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  • 1. The Parc Gell Carla Oms i Marta Villaitodo

2. Situation El Parc Gell is situated on the hill of ElCarmel in the Grcia district of Barcelona,Catalonia, Spain, is near the Tibidabo. 3. Author: Antoni Gaud He was born in Reus,the 25 June in 1852. Hedied in Barcelona the 10June 1926, with 74years. His four life passions:architecture, nature,religion and love forCatalonia. He was a catalanmodernist architect He built the Parc Gellbetween 1900 and 1914 4. Owners Today, the Parc Gell dont have ownersbecause it is a public park and it belongsto the council. 5. DESCRIPTION The Parc Gell is very big but the mostimportant places are: 6. 7. this is one of the most popularelement from Parc Gell its madeby mosaics of little colourful ceramics 8. Undulating forms abound, sets with thetechnique of trencads. The mostsymbolic of the park is the terrace withits long benches, mosaic and feature seaserpent, bright colours and decoratedwith small pieces of tile