl(s)White House Down

July 3Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt MeDespicable Me 2Kevin Hart: Let Me ExplainThe Lone Ranger

July 5Hammer of the GodsJust Like a WomanStuck in LoveThe Way, Way Back

July 10Israel: A Home Movie

July 12Crystal FairyFruitvale StationGrown Ups 2Hot Flashes

The HuntPacific Rim


July 17Computer ChessTurbo

July 19The ConjuringEvidenceGirl Most LikelyOnly God ForgivesR.I.P.D.RED 2Ways to Live Forever

July 26Blue JasmineFrankenstein’s ArmyStranded (limited)The To Do ListThe Wolverine

July 31Smash and Grab: The Story

of the Pink PanthersThe Smurfs 2

August 22 GunsDriftEuropa ReportThe Spectacular NowTop Cat

August 7Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Aug. 9BloodPlanesElysiumI Give It a YearIn a World...LovelacePrince AvalancheWe’re the Millers

Aug. 13Last Passenger

Aug. 14The Patience Stone

Aug. 16Ain’t Them Bodies SaintsAustenland The ButlerCutie and the BoxerKick-Ass 2Paranoia

Aug. 21The Mortal Instruments:

City of Bones

Aug. 23The ColonyThe GrandmasterThérèse DesqueyrouxThe World’s EndYou’re Next

Aug. 28Closed Circuit

Aug. 30Drinking BuddiesGetaway

Summer movie Schedule Spotlight

Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Guide 29 June 2013

Page 28: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

30 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

Dine among the stars on one of themost romantic patios in Los Angeles.


�������� ������������



�������� ���������

323-962-19006263 Leland Way,

Hollywood, CA 90028(one block south of sunset, just east of Vine)

A Korean friend took me to one

of her favorite Korean restaurants

a few years ago, and I have been

a fan ever since. She also taught

me about Korean dining etiquette.

Politeness is important when shar-

ing food and drinks. For example,

one must wait for the eldest person

in the party to sit down before oth-

ers can take a seat. And then, all

should wait until the oldest person

begins to dine, before you pick up

your chopsticks to start your meal.

It’s nice to tell the host “Jalmuke-

sumneda,” which means I will eat

well. Here are a few of my favorite

Korean BBQ restaurants.

bibigoWith three locations in the

United States located in Beverly

Hills, Century City and West-

wood, this fast-casual Korean

restaurant offers many of my fa-

vorite specialties. The Korean

mega YouTube sensation, Psy,

loves Bibigo too.

The sunglass-clad Korean pop

singer, whose video for “Gangnam

Style” became the craze of 2012,

was recently spotted at Bibigo

while in L.A. searching for a per-

sonal chef. He has named his top

three finalists on www.psygob-

ibigo.com and voting will con-

tinue until June 10. When the

lucky chef is selected, he or she

will receive $40,000, 5-star hotel

accommodations, luxury trans-

portation and the once-in-a-life-

time opportunity to travel with Psy

on his world tour for one month.

In addition to the chef challenge

promotion, Psy has declared some

of his Bibigo menu items as his


“Psy has supported Bibigo since

the opening of our restaurants in

Seoul, and we wanted to share

Psy’s favorite Korean dishes with

diners in Los Angeles with a new

summer menu,” said John Soo

Han, Bibigo corporate marketing

and planning director.

I had the opportunity to try

some of the dishes on Psy’s menu.

My favorite dish is the signature

Hot Stone Bibimbap featuring

healthy black rice, spicy pork,

fried egg topped with half sesame

and half Kohot sauce.

The essential Korean secret for

seasoning and balanced nutrition

is hidden in Jang (fermented

pastes and sauces), Soo Han said.

The healthful properties of Jang

include the strengthening of the

immune system and anti-aging.

The fermentation process pre-

serves the vegetable without de-

stroying nutritional qualities.

Bibigo incorporates fermented

Jang and Kimchi into many of the

dishes to enhance their flavors.

Kimchi is Korea’s symbolic and

fabled side dish.

The other dishes I adore are the

chewy sweet and spicy rice cakes

with yams, Kimchi stew and spicy

pork ribs.

Finish with a Korean sweet pan-

cake with raspberries, blueberries,

granola and vanilla ice cream.

This special menu is available

now until July 31. Bibigo is offer-

ing each guest who orders from

Korean BBQby jill weinlein

See Korean Dining page 32

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Page 29: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 5/31/13 1:04 PM Page 31

Page 30: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

32 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

Open Everyday! Farmers Market: 6333 West Third St. at Fairfax (323)934-3113

Hollywood & Highland: 6801 Hollywood Blvd. #403 (323)960-0933Burbank: 108 E. Palm Ave. (818)846-0566

�������� ��������������Sweet & Savory Crepes & Waffles European SpecialtiesGourmet Sandwiches & Paninis, Salads & SoupsCoffee, Espresso & Cappuccino



Psy’s menu a chance to win prizes, in-

cluding a trip to Korea, and other

“scratch-card” gifts like a Bibigo VIP

voucher, an eco-friendly Bibigo shop-

ping bag, Psy memorabilia, or a soft

drink. The restaurants are open for lunch

and dinner at all locations.

