Outreach and service learning Best practices Service learning— –Often within a course (students get credit) –Students combine academic learning with practice

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  • Outreach and service learningBest practices

    Service learningOften within a course (students get credit)Students combine academic learning with practice which involves community interaction or civic engagement. Outreachoverlaps with service learningStudent or faculty-driven. Provides education to the community. Partnership

  • Outreach and service learningBest PracticesCampus-based supportFaculty, administrationCoordinated effortsPartnershipMust work for both sides, need to know the goals for both Knowledge of the time investmentFaculty and/or the college value part of your job or need to make choices or do it at the right time? Assessment and document# students, types of activities, impact and learning. Broad disseminationbuilt in from the beginning.Use the literatureyou dont need to reinvent the assessment tools, etc. Coordinated/organized, having a model that everyone can plug intoinfrastructure in place would be a good thing

  • Outreach and service learningChallengesFaculty buy-in can be trickyFinding partnersTime-consuming to set up partnerships and coordinate effortsUnmet partnership expectationsFinancial limitationsLegal limitations (i.e. safety, risk)Documenting effortsAssessing learning and outcomes

  • Outreach and service learningAn inter-campus student learning/outreach project!Open to any UAN Student-driven

    Overarching goals of group outreach projectCreate the next generation of civically engaged students use of the inter-campus project to foster engagement Communication with other students on other campusesBroader perspective of outreach for our studentsBroader perspective of students other campuses/students/community needsUnderstanding that each campus/student brings something valuable to the project

  • Outreach and service learningOutreach topicsNot prescriptive, but a common theme across campuses nutrition or foodTheme is student-selected Understanding food originsGenetically-modified foodsvaccinationOutreach communityMust be defined by the campus why are they different K-12Communitybusiness majors

  • Outreach and service learningIdeas/projectsFind local groupsbring the science to them. Caf Scientifiqueon or off campus Public discourse courseincorporate into a course or an assignmentCornmeal labgene amplification to determine organic or genetically modifiedForensic analysis labs Community could bring in samplesCO2 lab

  • Service Learning and OutreachThe projectStudent connectionFacebookBus tripSkypeRegional UAN meetingsNational ASBMB meetingPartnerships between students across projects with different tasksReport-back loop