P9 Sarah McDonald_ BYU-Idaho /Comm130 Visual media Final Project

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A final project in a college class at BYU-Idaho. The class was a visual media class taught by professor Brother Judkins. The final project included all projects throughout the semester and some changes to projects.

Text of P9 Sarah McDonald_ BYU-Idaho /Comm130 Visual media Final Project

  • Sarah McDonald


  • Contact InformationSarah McDonald697 Trejo Street Rexburg, ID 83440



  • Table of ContentsPhotoshop


    Business cardStationary

    Photo AssignmentMontage

    Event AddHTML


  • Descript ion: Show good quali ty photography and image edit ing in Photoshop.

    Incorporate color into the design based on the image color.

    Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop

    Date Completed: February 8th, 2014

    Course:Comm130, Brother Judkins


    Af ter formulating my plan I decided that a Triadic Color scheme of blue yellow and red, to match my photo of the Colorado f lag. I took my photo

    before sunset to get good crisp l ight. I didnt worry to much about my shut ter but I did make sure my aperture was low to make sure my f lag as the

    subject really stood out. I used my Nikon D300 SLR camera to take the photo. I then enhanced the tone of the image, i ts color, vibrancy, and exposure in


    Then I went ahead and start ing designing the mountains and f i t t ing the entire picture with in each mountain. I used adobe I l lustrator to put the image in the tr iangles. I created my triangles then placed the same image in each shape.

    One I had done that I made each photo inside the shapes the same size using the direct selection tool.

    Af ter that I added a steamy white misty look below the shapes, added my background and started on my swatches. I created my swatches using the

    eyedropper tool. Once I had my swatches I added my tex t and V iola! , I was f inished.

    Photo Design

  • Descript ion: A two sided tr i fold brochure

    Programs/Tools Used: Adobe InDesign/Adobe I l lustrator/Adobe Photoshop

    Date Completed: March 29th, 2014

    Course:Comm130, Brother Judkins


    I started in i l lustrator to make my logo really quickly; I used the same design format from a previous logo and added a few new colors and a new font

    style. Then I went to InDesign to start the layout for my brochure. I started making paths and markers so I would know where my folds were going to


    I wanted to use black and a pop of color in this case teal to look professional and sheik. That is also why I used the white tex t to give i t a dif ferent look than most people and st i l l look great. I made the photos black and white because

    I wanted the teal color to pop out most and I knew the other colors in the photographs would be distracting. I also used diagonal tr iangles and l ines to

    lead my viewers and add repeti t ion and contrast.

    For the cut out image of the boy on the second page I used Photoshop to mask out the background and them to blur out or Mesh his right side. His right

    side was just a l i t t le bi t to harsh and straight. I also used this image for my tex t wrap; I made the image a tex t wrap and changed the alpha channel

    unti l I got a look I l iked.


  • Front




  • Descript ion:Create three dif ferent logos for the same company.

    Programs/Tools Used: Adobe I l lustrator

    Date Completed: February 22nd, 2014

    Course:Comm130, Brother Judkins


    I really enjoyed the creativi ty of this project! My favori te part was working with the l i t t le bi ts of color. I started out by sketching a few dif ferent options. I really wanted to use a graphic of a camera to t ie i t into the logo. I designed each

    dif ferent logo on i ts own page that way they would for sure be dif ferent.

    I used shape tools to create the bot tom logo. I simply just f i l led the shapes with color and layered dif ferent shapes. I also colored all of the fonts

    dif ferently and brought down the opacity to get an overlapping color look.

    For the middle logo I just used circle shapes. I f i l led one then copied i t twice and changed the opacit ies. I also used the l ine tool.

    On the f irst logo I made to big brackets from my keyboard then I painted over them with a paintbrush with a small stroke. I also used circles for the lens part of the camera. For the strokes on the circles I went to my brush pallet

    and chose an art ist ic brush for the stroke to add a l i t t le fun to the design.





    Sarah Hall Photography (portrait and event photography)

  • Descript ion:Creating a business card design, using a

    Self-created logo.