1091 Broxton Ave. (310)824-0011, 225

S. Beverly Drive (310)275-0011 and

10250 Santa Monica Blvd. (310)557-0011.

Star King

Located in Koreatown, the restaurant

is the only Korean BBQ restaurant to

serve Nebraska Piedmontese beef. This

beef is originally from Italy and provides

a higher lean-to-fat ratio. The meat is a

less marbled low-fat cut of beef, lower in

calories, higher in protein and contains a

higher percentage of the good Omega 3

fatty acid.

Star King is a fun dining destination as

you sit with family or group of friends to

cook a platter of Piedmontese ribeye

steak, brisket and boneless short ribs on

a personal grill. Flavor-enhancing dipping

sauces accompany the beef.

Be sure to try the acorn jelly made in-house

and lightly tossed with toasted seaweed. The

seafood pizza is filled with shrimp and cala-

mari. Don’t be afraid of the freshly sliced

jalapenos in a sesame oil dressing or chewy

dried squid in a slightly spicy red sauce – they

are delicious.

One of my favorite dishes is Japchae (stir-

fried glass noodles), a popular Korean party

food enjoyed at birthdays and at dinner parties.

The luscious glass noodles are topped with

sautéed vegetables in a slightly sweet sauce. Of

course there is plenty of kimchi to spice your

dishes at Star King.

Accompany all of these delicacies with

roasted barley ice tea, sake or a delightful rasp-

berry wine.

Park for free in the garage structure behind

the restaurant. Star King will validate. The

Metro Purple Line is located across the street

at Wilshire and Western. Star King is open

seven days a week for lunch and dinner until

midnight. 3807 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 120

(213)384-5464. photo by Jill Weinlein

Service at Star King comes with a smile.

Korean Dining From page 30

Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 6/3/13 3:28 PM Page 32

Page 31: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine 33 June 2013

In the Farmers MArket • 3rd & fairfax


FFuullll BBaarr BBrreeaakkffaasstt,, lluunncchh,,


Great Greek Dining!Enjoy a romantic greek

dinner on our patio among

the olive trees

& twinkling lights!

Our Delicious Lamb Burger & fries

our show-stoppping Saganaki “Ouzo Flamed”

Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 5/31/13 1:05 PM Page 33

Page 32: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

34 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

By AAron Blevins


hile Los Angeles tends

to be progressive in

many ways, the city

was lagging behind on an issue that

is quite important to select bar pa-

trons — craft beer.

While other metropolitan areas

have embraced the microbrewery

products for several years, Califor-

nia and its largest city have re-

cently begun enjoying the diversity

that craft beers bring to the table.

Tom McCormick, executive di-

rector of the California Craft

Brewers Association, said the in-

terest in craft beers continues to in-

crease across the nation, and Los

Angeles has joined the party.

“There just seems to be a lot of

excitement about craft beer in the

Los Angeles area in the last year or

so,” he said.

McCormick said the primary ap-

peal of the brew is the fact they are

made locally or regionally. They

also come from small companies;

even the larger brewers are small

in comparison to the Anheuser-

Busches of the world, he said. That

has led to an array of craft beer op-


“For so many years, all the beer

that was available, either imports

or beers brewed by the big brew-

eries, was really just one style,”

McCormick said. “Obviously,

there’s so much more to beer than

just that one style.”

He said brewers, some of whom

can be quite creative and passion-

ate about their work, have “really

had fun with the idea.”

“Each one has a very different

flavor profile to it,” McCormick


In economic terms, craft beer is

beneficial to the region. Mc-

Cormick said he is “kind of embar-

rassed but proud to say the nature

of the business is inefficient,” as

microbreweries hire a lot of work-


“Craft beer in the country over-

all makes up six percent of all the

beer that is sold in the U.S.,” he

said, adding that microbreweries

employ more than half of the peo-

ple in the brewing industry. They

ngs of the craft

photo courtesy of 213 Nightlife

Bartenders serve drinks during the L.A. Craft Beer Crawl in August

in downtown Los Angeles.

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Page 33: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine 35 June 2013

����������!����� �!��� ��������� �����$�� ���

������������#� "����������������������� ������ ������ ������ � ��������������������� ����

Open 24Hours

Try one of our Delicious, New Burgers!

offer more than 20,000

jobs in California, Mc-

Cormick said. “It’s

great for the econ-

omy in a lot of


He said the inter-

est has forced “mega-

breweries” to try their

hand at craft beers. Mc-

Cormick referenced

Blue Moon and Shock

Top, both owned by

large companies.

However, the attention to craft

beer — whether through micro-

breweries or global companies —

is welcome.

“It’s really a fun product,” Mc-

Cormick said. “It’s a fascinating

group of individuals and people.

It’s really nice to have a growing

industry that has a lot of faces and

people behind it. We’re all excited

for Los Angeles because there’s

some great brewing in that area


Indeed, in the greater Los Ange-

les area, several businesses are

catering to the craft beer crowd.

Among them are:

Short Order, 6333 W. 3rd St. at

The Original Farmers Market. The

business recently kicked off a new

weekly event, Fat Tuesdays at

Short Order. Every week, chefs

Christian Page and Dante Gonza-

les will make some of their signa-

ture dishes. Featured beers are

Mischief Belgian Strong Pale Ale,

Trade Winds Summer Belgian

Golden Ale with an Asian Twist,

Bois Anniversary Beer and Top

Secret Sour.

Golden Road Brewing, 5410 W.

