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Pactum de Singularis Caelum

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  • 8/10/2019 Pactum de Singularis Caelum


    Pactum De Singularis CaelumCovenant of One Heaven

  • 8/10/2019 Pactum de Singularis Caelum


    To the reader

    This document is an extract constructed at UCA Day MARS E1:Y2:A35:S3:M15:D3 08:00:02alsoknown as [11-Jun-2014 UTC] from the Covenant of One Heavenlocated at http://one-

    Should any difference in text arise from this extract and the original at,the original at should be relied upon for authenticity.

  • 8/10/2019 Pactum de Singularis Caelum












    Table of Content

    Table of Content0 Exordium (Preamble)

    ExordiumDePronuntionis Deus1As Supreme Agreement and Cov enant

    2 As Supreme Treaty3 As Supreme Trust and Title of Ownership4 As Supreme Conveyance of All Property5 As source of Supreme Authority and Rights6 As object of Supreme Value7 ACovenant to e nable and empower the organization

    I Recitatum (Recitals)Article 1 - Purpose of Covenant

    1.1Purpose of the present CovenantArticle 2 - Structure of Covenant

    2.1Structure of Covenant2.2Effect of stylized format on meaning of Charter

    Article 3 - Power and Origin3.1Authority of this Covenant3.2Concept of a Covenant3.3Covenant as first and s upreme law3.4 Origin of Power and Authority3.5Symbols of Power and Authority3.6The seven (7) seals of the sacred Co venant of One Heaven3.7The Four (4) Keys of One Heaven3.8The Covenant of Creators3.9The Power of the On e United Higher spirit3.10 That all souls now and forever are saved

    Article 4 - Existence of One Heaven4.1Existence of One Heaven

    4.2One Heaven Unique D ivine TrustArticle 5 - Prime Objectives ofOne Heaven5.1Prime objectives of One Heaven

    Article 6 - Great Spirits and Deities6.1Great Spirits and Deities6.2Great Spirits and Deities a s Members of One United Heaven6.3Great Spirits and Deities as Executive Government of Heaven6.4Recognition of former negati ve Spirits and Deities as Allies6.5Official residence of G reat Spirits and Deities6.6 One Hundred Forty Four (144) Great Spirits and Deities6.7Protocols and standards of the Office o f Great Spirit and Deities

    Article 7 - The Saints, Angels and Demons7.1Saints, Angels and Demons7.2 The treaty of Angels and Demons7.3 Election of Saints7.4No founding official known as a Saint

    Article 8 - The UniqueCollective Awareness8.1The Unique Collective Awarene ss8.2The structure of Unique Collectiv e Awareness8.3The many names of Unique Co llective Awareness8.4Many levels of U nique Collective Awareness8.5 UniqueCollective Awareness is the new name of the Divine Creator8.6 The wisdom of Unique Collective Awareness8.7 Unique Collective Awareness and One Heaven

    Article 9 - Heaven

    9.1 Heaven9.2 Unified Heaven9.3 The Day of Judgment9.4 End of War in Heaven9.5 End of the Mind Virus of hate of the Divine9.6 End of Messiah Syndrome9.7 Heaven on Earth9.8 To respect life is to make Earth a paradise9.9 Fulfilment of Sacred Promise

    Article 10 - Decretum (Agreement)10.1 Immutability of Covenant10.2 Force cannot invalidate this Covenant10.3 No claim of blasphemy is valid

    10.4 No claim of prior authority can prevail10.5 The fulfillment of scripture

    II PrinciplesArticle 11 - Theology

    11.1 Theology

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    11.2 The structure of a valid Theology11.3 Trinitate Theologiae11.4 7 Proofs of Divine Existence11.5 7 Revelations of Divine Nature11.6 7 Illuminations of Divine Mind11.7 Primary Proof

    Article 12 - Existence12.1 Existence12.2 Dimension12.3 Matter and Rules

    12.4 Dream and existence12.5 Rules of the dream of existence12.6 Twelve (12) laws of creation12.7 LOGOS12.8 NUMERICS12.9 UNISET12.10 GEOLEX12.11 SYMERICS12.12 AXIOMATICS12.13 KINESIS

    Article 13 - The Universe13.1 The Universe13.2 Standard model of universal elements

    13.3 Standard model of elementary properties13.4 Standard model of universal ergons (energy particles)13.5 Standard model of Hydro-Helio Atomic Structures

    Article 14 - Li fe14.1 Life14.2 Hydro Carbon Life14.3 Non-Hydro Carbon Life14.4 Level 1 Complex Carbon-Molecular (Polymers)14.5 Level 2 Simple mono-cellular Hydro-Carbon Biologics14.6 Level 3 Simple asexual Multi-cellular Hydro-Carbon Biologics - mono neural systems14.7 Level 4 Simple sexual Multicellular Hydro-Carbon Biologics - dual neural systems14.8 Level 5 Complex multi-cellular life14.9 Higher Order Life

