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Make Money With Over 1.5 Goal Market


<p>Welcome to this simple page, I will be revealing to you all the secrets on how to predict and win using my almighty formula, i having been rocking this tricks for about some years, though I don't win every day, but i win every week, you must be wondering who i am and how real and trustworthy i am, in terms and aspect of business, lets get to know me before any other thing. </p> <p>Who I AmMy Name is Balogun Qosim Ibrahim, am a social media expert, Internet/Affiliate Marketer, Betting master and an online entrepreneur and a mini importer, and I am also the owner of: www.infocashtantonline.com and www.netcashpilot com well that will be all for me. Lets get back to the real business that brought you here. </p> <p>Back To Business</p> <p>Like i said earlier i will reveal 100% sure betting tips on how to predict and win, almost everyday but not everyday, but every week you must be paid using these tips. I have searched and paid for all kinds betting tips online before i was able to get the real strategy on how to predict and win every week. Before we go i will want to tell you something that might got you all thinking. </p> <p>Do you know that you can Earn 50K With just 5k? Staking just 10 games?</p> <p>Do you know you can earn such amount staking with just 500 only? I will show you show how i earned 5k with just 1 game and staking 2k. I believe some will be asking themselves this question by now: Is 5k worth staking 2k? So many dont know that its better to be getting paid every day than waiting for the big pay. </p> <p>How To Predict And Win</p> <p>Go to www.soccervista.com and www.betpredict.net there you will get the predictions and bet of the day for free. Now lets get to how I pick/select the games i play, i have three proven ways on how i select the games to play, I will share to you all the first secrets on how i pick my predictions using soccervista and betpredict. </p> <p>The Three Heavy Ways to Win Games(1)Over 1. 5(2)Under 3. 5(3)Win Or Draw</p> <p>How To Predict Over 1. 5 And Win</p> <p>Ok to get your sure game on how to select a game that will have more than 2 goals, follow the steps below: go to www.soccervista.com open another tab and click on www.predictz.com/predictions. If you have open the websites listed above in different separate tabs. Bring a pen and paper. Visit the first prediction website you opened. Scroll down any games you see predicted and the total goals is more than two or three. Write the name of the game on a sheet of paper go to the next tab and check for that same game, on the second prediction website, check for that same game if they also predicted that the total goals to show on the game is also above two or three goals. Thick it good that means that two or more goals will come board on the game. Important Note: This trick works perfectly fine on England leagues like championships; league one, league two, conference. Scotland, Egypt, Czech Republic, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Spain, Holland, Usa, Finland and China. And whenever you are predicting don't accumulate more than 10 to 15games. Like i said i will share the secret to you for free, and i have done that now. </p>