San Fernando Road. The brewery

hosts public tours on Fridays, Sat-

urdays and Sundays at 1:30, 2:30

and 4 p.m. The business offers a

large patio space, shuffle board,

Aunt Sally, ping pong and more.

To receive a tour, send an e-mail

to [email protected].

Farmers Market Bars, 6333 W.

3rd St. EB’s offers Lagunitas IPA,

Goose Island Honkers Ale, Om-

megang BPA, Golden Road

Brown Ale, Anchor Lager and

others, while 326 has Goose Is-

land Summer Kolsch, Stone IPA,

Eagle Rock Populist, Firestone

Solace, Stone Arrogant Bastard

and Green Flash Hop Head Red,

among others. On June 21, the

bars will host representatives of

Firestone, who will host a glass


Tony’s Darts Away, 1710 Mag-

nolia Blvd., Burbank. Tony’s of-

fers 40 different California beers,

vegan and non-vegan food and

daily specials. The bottle-free

bar/restaurant also offers brunch

on weekends.

Mohawk Bend, 2141 W. Sunset

Blvd. The Echo Park restaurant

and bar uses only California ingre-

dients in its food offerings, and has

72 taps of craft beer. Retrofitted in

a 100-year-old theatre, Mohawk

Bend also offers vegan and non-

vegan items.

For information, visit www.cal-


photo courtesy of 213 Nightlife

Los Angeles’ interest in craft beers appears to be on the rise,

according to the California Craft Brewers Association.

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Page 34: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 5/31/13 1:06 PM Page 36

Page 35: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 5/31/13 1:07 PM Page 37

Page 36: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

38 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

Venturing into Culver City, I stopped at

Pampas Grill for a Brazilian BBQ

lunch. I’m familiar with the other Pam-

pas location that is always busy at the Original

Farmers Market. The food is consistently fresh

and delicious and good value, too. Both locations

are self-service buffet style where you can make

your own combination platter. Your plate is

weighed and charged by the pound. It’s easy to

walk away feeling very satisfied for under $15.

Pampas Grill is a small business, owned by

two families. The Culver City location is very

well designed and sits uniquely in the middle of

a shopping center surrounded by many other


Locals who work and reside in the neighbor-

hood come often for Brazilian cuisine, which is

melting pot of flavors and spices. Since Brazil is

a very big country with many regions, the food

reflects the country’s mix of native and immi-

grant populations.

One of the most populous states, Minas

Gerais, is best-known for its pao de queijo or

small, baked cheese rolls. At Pampas Grill, these

irresistible rolls are made with cheese

and yucca flour making them gluten


The chefs start cooking the popular

weekend Brazilian dish, Feijoada, on

Wednesday to be served all weekend

long. In Brazil, this is considered the

national dish. First they smoke and

simmer pork. Then they add beef and

beans and let it simmer over low heat

for two days to bring out the exquisite

traditional flavors.

Order the salad bar and hot dishes,

such as the catfish stew cooked in

slightly sweet coconut milk. For $1

extra per pound, add any BBQ meats.

Beer and South American wines are

available. The white Argentina Filus

goes excellently with the fish and

chicken dishes. Or try the Chilean

P.K.N.T Silver Collection Pinot Noir with notes

of berries. It pairs nicely with the top sirloin, sir-

loin cap, and Tri-tip on long skewers.

Come early between 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Mon.

through Fri. to receive 20 percent off. Both loca-

tions are open daily from 10:30 a.m. to closing.

3857 Overland Ave (310)836-0080 and 6333 W.

Third St. #618 (323)931-1928.

Pampas Brazilian BBQBy jill weinlein

photo by Jill Weinlein

Friendly service adds to the Pampas experience.

Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 5/31/13 5:40 PM Page 38

Page 37: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine 39 June 2013

Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 5/31/13 1:07 PM Page 39

Page 38: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

40 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

Nothing says summer like

Dodger baseball and Dodger

Dogs, but there is certainly more

on the menu this year.

At the end of March, Dodgers

executives unveiled the $100 mil-

lion renovation project that had

commenced following the 2012

season. Among the upgrades were

new scoreboards, restrooms, mer-

chandise and, of course, food op-


Complementing the famous

Dodger Dogs and traditional con-

cessions, officials

with Levy


have opened

LA Taqueria on

the Reserve

Level and

Elysian Park

Grill on the Re-

serve Level and at the top of the


Inspired by West Coast flavors,

Dodger Stadium executive chef

Jason Tingley is hoping to take

ballpark cuisine at Dodger Sta-

dium up a few notches.

“We talk to Dodgers fans al-

most every day and we take their

feedback back to the kitchen to de-

liver fun new menus and concepts

that will get them excited to come

out and grab a bite at the ballpark,”

Tingley said. “We make sure

there's truly something for every-

one here at Dodger Stadium, from

vegetarian and gluten-free

options to kids menus and

chefs' tables.

“We have the best

fans in the world and

they're really what

make the menu here

special — we work hard

to make delicious food

that lives up to their great tastes.

We’re always in the kitchen getting

creative, trying out new recipes

and coming up with innovative

ways to bring the menu to life in

what's basically a restaurant for

56,000. Our team stays on top of

the L.A. food scene and collabo-

rates with local restaurants and

sourcing partners to incorporate

the best local trends and ingredi-

ents. Street style food is becoming

ever more popular, and one of our

new concepts for this season, LA

Taqueria, was inspired by the fan-

tastic food trucks found on the

streets of L.A."

