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  • 8/9/2019 pakej sarawak





    First of all thanks god that I have finished this assignment in the time given, my lecturer Puan

    Suriati Johari for her guiding to do this assignment. The reason why I choose Sarawak for

    this assignment is, first and mainly I like Sarawak a lot. They have plenty of attraction from

    historical to nature, culture, city tour, adventure and many more. Not too much to say that

    Sarawak has it all and is paradise for traveller. Furthermore, I have an experience there.

    Also, I want to thanks my best friends Airy, Azura, Wan and Naim for their contribution and

    helps. They help me a lot during the time I do this assignment. Thanks for their opinion,

    helps, free foods, accompany me in my new house and for the best time we having together

    to do this assignment. Not to forget, all my friends in Sarawak that also help me by giving

    information and materials about Sarawak.

    I hope Puan Suriati will enjoy reading this assignment.

  • 8/9/2019 pakej sarawak




    Selamat datait Khazsuari a Travel & Tour.

    Sarawak is known for its ri h tropi al landscape and mi ht rivers, as well as a cit that is

    named after a cat!

    Enjoy some tours that bring you to explore the Cat City of Kuching, the capital city of

    Sarawak. You will also have the chance to see the magnificent Orang-Utans, gentle primates

    of Southeast Asia, in the Semenggoh Orang-Utan Rehabilitation Center as well as visit the

    amazing Mulu Caves, the largestin the world.

    Here, we offering you various package including domestic and international for a fantastic

    price. Also we havejust launch our new package or what we call it Sarawak The Nature

    Paradise. This package will bring you to the whole Sarawak, enjoy their magnificent

    National Park, the exotic flora and fauna, the colours of their various ethnic and the city


    This package willtake approximately 18 days and 17 nights.

    Arap ke rindu ati maya bejalai.

    Arapka likun dalam pejalai ngangai endur ti dituju.

  • 8/9/2019 pakej sarawak




    Sarawakis one oftwo Malaysian states on the island ofBorneo. Known as Bumi Kenyalang

    ("Land ofthe Hornbills"), itis situated on the north-west ofthe island. Itis the largest state in

    Malaysia; the second largest, Sabah, lies to the northeast.

    The administrative capital is Kuching which has a population of 579,900 (2006 census;

    Kuching City South - 143,500; Kuching City North - 133,600; Padawan- 3rd Mile/ 7th Mile/

    10th Mile - 302,800). Major cities and towns also include Si bu (pop. 254,000), Miri (pop.

    263,000) and Bintulu (pop. 176,800). As of last census (December 31, 2006), the state

    population was 2,357,500.


    Having land area of 124,450 km spreading between latitude 0 50 and 5N and longitude

    109 36 and 115 40 E, it makes up 37.5% of the land of Malaysia. Sarawak also contains

    large tracts oftropical rain forest home to an abundance of plant and animal species.

    Sarawak is currently divided into eleven Administrative Divisions: Kuching Division,

    Samarahan Division, Sri Aman Division, Betong Division, Sarikei Division, Si bu Division,

    Mukah Division, Kapit Division, Bintulu Division, Miri Division and Limbang Division.

    The state stretches for some 750 km along the north east coastline ofBorneo, interrupted in

    the north by about 150 km ofBrunei coast. Sarawakis separated from the Indonesian part of

    Borneo (Kalimantan) by ranges of high hills and mountains that are part of the central

    mountain range ofBorneo. These get higherto the north and culminate nearthe source ofthe

  • 8/9/2019 pakej sarawak



    Baram River with the steep MountBatu Lawi, Mount Mulu in the Park ofthe same name and

    Mount Murud with the highest peakin Sarawak.

    The major rivers from the south to the north include Sarawak River, the Lupar River, the

    Sari bas River, the Rajang River with 563 km the longest river in Malaysia with the Baleh

    River branch, the Baram River, the Limbang River that drains into the Brunei Bay as it

    divides the two parts ofBrunei and the Trusan Riverthat also flows into the BruneiBay.The

    Sarawak river 2459k2 in area and is the main river flowing through Kuching(the capital).