    14.10 Classification of Higher Order Life14.11 Unique Collective Awareness understanding of higher order life14.12 The right to a quality and dignified life14.13 The right to die with dignity14.14 Life continues beyond death

    Article 15 - Mind15.1 Unique Mind15.2 The trinity of unique mind of Hydro Carbon Life15.3 Our minds are immortal15.4 Afterlife of all Self Aware Life forms

    Article 16 - Divine Feminine16.1 Divine Feminine16.2 Unique Qualities of Divine Feminine Mind

    16.3 Suppression of Divine Feminine16.4 Enslavement of Divine Feminine16.5 Emancipation of Divine Feminine as principle of the Covenant16.6 The equality of women

    Article 17 - Rule of Law and Justi ce17.1 Rule of Law17.2 Covenant as Embodiment of Rule of Law17.3 The Rule of Law and Society17.4 Justice17.5 Fundamental Rules of Justice

    Article 18 - Vows and Oaths18.1 Vow

    18.2 OathArticle 19 - Trusts and Estates19.1 Trusts19.2 Types of Trusts19.3 Conveyance of Property between Trusts19.4 Estates19.5 Types of Estates19.6 Conveyance of Property in Dispute19.7 Invalid, null and void claims of Real Property19.8 Invalid, null and void Property Conveyance

    Article 20 - Divine Remedy & Redemption20.1 Remedy20.2 Remedy to evil cannot be more evil

    20.3 Divine Remedy20.4 Redemption20.5 Redemption and Forgiveness for Evil20.6 Divine Redemption is Here Now20.7 The coming of the New World20.8 The dream

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    20.9 The image of Heaven, the collective dream

    Article 21 - Day and Year of Agreement & Understanding21.1 Day of Agreement & Understanding21.2 Year of Divine Agreement and Understanding21.3 Divine Agreement21.4 Divine Understanding21.5 Notice of Divine Agreement and Understanding21.6 Recording and Publication of Divine Notice

    Article 22 - Day and Year of Protest & Dishonor22.1 Day of Divine Protest & Dishonor22.2 Year of Divine Protest & Dishonor22.3 Divine Protest22.4 Divine Dishonor

    Article 23 - Day and Year of Judgment23.1 Day of Divine Judgment23.2 Year of Divine Judgment23.3 Divine Judgment23.4 The End of Time on Day of Judgment23.5 The End of Blood Sacrifice and Covenants23.6 Remedy by Extraordinary Qualification may not be offered after Day of Judgment23.7 Notice of Divine Judgment

    Article 24 - Day and Year of Redemption

    24.1 Day of Divine Redemption24.2 Year of Divine Redemption24.3 Divine Redemption24.4 Remedy by Special Qualification may not be offered after Day of Redemption24.5 Notice of Divine Redemption

    Article 25 - UCADIA25.1 UCADIA25.2 UCADIA Language25.3 UCADIA as the official language of One Heaven25.4 Conditions of use of name of UCADIA25.5 Forbidden actions in use of UCADIA

    Article 26 - Sacred Texts26.1 Greatest Sacred Texts

    26.2 Twenty Two (22) Sacred Collections of Texts26.3 Eleven (11) First Sacred Collections of Texts26.4 Eleven (11) New Sacred Collections of Texts26.5 Acceptance of Sacred Texts into a Collection26.6 Status of Accepted Sacred Texts

    Article 27 - Rights27.1 Right27.2 Defined Right27.3 Undefined Right27.4 Three Classes of Rights27.5 Six Sub-Classes of Rights27.6 Status of Right27.7 Assertion of Right

    27.8 Dispute of Right27.9 Repudiation of Right27.10 Reservation of Right27.11 Ucadian Positive Rights27.12 Invalid Right27.13 Prohibited Right

    Article 28 - Divine Rights and Natural Rights28.1 Divine Right28.2 Perfect Divine Rights28.3 Imperfect Divine Rights28.4 Natural Right28.5 Absolute Natural Rights28.6 Relative Natural Rights

    Article 29 - Value, Exchange and Obligation29.1 Value29.2 Exchange29.3 Obligation

    Article 30 - Sacred Office30.1 Sacred Office30.2 Legitimate Office and Divine Law30.3 Appointment to Office30.4 Great Offices of One Heaven30.5 The Great Offices of One Heaven as the source of all legitimate office30.6 Oath of Office30.7 Honor of Office30.8 Incompetency and Office

    30.9 Apostasy and OfficeArticle 31 - Dimension, Measurement and Location

    31.1 Dimension, Measurement and Location31.2 UCADIA Dimension as Superior31.3 UCADIA Cadastre and Location Systems Superior

  • 8/10/2019 Pactum de Singularis Caelum















    31.4 UCADIA Cadastre and Location

    Article 32 - Property and Ownership32.1 Property32.2 Ownership32.3 Title of Ownership32.4 Grants and Presents including conveyance

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