LA Taqueria’s new vibrant of-

ferings include its Bacon Wrapped

Picante Dog, an L.A. street-style

The New Blue’sFood & BrewsBy AAron Blevins

photo by Aaron Blevins

Dodger Stadium received $100 million worth of upgrades over the

offseason, and team officials focused on fans first.

Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 5/31/13 5:41 PM Page 40

Page 39: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

Park Labrea News/Beverly Press  Dining & Entertainment Magazine 41 June  2013


�)��#�%��#,�(.'-,�('��%%�2(.+� �/(+#-���+#'$,��'���( ��(.+,����%%�( �-"����,-��#,"�,�,-#%%�('�-"��&�'.� (+�-"��)�,-����2��+,�


�����/�+%2��%/���3� �(,��'!�%�,�����3����� �3�����������000��%�(2(-��� ���(&


picante dog wrapped in bacon and

topped with grilled peppers and

chopped onion.

The restaurant’s Camacho’s Na-

chos Supreme comes with sour

cream, beans, nacho cheese, fresh

guacamole, Pico de Gallo and

carne asada or pork carnitas on top

of crispy nacho chips.

The fresh fish tacos are battered

and fried, topped with shredded

cabbage and chile lime cream. LA

Taqueria’s Street Style Tacos are

offered with a choice of carne

asada or pork carnitas, topped off

with a cilantro and onion mix, salsa

roja and a lime wedge.

Feeling parched

while watch-

ing the

Boys in

B l u e ?

The new

eatery has

unveiled its

Ravine Margarita,

made frozen or on the rocks,

with limeade and top-shelf tequila,

garnished with a lime and salt.

At Elysian Park Grill, patrons

can feast on a Dodger Blue Heaven

Burger, a one-third pound hand-

shaped premium beef patty piled

high with blue cheese, caramelized

onions and sliced tomato, topped

off with pasilla chile and chipotle

aioli and served on a French bun.

The restaurant also offers the

Santa Fe Turkey Burger, which is

topped with avocado puree, jack

cheese, fresh lettuce and sliced

tomato, served on a whole wheat


Further, team executives strived

to shorten the lines for the ballpark

goodies. When the team held a

press conference to show off the

new Dodger digs, Janet Marie

Smith, senior vice president of

planning and develop-

ment, said

team chair-

man Mark

Walters told

employees to

focus on the

fans first.

“As Mark often said, ‘They

don’t come here to stand in line.

They don’t come to stand in line

for restrooms, for hotdogs or for

lemonade, so do better than that,’”

Smith said.

While the Dodgers have been

thrown a few curveballs this year,

there is still plenty of baseball to be

played. Upcoming homestands

will begin on June 6 against the At-

lanta Braves, June 10 against the

Arizona Diamondbacks, June 24,

San Francisco Giants; June 27,

Philadelphia Phillies; July 11, Col-

orado Rockies; July 25, Cincinnati

Reds; July 30, New York Yankees;

Aug. 9, Tampa Bay Rays; Aug. 12,

New York Mets; Aug. 23, Boston

Red Sox; Aug. 26, Chicago Cubs;

Aug. 30, San Diego Padres; Sept.

9, Diamondbacks; Sept. 12, Gi-

ants; and Sept. 27, Rockies.

The Dodgers were 22-29 as of

May 30.

photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Dodgers

LA Taqueria’s Street Style Tacos are among the new food options at

Dodger Stadium. 

Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1  5/31/13  5:41 PM  Page 41

Page 40: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

42 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

Chefs are like rock stars. They

are good-looking, charismatic,

and have the confidence to bril-

liantly cook hundreds of meals a

day. Julia Child was the original

“celebrity chef” – she pioneered

the trail for culinary masters to

follow. Here are a few who have

made their mark on Los Angeles

and beyond.

Fabio viviani

The first time I met Fabio was

four years ago at his Toluca Lake

restaurant, Osteria Firenze’s for its

grand opening. I was so enamored

with him and his business partner

Jacopo Falleni. They both have a

distinct confidence with their

debonair good looks and suave

Italian accent.

Fabio worked with Jacopo at

Café Fiore in Ventura, where they

put the sleepy beach town on the

culinary map. Next they helped

open Café Firenze in Moorpark

and then Osteria Firenze in Toluca


Recently, I was invited to a tap-

ing of his new Yahoo online cook-

ing show, “Chow Ciao!” The

production crew was taping Fabio

skyping with his mother in Italy

when I arrived. After the director

yelled, “Cut,” Fabio graciously

walked over and gave me a big

hug and introduced me to his

mother and father in Italy via the


As the crew broke for lunch,

Fabio offered me an invitation to

have lunch with him. I caught up

on his latest endeavors. “I’m so

excited about my new restaurants

in Chicago and my newest cook-

book ‘Fabio’s Italian Kitchen’,” he

said. Growing up in Florence,

Italy, the cookbook is filled with

tales of Fabio as a boy and 100

recipes from his grandmother,

Nonna. She influenced Fabio to

become the chef that he is today,

he said.

Fabio’s charming personality

has also helped him form relation-

ships and partnerships with the

media and companies like Bialetti

Cookwear, Bertolli Olive

Oil, Terlato Wine Inter-

national and Yahoo.com.

