PAKISTAN ASSOCIATION OF PATH 2020-07-07¢  Cheema Female Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan

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  • ID# Membership intial Name Gender Email Address Address (City) Address (ZIP / Postal Code)

    Address (Country)


    81-0122 Life Membership Dr A. S. Chughtai Male Lahore Punjab Pakistan Histopathology

    20-1200 Annual Membership

    Dr Aafia Qasim Female Lahore Punjab Pakistan Histopathologist

    18-1119 Life Membership Dr Aalia Khurram Khan Female Lahore Punjab Pakistan Haematologist

    09-0771 Life Membership Maj. Gen

    Aamer Ikram Male Rawalpindi Punjab Pakistan Microbiologist

    91-0337 Life Membership Dr Aamir Ali Khan

    Male Multan Punjab Pakistan Micrbiologist

    03-0646 Life Membership Brig ® Aamir Ijaz Male Rawalpindi Punjab Pakistan Chemical Pathologist

    14-1005 Junior Membership

    Dr Aamir Waqas Male Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan

    14-1006 Life Membership Dr Aasia Khaliq Female Lahore Punjab Pakistan

    06-0724 Life Membership Dr Abbas Naqvi Male Multan Punjab Pakistan

    05-0689 Junior Membership

    Dr Abbas Saleem khan Male Peshawar KPK Pakistan Oral Pathologist

    10-0837 Annual Membership

    Col(Rtd ).

    Abdul Bari Khan male k

    05-0689 Junior Membership

    Dr Abdul Ghafar Male Quetta Balochistan

    77-0055 Life Membership Dr Abdul Ghafoor (Late) Islamabad Islamabad Pakistan

    04-0664 Life Membership Dr Abdul Ghafoor Malik

    Male Jhelum Punjab Pakistan

    78-0067 Corresponding Member

    Dr Abdul Haleem Male Riyadh Saudi Arabia

    Kindly communicate If you are a member and your name is not in the list. If you find your information incomplete. If you want to add any thing along with your name. Please write us at, ,


  • ID# Membership intial Name Gender Email Address Address (City) Address (ZIP / Postal Code)

    Address (Country)


    76-0043 Life Membership Dr Abdul Hameed Memon

    Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan

    80-0107 Life Membership Maj. Gen (Retd)

    Abdul Hannan (Late) Male Lahore Punjab Pakistan

    75-0018 Life Membership Dr Abdul Hannan Nagi Lahore Punjab Pakistan

    05-0676 Life Membership Dr Abdul Haseeb Khan Male Sargodha Punjab

    78-0071 Life Membership Dr Abdul Hayee Lahore Punjab Pakistan

    81-0127 Life Membership Dr Abdul Latif Soomro Male Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan

    75-0017 Life Membership Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Malik

    Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan

    14-1003 Annual Membership

    Dr Abdul Qadir Skubwala

    Male Karachi Sindh Pakistan Immunology

    81-0106 Life Membership Dr Abdul Rashid (Late) Male Lahore Punjab Pakistan

    83-0146 Life Membership Dr Abdul Rashid Shaikh Male Larkana Sindh Pakistan

    90-0283 Life Membership Dr Abdullah Memon Male

    86-0209 Life Membership Dr Abdus Salam Male Abbottabad KPK

    90-0253 Life Membership Brig Abdus Sattar Male Rawalpindi Punjab

    02-0629 Life Membership Lt.Col. Abid Mahmood Male Quetta Balochistan

    89-0227 Life Membership Dr Abida Iqbal Female Lahore Punjab

    16-1103 Annual Membership

    Dr Adeel Ahmad Male Lahore Punjab Pakistan

    05-0705 Junior Membership

    Dr Adeel Arif Male Sargodha Punjab

  • ID# Membership intial Name Gender Email Address Address (City) Address (ZIP / Postal Code)

    Address (Country)


    14-1008 Life Membership Dr Adnan Wahidi Male Karachi Sindh Pakistan

    91-0284 Life Membership Dr Afia Zafar Female Karachi Sindh

    10-0839 Annual Membership

    Dr Afshan Hussain

    14-1009 Annual Membership

    Dr Afsheen Raza Female Karachi Sindh Pakistan

    96-0542 Life Membership Dr Aftab Ahmad Khalil Male Karachi Sindh

    11-0861 Life Membership Dr Aftab Ahmed Soomro

    Male Sukkur Sindh Pakistan

    82-0135 Life Membership Dr Afzal-Ur-Rehman Male Punjab Pakistan

    95-0529 Life Membership Lt.Col Agha Babar Hussain Male Rawalpindi Punjab

    07-0733 Annual Membership

    Dr Ahmad Rafiq male Peshawar KPK Chemical Path

    83-0142 Life Membership Dr Ahmad Saeed Khan (Late)