    Programs/Tools Used: Adobe InDesign/Adobe I l lustrator

    Date Completed: March 1st, 2014

    Course:Comm130, Brother Judkins


    I created the logo in I l lustrator simply by just using the circle tool and only giving the stroke a color. I laid them on top of each other and added the tex t

    and f i t ted i t al l together.

    The front of the business card was the easiest part . I just placed the logo in the middle on the top port ion of the card and then under than I drew a l ine

    and changed the stroke down to .25. I then put in all of my information and a Facebook logo by the Facebook page information.

    Now for the back side of the business card I took a hexagon shape and put 6 of them across the top. I then added another layer of them down

    below them. I made sure they were all al igned perfectly then I copied and pasted them unti l they f i l led up the whole card. I then selected (while holding shif t ) and then added the colors from my logo. I also added some white and

    grey. I t created star shapes just from layering the hexagons, in the negative space.

    Business Card

  • Sarah McDonald

    Sarah Hall Photography



    Sarah HallPhotography

  • Descript ion: Creating a matching let terhead to your business card design, using a self-

    created logo.

    Programs/Tools Used: Adobe InDesign

    Date Completed: March 1st, 2014

    Course:Comm130, Brother Judkins


    The f irst page is a let terhead; this was made very simply. I typed and aligned all of my tex t and information on the top right to the right.

    I also stuck in the Facebook logo by the Facebook page.

    I them placed my logo on the page just where I wanted i t and changed the transparency to 9. Finally I typed the bot tom type and just made the

    photography part of i t bold.



    970.773.3862Sarah McDonald

    Sarah HallPhotography


  • Descript ion: An Assignment to take 6 dif ferent photographs using dif ferent l ight, focal

    points, and composit ions

    Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop

    Date Completed: February 5th, 2014

    Course:Comm130, Brother Judkins


    I took these photographs in Rexburg Idaho. The photo of the Colorado f lag was easy to take. I waited unti l 5:30 unti l the l ight was just about to set, and

    had my husband climb on top of his truck and whip i t around so I could get some good l ines and movement from the f lag.

    The second photography I just took in my apartment with a aperture of 2.8 and used 2 lamps to get good l ight and contrast.

    The nex t two photographs I also took in my apartment af ter dark. I set up my objects on the ground and I myself belly crawled to just the right angle and

    started shooting. I used a 2.8 aperture for these photographs as well .

    For my composit ion of thirds photograph I grabbed all of my f lour and sugar jars and started l inking them up on the ki tchen table, unti l they were pleasing

    to the eye and were in the rule of thirds.

    The last composit ion photograph is demonstrat ing lead room. I took the photograph outside right at sunset of my wil l ing model and husband. (What a HUNK right!?) I took the photos also with a small aperture opening. I t was tr icky to get my husband in the right exposure and keeping the sky a pret ty

    blue as well . However, i t turned out well af ter al l .

    Photo Assignment

  • Descript ion:A merge project using photographs you have taken or from Internet sources.

    To blend the images use Photoshop.

    Programs/Tools Used: Adobe I l lustrator/Adobe Photoshop

    Date Completed: February 15th, 2014

    Course:Comm130, Brother Judkins


    I started out by going through my past hard drive to f ind a few photograph that I could use fro this project. Once I found the right images I began to

    sketch out an idea or two. Once I was pleased with one of my sketches I opened my images in Photoshop and began to create. I started with the

    photograph of the baseball bat in focus.

    Af ter I had that down as my bot tom layer I then added the bot tom image of the whole f ield and then the image of the athlete at an actual game. (The

    subject is the same person) I put masks on all of my images but I masked the image of the subjects head shot f irst . Once I had him cut out I masked

    and blended all of the layers.

    Another thing I also did was painted a new layer white erased most of i t , blurred i t and laid a thin l ine right above the photograph of the baseball f ield. I did this to give is more of a misty look. I also added a f i l ter to the sky in the background. Once I had everything the way I wanted I adjusted the bot tom

    layer images brightness and exposure. That way i t wont print to dark.


  • Descript ion:An add to promote a fundraiser only using Microsof t Word and a scanner.

    The ad