    Sarawak can be divided into three natural regions. The coastal region is ratherlow lying flat

    country with large extents of swamps and other wet environments. The hill region provides

    most ofthe easily inhabited land. Most ofthe larger cities and towns have been built in this

    region. As the swamps make up much of the coast, the ports of Kuching and Sibu have been

    built some distance from the coast on rivers, while Bintulu and Miri are close to the coast at

    the only places thatthe hills stretch rightto the China Sea. The third region is the mountain

    region along the border and with the Kelabit and Murut highlands in the north.

  • 8/9/2019 pakej sarawak




    The eastern seaboard ofBorneo had been charted (though never settled) by the Portuguese in

    the early 16th century. The area oftoday's Sarawak was known to Portuguese cartographers

    as Cerava. Sarawak had been a loosely governed territory under the control of the Brunei

    Sultanate in the early 19th century, although for a brief time in the early 17th century

    Sarawak was self-governed underits first and last Sultan, Sultan Tengah. During the reign of

    Pangeran Indera Mahkota in 19th century, Sarawak was in chaos citation needed. Sultan

    Omar Ali Saifuddin II (18271852), the Sultan ofBrunei, ordered Pangeran Muda Hashim in

    1839 to restore order and it was during this time that James Brooke arrived in Sarawak.

    Pangeran Muda Hashim initially requested assistance but James Brooke refused. In 1841,

    James Brooke paid another visitto Sarawak and this time he agreed to assist. Pangeran Muda

    Hashim signed a treaty in 1841 surrendering Sarawak and Sinian to James Brooke.

    Thereafter, on 24 September 1841, Pangeran Muda Hashim bestowed the title Governor to

    James Brooke. He effectively became the Rajah of Sarawak and founded the White Rajah

    Dynasty of Sarawak, later extending his administration through an agreement with the Sultan


    Brooke was appointed Rajah by the Sultan of Brunei on August 18, 1842; originally this

    territory wasjustthe western end of later Sarawak, around Kuching. He ruled Sarawak until

    his death in 1868. His nephew Charles Anthoni Johnson Brooke became Rajah after his

    death; he was succeeded on his death in 1917 by his son, Charles Vyner Brooke, with a

    provision that Charles should rule in consultation with his brotherBertram Brooke. The

    territory was greatly expanded under the Brooke dynasty, mostly at the expense of areas

    nominally under the control ofBrunei. In practice Brunei had only controlled strategic river

  • 8/9/2019 pakej sarawak



    and coastal forts in much of the lostterritory, and so most ofthe gain was atthe expense of

    Muslim warlords and ofthe de facto independence oflocaltribes.

    The Brooke dynasty ruled Sarawak for a hundred years and became famous as the "White

    Rajahs", accorded a status within the British Empire similar to that of the rulers of Indian

    princely states. In contrast to many other areas of the empire, however, the Brooke dynasty

    was intent on a policy of paternalism to protect the indigenous population against

    exploitation. They governed with the aid of the Muslim Malay and enlisted the Ibans and

    other "Dayak" as a contingent militia. They also encouraged the immigration of Chinese

    merchants but forbade the Chinese to settle outside oftowns in orderto minimize the impact

    on the Dayak way of life. They also established the Sarawak Museum, the first museum in


    In the early part of 1941 preparations were afootto introduce a new constitution, designed to

    limit the power of the Rajah and give the people of Sarawak a greater say in government.

    Despite this democratic intention, the draft constitution contained defects and improprieties,

    not least by reason of a secret agreement drawn up between Charles VynerBrooke and his

    top government officials, by which he was to be financially compensated forthis gesture out

    oftreasury funds.

    Japan invaded Sarawak and occupied the island of Borneo in 1941, occupying Miri on

    December 16 and Kuching on December 24, and held it for the duration of World War II

    until the area was secured by Australian forces in 1945. The Rajah, Charles VynerBrooke,

    formally ceded sovereignty to the British Crown on July 1, 1946, under pressure from his

    wife among others. In addition the British Government offered a healthy pension to sweeten

    the negotiations. His nephew Anthony continued to claim sovereignty as Rajah of Sarawak.

  • 8/9/2019 pakej sarawak



    After the end of the Second World War, Anthony Brooke then opposed the cession of the

    Rajah's territory to the British Crown, and was associated with anti-secessionist groups in

    Sarawak. Anthony was banished from the country. He was allowed to return only seventeen

    years later, when Sarawak became part of the Federation of Malaysia. Sarawak became a

    British colony (formerly an independent state under British protection) in July 1946, but

    Brooke's campaign continued. The M

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