    Male Karachi Sindh Pakistan

    10-0817 Life Membership Dr Ahmareen Khalid Sheikh

    Female Islamabad Islamabad

    86-0201 Life Membership Brig. Retd

    Ahsan Ahmad Alvi Male Rawalpindi Punjab Pakistan

    14-1010 Annual Membership

    Dr Aiman Usman Female Defense Housing Authority

    Sindh Pakistan

    16-1091 Life Membership Dr Aisha Akbar Female Islamabad Islamabad Pakistan Histopathologist

    18-1118 Life Membership Dr Aisha Ayyub Female Chemical Pathologist

    80-0105 Life Membership Dr Aisha Fawzia Hasan Zaidi

    Female Karachi Sindh Pakistan

    09-0784 Life Membership Dr Aisha Hassan Memon

    Female Karachi Sindh

  • ID# Membership intial Name Gender Email Address Address (City) Address (ZIP / Postal Code)

    Address (Country)


    14-1012 Junior Membership

    Dr Aisha Waqas Female Islamabad Islamabad

    20-1216 Life Membership Prof Akbar Ali Soomro Male m

    Larkana Sindh Pakistan M.Phil. (Microbiology, PHd in process

    97-0570 Life Membership Dr Akbar Shah Hussainy

    Male Karachi Sindh

    98-0594 Life Membership Lt.Col. Akbar Waheed Male Karachi Sindh

    07-0747 Life Membership Dr Akhtar Hamid Tariq Male Quetta Balochistan Pakistan Chemical Pathologist

    03-0647 Life Membership Dr Akhtar Hussain Male Islamabad Islamabad Pakistan Clinical Pathologist

    05-0707 Life Membership Maj Akhtar Zarin Khattak Male KPK KPK

    11-0862 Life Membership Dr Ali Bashsh Shaikh Male Karachi Sindh Pakistan

    14-1014 Annual Membership

    Dr Ali Murtaza Male Rawalpindi Punjab Pakistan Haematologist

    14-1015 Life Membership Dr Ali Raza Male Lahore Punjab Pakistan Haematologist

    04-0673 Life Membership Dr Alia Naheed Zaidi Female Peshawar KPK Pakistan

    19-1199 Life Membership Dr Alina Mehwish Female KPK KPK Pakistan

    91-0319 Life Membership Dr Altaf A. Shaikh Male Karachi Sindh

    03-0630 Life Membership Dr Altaf-ur-Rehman Male Mandi Bahauddin


    14-1017 Associate Membership

    Mrs Amber Fida Female Lahore Punjab Pakistan

    14-1018 Life Membership Dr Ambreen farrukh Female m

    Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan

    14-1019 Junior Membership

    Dr Ambreen Gul Female Lahore Punjab Pakistan

  • ID# Membership intial Name Gender Email Address Address (City) Address (ZIP / Postal Code)

    Address (Country)


    10-0845 Life Membership Dr Ambreen Moatasim Female m

    Rawalpindi Punjab Pakistan

    12-0871 Life Membership Dr Amin Fahim Male Tandojam Sindh Pakistan

    12-0866 Life Membership Dr Amir Hamzo Dahri Male Benazirabad Sindh Pakistan Histopathology

    84-0152 Life Membership Brig. (Retd)

    Amir Hussain Khan Male Rawalpindi Punjab Pakistan

    07-0734 Life Membership Dr Amir Mohammad Babar

    Male Quetta Balochistan Pakistan

    10-0852 Life Membership Dr Amjad Naeem Male Lahore Punjab Pakistan

    12-0870 Life Membership Dr Aneela Qureshi Female Karachi Sindh Pakistan

    14-1020 Life Membership Dr Anwaar Basheer Male Lahore Punjab Pakistan Microbiologist

    92-0384 Life Membership Dr Anwar Ali Akhund Male Nawabshah Sindh Pakistan

    84-0157 Life Membership Dr Anwar-Ul-Haque Male Islamabad Islamabad Pakistan

    12-0872 Life Membership Dr Aqsa Nasir Female Rawalpindi Punjab Pakistan

    91-0303 Life Membership Dr Arif Hussian Male Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan

    97-0571 Life Membership Dr Arif Jamil Khan Male Karachi Sindh Pakistan

    14-1021 Junior Membership

    Dr Arooj Fatima Female Lahore Punjab Pakistan

    09-0778 Life Membership Dr Arsalan Ahmed

    Male Karachi Sindh Pakistan

    05-0675 Life Membership Dr Arshad Munir Gondal Male Jhang Punjab Pakistan

    14-1022 Life Membership Dr Arsha

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