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Outreach Outreach IP3 reaches out to IP3 reaches out to the world the world 2006-2011 2006-2011

Outreach IP3 reaches out to the world 2006-2011. IP3 by the numbers! 4+ years 4+ years 8 basins (+2!) 8 basins (+2!) 14 investigators 14 investigators

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Text of Outreach IP3 reaches out to the world 2006-2011. IP3 by the numbers! 4+ years 4+ years 8 basins...

  • OutreachIP3 reaches out to the world2006-2011

  • IP3 by the numbers!4+ years8 basins (+2!)14 investigators30 collaborators10 employeesOver 100 students Over 200 presentations Over 130 publications15 workshops

  • Canmore Users Workshop March 2008Wish ListCreate a regular newsletter to keep supporters updated on developments, including current and future researchOutreach for new techniques, data and models allowing an improved awareness of tools available, helping the public become more aware of modeling as a tool for water management Need to produce an integrated IP3 legacy: transferable knowledge, models, state of science, future road map, synthesisMaintain an IP3 blogImprove linkages between university scientists and usersArchive location for dataAvailability of simple to understand media information

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  • Dr John Pomeroy Canadian Rockies Snow and Ice Initiative: Creating a 'Canadian Davos' in the Bow Valley Dr Juan Ignacio Lopez-Moreno Environmental change and water resources in the Pyrenees: Facts and future perspectives for Mediterranean Mountains Robert Sandford Corralling the Water Hole: Avoiding Dispute and Potential Conflict Over Water in the Canadian West Dr Matthias Bernhardt Research on Snow and Glaciers in the European Alps Dr Danny Marks The Impact of Climate Warming on Snow, Climate, and Streamflow in a North American Mountain Basin Dr Tobias Jonas Research, monitoring, and warning services related to snow and avalanches in Switzerland Dr Shawn Marshall Glacier fluctuations: what glaciers tell us about climate change Dr Gwenn Flowers Water under glaciers: Why some glaciers flow fast and what this means for their survival

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    Interest in this last class from China, Russia, Netherlands, ChileExtended time; added Polar Bear Pass, Reynolds Creek; across Canada plus Scotland; collaborators grew over time international in scope Europe and NAPublications includes HESS special issueAnnual workshops start and end in Saskatoon numbers ranged from 50 to 90 participants Saskatoon, Waterloo, Whitehorse, Lake Louise, Ottawa conjunction with CGU, Saskatoon todayCRHM Waterloo, Calgary, Winnipeg, Red deer, Yellowknife and SaskatoonMESG Waterloo, Edmonton AB govt hydrologists, Saskatoon1.2.3. 20 water resource practitioners and local audience of 70 with WC2N in Golden4. Driven by CRHUG one day CRHM, second day overview of research in the north presented by all of the northern investigators Pomeroy, Spence, Marsh, Pietroniro, with a public presentation by Bill Quinton Permafrost thaw impacts on northern water resources5. ASRD - meetings

    Published 10 newsletters intent to post a final newsletter before IP3 ends this month with summary and future contact info

    -public events 50 -100 people; from U of S, Spain, SFU, Germany, USA, Switzerland, U of C good timing took advantage of visiting scientists- Sponsored by CFCAS, Centre for hydrology, Biogeoscience institute at U of c, WC2N, Western Watersheds climate research collaborative, United Nations water for life decade, Canadian Rockies public schools and Lafarge North America

    Not well used good concept CRHM forum was used for questionsmasakis group Day shelter; Peyto researchers engaged public; Accessible sites engaging hiking public North - local First nationsParks Canada research updates speakers seriesSecret Water Masaki; Lake evaporation; CRHUG keep in mind members from two very different viewpoints policy makers vs users coming with different needs - those in upper management interested in findings to help in setting water policy, and actual hydrologists who want useful information and functional models- suggestion committee of the whole two subcommittees that meet more often- annual meetings for wholeUsers survey last year liked size and location of workshops smaller than professional associations where venues too large, continue improvement of modelling tools, importance of data collection continuing, willing to share data to common archive, Media difficult to interest in general science looking for tags tied to climate change best bets local good success with smaller local media Canmore engaged with Marmot research, Whitehorse and Yellowknife CBC Radio very open, again as well as local media. U of S has good relationship with Star-Phoenix Workshops in varying locations key to success each workshop breeds a list of people interested in next time new reality no govt travelBlog suggestions to make better students more lie to participate not sure of value good for CRHM supportWeb page visited often one stop shop good idea Where is it going Michael, Bob and John to follow