Pandemic Influenza

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Pandemic Influenza. Objectives. To provide information on: Influenza vs swine influenza Basic infection prevention and control Understand how you can assist with: Encouraging infection control Allaying Staff and Student concerns Helping those who may be ill - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Pandemic Influenza

  • Pandemic Influenza

  • ObjectivesTo provide information on: Influenza vs swine influenza Basic infection prevention and control

    Understand how you can assist with:Encouraging infection controlAllaying Staff and Student concernsHelping those who may be illSupporting for your HoDs (and vice versa)Keeping yourself safe

  • Pandemic ManagementCrisis Management TeamCMT (Support)Specialist AdvisorsHealth & Safety Network

  • SeasonalPandemic

  • SeasonalPandemic

  • Seasonal InfluenzaCaused by a virusMost common in winterEasily passed from person to personMore serious than the common coldSymptoms may last for up to 10 days

  • Swine (H1N1) InfluenzaLittle or no human immunity Increased numbers /populations affectedMore serious symptomsHigher mortalityScope and rapid spread will stretch existing healthcare resourcesEconomic and social disruptionCurrently no vaccine

  • Symptoms of Swine FluMay includeFever, chillsMuscle painsHeadacheCough, sore throat, runny noseFatigueNausea, vomiting or diahorrea (40% of confirmed cases)

  • Infection Prevention and ControlHow is influenza spread?Droplets from coughs and sneezesHand to hand, Mouth to mouthOn surfaces such as door handles and used tissuesSwine flu - can remain on surfaces for minutes or up to 8 hours

  • Infection Control Wash and Dry HandsBefore preparing food and eatingAfter coughing, sneezing or blowing noseAfter using the toiletOften when looking after sick people

  • Infection ControlWash and dry hands properlyWash hands for at least 20 secondsDry hands thoroughlyKeep coughs and sneezes coveredPut tissues straight into the rubbish binSocial distancingstay at least a metre away from sick peopleKeep areas ventilated

  • How You Can Help - Encourage Infection ControlLook after yourself!Challenge others:I trust you intend to wash your handsCould you cover your cough pleaseShould you be at work with a cough likeI would happier if you stayed at home until.Be assured - it is okay to give feedback to protect your healthOffer to assist / educate staff(or get someone else to)Additional posters Discussions

  • Allay Staff and Student ConcernsAn emotionally-charged employee may be a safety hazardUse active listening, reflect concernsGet assistance for key staff to work from homeWork with your HOD

  • Allay Staff and Student ConcernsSteer them to the facts: Professional advice Public Health Healthline 0800 611 116 Regional Health and Safety Advisor Own GP or DoctorMassey position considersClinical risk (what does MoH recommend?)Comparative risk (other organisations may respond differently to Massey)

  • Help those who may be illIf someone has been coughing and is ill:IsolateCheck their welfareStrongly encourage them to recover at homeArrange clean of common items (eg keyboard, shared desk) including public areasRFM - routine clean (let them know which area)RFM - special clean for campuses with work time servicesArrange own supplies for at risk areas E.g. reception counter, waiting areas, exam rooms, librariesLog ill cases via Health & Safety Advisor or as notified

  • Keep Yourself SafeFollow the basic infection control principles to prevent the spread of influenza (ie, hand hygiene, cough and sneeze etiquette, social distance).Mask and gloves are only if you need to be closer than a metre when caring for a sick person.During cleaningDispose of cleaning materials to rubbish.Wash hands afterwards

  • If You Become IllArrange a colleague to coverAfter the worst of it: Phone messagesEmailWeb accessesVPN

  • Work with your HoDPerhaps you can:Coordinate After-hours contacts detailsFacilitate remote working Define critical servicesReinforce hygiene messagesAssist others to plan for public /staff interactions

  • Work with your HoDPerhaps your HOD can:Reinforce the importance of your role with staffPrompt discussions on contingencieshave you considered how to manage this function with 1/3rd of our staff?Assist with resourcing for you

  • Resources That May Help

  • Resources That May Help (cont)

  • Resources That May Help(cont)

  • Resources That May Help(cont)

  • Resources That May Help

  • Resources That May Help (cont)

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    Thank you for your support of health and safety!

    Contact and history have been used to date to determine probable cases .

    If get community spread in NZ then travel history becomes less relevant.

    Confirmed cases require lab test.

    Precautions apply to all influenza, not just swine flu.Demo 10 second by singing happy birthday. Demo 10 second by singing happy birthday. Mention H&S kits are limitedOwn supplies part of business as usual