Securing a reservation

at his restaurants can be

a little tricky due to his

new popularity. Fabio is

becoming one of the

hottest chefs in the city.

Not only is he an excel-

lent chef, Fabio is an en-

tertainer and television

personality. The food he

creates comes from the

heart and I can tell he

puts all of his soul into it.

“The last time I had a

day off was in October

2012. I enjoy what I do

and wouldn’t want it any

other way,” Fabio said. Go to one

of his restaurants to have great

food, but also to be in good com-


Firenze Osteria is located at

4212 Lankershim Boulevard, Uni-

versal City (818) 760-7081 •

www.firenzeosteria.com. Café

Firenze is at 563 W Los Angeles

Ave., Moorpark, CA 93021 • (805)

532-0048 • www.cafefirenze.net

kris Morningstar

Chef Kris Morningstar at Ray’s

& Stark Bar uses only the freshest

and most natural ingredients. So

what does Chef Morningstar do to

achieve the best produce? He has

his very own garden full of pro-

duce and herbs behind the restau-

rant, of course.

His “hyper-seasonal” menu fre-

quently rotates based on the ingre-

dients grown on-site. Herbs

grown in the garden include lemon

verbena (used in many of the

cocktails), Opal basil, borage

(used in pasta dishes and as a gar-

nish for seafood), geranium (used

in cocktails and Chef Josh Graves’

ice cream), sorrel, lavender, sage

and thyme. Morningstar enjoys

walking outside of Ray’s and

Stark Bar and ten seconds later

holding a handful of just picked

herbs and lettuces. When not in the

kitchen, he works on his own gar-

den at home.

Morningstar was inspired by his

father to become a chef when he

was very young. Morningstar

loved to prepare family holiday

meals and large dinner parties

throughout high school and col-

lege as well.


graduating with honors from the

California School of Culinary Arts

in Pasadena, Morningstar worked

at some great dining establish-

ments in LA, including One Pico

at Shutters on the Beach, with

Chef Suzanne Goin at A.O.C, and

Chef Neal Fraser at Grace, before

working with Joachim Splichal at

the Michelin-starred Patina restau-

rant. Morningstar has a reputation

for creating the dishes that no one

else has created.

Some of the innovative dishes

you’ll find on the menu at Ray’s

are the wood roasted sunchokes

(from the garden) and served with

salsa verde. A sage pizza with Hen

of the Woods mushrooms is

topped with sottocenere cheese.

On the small plate list is Hamachi

sashimi with watermelon radish;

octopus in a Fresno chile sauce;

and Chesapeake Bay soft shell

crab with fava beans. Larger

plates of pork belly with grits,

Diver scallops and veal breast with

polenta look very appealing.

Ray’s and Stark Bar - 5905

Wilshire Blvd. (323)857-6180.


Susan Feniger

Chef Susan Feniger is an award-

winning American chef, restaura-

teur, cookbook author, and radio

and TV personality considered to

be a leading authority on Latin

American cuisine in the United


Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken

became celebrities in 1981 when

they opened City Café and later

CITY restaurant on La Brea. Their

Kris Morningstar

Fabio Vivani

Celebrity Chefsby jill weinlein

and karen villalpando

Dining Guide Main Layout.2013_Layout 1 5/31/13 5:42 PM Page 42

Page 41: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine 43 June 2013

success grew even more when this

dynamic-duo opened Border Grill

in Santa Monica and later in

downtown Los Angeles.

These creative ladies appeared

with in her PBS series “Cooking

with Master Chefs” and later

starred in “Too Hot Tamales” in

the 1990s. She also appeared on

the second season of “Top Chef

Masters” in 2010.

Feniger opened the chic restau-

rant Street, where she’s know for

her millet puffs, Meatless Monday

dishes and Kaya toast with a soy

glazed fried egg and coconut jam.

The menu at Street is unique be-

cause Feniger combines different

elements of food to create a work

of art. She can make the classic

home-style dish of chicken and

waffles into something elegant

with a street flare by adding some

spicy maple sauce and bacon. An-

other favorite is the Moroccan

spiced lamb belly. Feniger creates

a new interpretation of this dish by

using succulent lamb belly rather

than the traditional pork belly. And

it’s absolutely delicious.

Feniger is a fantastic chef be-

cause of her innovative techniques

and curious ideas that made her

the next best thing in the culinary

world. However, besides being a

chef, Feniger is active in her com-

munity through the L.A Gay and

Lesbian Center, the Scleroderma

Research Foundation, and

a movement called Share

Our Strength to help end

world hunger. Los Angeles

is lucky to have this amaz-

ing woman and chef.

Street is located at 742

N. Highland Ave.


Scott Conant

Recently I attended a

10th anniversary dinner

party at Scarpetta in Bev-

erly Hills to enjoy a one-

of-a-kind celebratory

dinner at the Montage

Hotel Beverly Hills and to

meet celebrity chef Scott Conant.

When Conant walked into the

kitchen of Scarpetta, we instantly

felt his confident energy. The

brawny and charismatic chef is

like a professional quarterback

walking onto a field to lead a team

to victory.

Working side-by-side with Co-

nant was Chef Alessandro Stratta

of Scarpetta Beverly Hills; Craig

Strong of Studio at Montage La-

guna Beach; and Shawn Arm-

strong on Montage Deer Valley.

These esteemed chefs hustled

around the kitchen, one of the

most beautiful restaurant kitchens

I’ve seen, creating outstanding


While all of the chefs in the

kitchen are accomplished, Conant

has an air about him. His Scarpetta

restaurants can be found in New

York, at the Beverly Hills Mon-

tage, at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in

Las Vegas, at the Thompson

Toronto and at the Fontainebleau

resort in Miami.

Conant is an extremely busy

chef and television personality, as

guest judge in “Top Chef”,

“Chopped”, and as host and judge

of “24 Hour Restaurant Battle”.

We toasted to the evening with

a glass of Prosecco and nibbled on

bite size creamy polenta cups with

wild mushrooms and simple raw

yellowtail with a pinch of sea salt

and pickled red onion. Then we all

sat inside the private Chef’s Table

dining room to enjoy four signa-

ture dishes from each famed Mon-

tage chef.

Conant graced us with a sirloin

of Kobe paired with his signature

braised short ribs. The delicate

beef looked like a match made in

heaven next to the Kobe sirloin

with flash fried spring vegetables

and wild mushrooms. The surprise

of this dish was a beef bone sliced

in half and filled with luscious

marrow, Parmesan and leeks. It

was baked into a gratin and sub-

lime. Conant is a master at his art

and his acclaimed pasta sauce

of tomatoes and basil. It

is a must to experience

his perfection of pasta.



restaurants. 225 N.

Canon Dr. Beverly

Hills, (310)860-7970.

John Sedlar



LA Live in downtown Los Ange-

les offers the spirit of Latin culture

through food and unique libations.

Growing up in Santa Fe, New

Mexico, Sedlar traveled exten-

sively through Mexico, Latin

American and Spain to become an

expert on Latin cuisine.

In 2012 and 2013, the James

Beard Foundation nominated

Rivera for Outstanding Bar Pro-

gram. Sedlar was named “Chef of

the Year” by Esquire and also was

nominated for “Best Chef Pacific”

by the James Beard Foundation in

2012 and 2013. Sedlar’s extensive

cocktail menu is one of a kind. The

Barbacoa is a delicious surprise

considering it is mezcal, chipotle,

lime, ginger and beef jerky! These

tempting combinations push the

limit of your typical cocktail. Sed-

lar has created something special

at Rivera and everyone is itching

to go. Rivera, located at 1050 S.

Flower St. #102 (213)749-1460.

Emily Villalpando also

contributed to this story.

photo by Jose Martinez

Susan Feniger

John Sedlar

photo courtesy of bravotv

“The art of cooking is indeed a noble hobby, and a fully satisfying profession.

I’ve never run into a serious cook or chef of any age who didn’t say:

‘Every day I learn something new!’

Julia Child, from her book “Cooking With Master Chefs”

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Page 42: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

44 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

The Los Angeles County

Museum of Art (LACMA)

comes alive this summer

with new art exhibits, lively con-

certs, classic film screenings and

informative talks.

Guests can dance to the pas-

sionate music of the “Latin

Sounds” series, catch a Stanley

Kubrick film screening, or create

their own paintings in classes led

by experienced artists. Those

looking to get a deeper look at the

collection can join a daily tour or

a discussion by the museum’s do-

cents and art educators. When

guests get hungry, everything

from snacks to full gourmet meals

are available at the LACMA Cafe,

C+M and Ray’s.

The museum is kicking off its

summer exhibition programming

with a look at its history and future

in “The Presence of the Past: Peter

Zumthor Reconsiders LACMA”

Here’s to a lACMA Summer

running Sunday, June 9 through

Sept. 15. The exhibit, which is part

of the Getty’s initiative, “Pacific

Standard Time Presents: Modern

Architecture in L.A.”, explores the

work of Swiss architect Peter

Zumthor, who was commissioned

to rethink the museum’s east cam-

pus. Visitors will gain new insight

into how the museum functions,

and how its buildings and exhibits

are organized. It begins with a de-

tailed examination of the mu-

seum’s structures and the history

of surrounding Hancock Park. It

also focuses on Zumthor’s prelim-

inary plans for a new building to

house the permanent collection,

By Edwin FolvEn

photo courtesy of Museum associates/LACMA

Strap on your dancing shoes at one of LACMA’s many outdoor events during the summer season.

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Page 43: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine 45 June 2013

Pampas Grill Farmers Market6333 W 3rd St. # 618

(323) 931-1928

Pampas Grill Culver City3857 Overland Ave.(310) 836-0080


�������������� ��������������

���� ������������������������������������� � ��������

with large models built by the ar-

chitect’s studio.

For those with a passion for

music, premiere musical artists

from around the world take the

stage in the “Sundays Live”, “Jazz

at LACMA”, “Latin Sounds” and

“Art & Music” series. Guests can

also join in lively gallery discus-

sions held regularly, such as “The

Art of Looking” on June 13 at

12:30 p.m., in which educator Ali-

cia Vogl Saenz explores Robert

Irwin’s “Palm Garden” and other


Fans of the silver screen will

enjoy the “Kubrick & Co.”

screening series, with ground-

breaking films such as “2001: A

Space Odyssey” and “A Clock-

work Orange”; and “Hans

Richter: Film Is …”, an ongoing

series being held in conjunction

with the exhibit “Hans Richter:

Encounters” about the early 30th

Century German artist. Those

looking for weekday fun can

enjoy screenings of classic films

on Tuesday’s at 1 p.m., such as

the Marx Brother’s “Duck Soup”

and “Horse Feathers” on June 18;

and Alfred Hitchcock’s “Sabo-

teur” on June 25.

Art lovers can also tour the cur-

rent exhibits, “James Turell: A

Retrospective”, “Henri Matisse:

La Gerbe”, “Japanese Prints:

Hokusai at LACMA” and

“Stephen Prina: As He Remem-

bers It”, or view special presenta-

tions planned throughout the

summer. Additional upcoming ex-

hibits include:

• “Shaping Power: Luba Mas-

terworks from the Royal Museum

for Central Africa”; July 7-Jan. 5.

• Kitasono Katue: Surrealist

Poet”; Aug. 3-Dec. 1.

• “Bajo el cielo de Mexico —

Gabriel Figueroa: Fifty Years of

Art & Film”; Sept. 22-Feb. 2.

• “John Divola: As Far as I

Could Get”; Oct. 6–Feb. 2.

LACMA is located at 5905

Wilshire Blvd. For information

and a complete schedule of events,

call (323)857-6000, or visit


photos courtesy of Museum associates/LACMA

LACMA hosts various summers event that encourage attendees to set

up a picnic (top) and enjoy live music (bottom).

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Page 44: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

46 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

Angelinos looking to get a

“jump” on their summer

physique — or those

seeking to simply jump for joy —

are invited to Sky Zone Torrance,

where the staff can accommodate

everything from birthday parties to

cross training sessions.

A franchise of SkyZone Fran-

chise Group, which is owned by

Hancock Park resident Rick Platt

and his family, Sky Zone Torrance

is located on West 190th Street.

The indoor trampoline park offers

open jumps, fitness classes and

dodgeball games, all of which can

burn up to 1,000 calories per hour.

Platt said Sky Zone facilities

have been used for world cham-

pion athletes, though it can easily

meet the needs of the average

“couch potato.” He said the tram-

poline parks have been shown to

help children with autism.

“It’s fun,” Platt said. “This is

something we like to say and it’s

99 percent true: We truly have

something for everybody regard-

less of age, size and ability. …The

playing field adapts to you. It’s just

an incredible workout, and it’s


For the last five decades, re-

searchers have known about the

cardiovascular benefits to jumping

on a trampoline, he said. However,

Sky Zone amplified that concept,

allowing patrons to jump both lat-

erally and horizontally. The result

is a workout that is “dynamic” and

about “ten times more fun,” Platt


It is also good for children, and

Platt said researchers have sug-

gested that the workout could be

the “magic pill” for the childhood

obesity epidemic. In a University

of South Florida study commis-

sioned by Sky Zone, researchers

found that children who jumped at

the park for two hours over six

weeks saw their leg strength in-

crease 67 percent, body mass de-

crease 3 percent and weight

increase 3 percent. The study also

found academic improvements as

well, Platt said.

At Sky Zone Torrance, patrons

can participate in “Skyrobics”,

dodgeball tournaments and games,

open jumps, corporate events,

“Skycamp” and school programs.

The location has a “sky basket” for

elevated hoops-shooting and a

foam pit to dive into.

For information, call (310)323-

4500, or visit www.skyzones-

ports.com. Sky Zone Torrance is

located at 1625 W. 190th St. The

company also has locations in Van

Nuys, Covina, Anaheim and


Why run – when you can fly?Sky Zone offers the ultimate out-of-the-box workout

By AAron BlevinS

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Page 45: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine 47 June 2013


With over 25 years of experience, Pink Dot delivers thousands of items to your home, office, or even hotel room - from 1000's of brand name grocery items; fresh made to order breakfast,

sandwiches, salads, soups, pizza's & pastas; beer, liquor, & wine; toothpaste to pet food

all with reasonable supermarket prices - in about 30-45 minutes, 365 days a year.

1(800)PINK DOTOrder Online & Receive NO DELIVERY CHARGE

www.pinkdot.comOpen Daily from

9am-3am7 days a week, 365 days a year

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Page 46: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

48 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

The Hollywood Bowl is

gearing up for an exciting

summer season of concerts

and special events held under the

stars in the Hollywood Hills.

The season kicks-off on Satur-

day, June 22 with the “Opening

Night at the Hollywood Bowl”

benefit. Vocalist and entertainer

Patti Austin, and critically ac-

claimed recording artist John Leg-

end will be inducted into the

Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame,

along with Steven Tyler and Joe

Perry, of “Aerosmith”. Each of the

inductees will perform with the or-

chestra, and proceeds benefit edu-

cational programs conducted by

the LA Phil, which operates the


The music continues on Sunday,

June 23 with She & Him, Emmy-

lou Harris and Rodney Crowell;

followed by the Reggae sounds of

Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley,

Stephen Marley and Third World

on Sunday, June 30.

Audiences can participate in an

annual summer tradition from

Tuesday, July 2 through 4 during

the “July 4th Fireworks Spectacu-

lar”. Sara Hicks will conduct the

LA Philharmonic, and

singer/songwriter Josh Groban

will perform.

Fans of animation and classical

music will enjoy “Bugs Bunny at

the Symphony II” on Friday, July

5 and Saturday, July 6, with the

LA Phil performing live alongside

screenings of classic cartoons.

Other special events return this

summer, such as the “Grease Sing-

A-Long”, hosted by Didi Conn

(“Frenchy” in the hit movie) on

Saturday, July 13; the Tchaikovsky

Fireworks Spectacular” on Friday,

Aug. 16 and 17; and “Sing-A-

Long Sound of Music” on Satur-

day, Sept. 21.

The LA Phil performs in numer-

ous classical music concerts

throughout the season, such as

“Elgar’s Cello Concerto” on Tues-

day, July 16; “Verdi’s Requiem”,

conducted by Gustavo Dudamel,

on Tuesday, Aug. 13; and “Ro-

mantic Favorites”, with the music

of Gershwin and Rachmaninoff,

on Tuesday, Sept. 10.

Numerous legendary entertain-

ers and musical groups will also

take the stage, such as Sergio

Mendes, Herb Alpert and Lani

Hall on Wednesday, July 17; Tony

Bennett on Friday, Aug. 2; Willie

Nelson & Family on Friday, Aug.

9 and Saturday, Aug. 10; and

Earth, Wind and Fire from Friday,

Sept. 13 through 15. Fans of mu-

sical theatre can also enjoy a pro-

duction of “Chicago: The

Musical” running Friday, July 26

through 28; and the Blue Man

Group performs on Friday, Sept. 6

and Saturday, Sept. 7. LA Phil

President and Chief Executive Of-

ficer Deborah Borda said the new

season will be very exciting.

“For the artists and audiences

alike, the Hollywood Bowl is a

symbol of Los Angeles and of

summer — the shared experience

of extraordinary music in this most

historic venue,” Borda said.

“There is something here for


The Bowl is also the perfect

place to have a picnic while enjoy-

ing the music. Guests can bring

their own food and beverages to

enjoy at their seats or in the 14 pic-

nic areas. Gourmet food is also of-

fered by the Patina Restaurant

Groups’ Roof Top Grill, Staccato,

Market Café, Market West and

Sweet Shoppe. Box service is also

available. Additionally, a new

wine bar opens for the Summer

Season on the Hollywood Bowl

Marketplace level, where guests

can sip wine in an outdoor seating

area and bar.

The Hollywood Bowl, which

opened for its first performance in

1921, remains one of the premiere

concert destinations in Los Ange-

les. The 18,000-seat venue is lo-

cated at 2301 N. Highland Ave.

For information, call (323)850-

2000, or visit www. www.holly-


photo courtesy of Hollywood Bowl

by edwin


HOLLYWOODBOWLSounds of Summer 2013

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Page 47: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine 49 June 2013

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TTeeqquuiillaa RReessppoossaaddoo!!

� FFuullll BBaarr •• FFiinnee MMeexxiiccaann CCuuiissiinnee �

���������MMeexxiiccaann RReessttaauurraanntt

77447700 MMeellrroossee AAvvee.. •• LLooss AAnnggeelleess332233--665588--99006600

Live Music !

Free Admission!

Enjoy a taste of the Bayou!

Bring the whole family!


sat., June 15 2-5 pm

2560 S. Lincoln Blvd. Marina del Rey

Northeast corner of Lincoln & Washington Bl.



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Page 48: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013

50 June 2013 Park Labrea News/Beverly Press Dining & Entertainment Magazine

�!,��'��*$'&� �����������(!�����������������������.����� �����


�$--��.��$&&!()�.���& ,$�#!)��%� )�.��!!(�.� �$&!

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Owned by the vivacious

Chef Josette LeBlond,

Normandie Bakery on

Cochran Ave. employs 35 people

who produce over 3,000 baguettes

a day. Inside the bustling bakery,

Josette has a retail cafe where local

residents and businesses can pur-

chase fresh baked baguettes,

French and American pastries,

croissants, cookies, cakes, breads,

sandwiches, coffee and tea for

breakfast or lunch. It is open Mon-

day through Saturday 7 a.m. to 5


In 2011, Chef Josette expanded

the Normandie brand to the Orig-

inal Farmers Market at Third and

Fairfax. Normandie Farmers Mar-

ket serves breads, croissants, pas-

tries, cakes and pies. In 2012 Chef

Josette opened a restaurant in her

Normandie Bakery calling it

Josette’s Bistro, and serving au-

thentic French bistro cuisine at af-

By Laura VaiLLaNCOurt

‘Oui, Oui’ to Finest French Sweets and Cuisine at Normandie Bakery

fordable prices.

Catering has also been a large

part of Normandie’s business for

the past 20 years. Conventions,

trade shows, weddings, office par-

ties and birthday parties, have con-

sistently requested not only

Josette’s expertise as chef but her

flair for putting together fine deli-

catessen, cheese, meat, pastry and

fruit platters.

Normandie is dedicated to of-

fering authentic French pates and

baked goods to the wholesale in-

dustry. Normandie works on ful-

filling special needs at competitive


Normandie Bakery is located at,

3022 S. Cochran Ave. (323) 939-

5528, and in the Farmers Market

at 6333 W. Third St. (323) 930-

1944. For more information visit


mandie Bakery.

photos courtesy of Normandie Bakery

Chef Josette LeBlond (right) cre-

ates a full culinary experience,

from a café to main course to

sweets (left) at Normandie Bakery.

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Page 49: Park Labrea News & Beverly Press Dining and Entertainment 2013


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����� ���� ������#�����#�������



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