Outlook 2013 Web App (OWA) User Guide

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Outlook 2013 Web App (OWA) User Guide. Horizon School Division #205. Table of Contents. How to Logon Opening View Navigation Mail Contacts Calendar. Access your Outlook Web App (OWA) using : mail.hzsd.ca. Open browser and type in URL in address line. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Outlook 2013Web App (OWA) User Guide

Horizon School Division #2051Table of ContentsHow to Logon Opening ViewNavigationMailContactsCalendar22Access your Outlook Web App (OWA) using: mail.hzsd.ca

Open browser and type in URL in address line3Login into your Outlook Web App using your Windows Username and Password.4

4Opening View in IE 10

New Mail ButtonFolder paneSelected View Pane Selected message (highlighted)Navigation BarUsers nameSettingsEmail messageReading pane5Navigation Bar6

Mail for managing your mailCalendar for managing CalendarPeople allows you to create groups for sending messagesTasks Current To do list

MAIL7Reading Email

New Mail ButtonFolder paneSelected View Pane Selected message (highlighted)Email messageReading pane8Folder Pane

9Create and Navigate between foldersFavorites section: add frequently used folders from Name folderUse Drag and Drop

Folders Public Folders10Right-Click Favorites & Select Add Public Folder

Horizon Staff should be listed unless you have already added it

Folders - Inbox11

Folders - Drafts


Folders Sent Items


Folders Deleted Items


Selected View Pane15

Selected View PaneSelected View Pane16

The message displayed in the Reading pane is highlightedThe blue bar indicates unread messageThe check mark indicates the message is being viewedThe Red X is for Deleting the messageThe Flag allows you to mark the message for follow upSelected View: Context menu17Right click on any message in this view to reveal the context menu

Some options are:DeleteMove: To move the message to other folderFlag for follow up

Reading Pane Displays Selected Email Message18

SubjectSenderRecipientMessageSelected View: Message Status Bar

All messagesUnread messages

Flagged messagesAll messages to recipient

19Creating a New Message

20Click the New Mail Button to generate a message.Email Form appearsCreating a New Message

Add the Cc and Subject matter information if applicableType your Message in the body of the paneClick on Send button if new message21Replying to Email

Selected message (highlighted)Email messageActions22Replying to an Email Message: (Before Clicking Reply)23

Replying to a Message: (After Clicking Reply)Add the Cc and Subject information if applicableType your message in the body of the paneClick on Send button if new messageAlso have Discard & Insert options

Send button

24Replying to an Email MessageTo gain access to more commands, click the Window button in the upper right corner of the Reply message

25Outlook Auto-saves Drafts

26If you walk away in the middle of an email, Draft notice will appearPeople27People View

New Contact ButtonFolder PaneContact List view PaneSelected Contact View Pane Contacts menu barEdit contactDelete contact28Contacts List OptionsCan list contacts by:First nameLast nameCompany etc.

Contact menu lists options:All contact typesPeopleGroups

People searchContacts menu barContact list options29

Adding ContactsTo add contacts, clickThe following box appearsClick on contact

30Adding ContactsComplete the information requested Click + button to add informationClick Save

31Contacts View

32Added ContactsContacts Address Books

33GroupwisePersonalAddressBookGroupwise Global Address BookAdding GroupsTo add contacts, clickThe following box appearsClick on group

3434Adding Groups cont.

Type the Group name and EnterType group member email addressOutlook populates email as you typeType EnterSave group35Form for adding GroupsView Added Group

Added Group36Contact Menu Bar Views

37Sending Group Emails

Click on Mail icon38Sending Group Emails(View after clicking on mail icon)Complete SubjectType emailClick SendNote: The To address is already filled in

39Calendar40Managing CalendarOutlook has the following calendar views:DayWork WeekWeekMonth

41Monthly Calendar view

42Weekly Calendar View

43Work Week Calendar View

44Daily Calendar View

45Scheduling a Calendar Event

46Click New EventEnter Event Information in the form that appearsScheduling Repeat Options

47Repeat OptionsTo add attendeesClick + SignScheduling a Calendar Event: Attendees48

Select attendees by clicking + signCan select individuals or groupsClick OK

Scheduled Event Calendar Entry

49Received request to Join eventTasks50Tasks View For Adding Tasks51

Click to add New TasksTasks + Flagged Items

52Flagged Items Tasks

53Basic Navigation54Navigation Bar - Signing Out 55

Click down arrow to Sign out of OWA55Navigation Bar - SettingsRefresh your view - check for new messagesSet automatic replies to Out of Office settingDisplay settings modify default view of OWA layoutChange Theme change the background theme of your OWA window within browser

Settings56Settings: Automatic Reply for Out-of Office


Automatic Reply for Out-of Office(John Does Out-of-Office to Ned)

58Out-of-Office Your Automatic Update Reminder

59Automatic pop-up reminder Display Settings Message List60

Message List: LayoutPreview TextDisplay Settings Message List


Senders Name on TopDisplay Settings Message List62

Subject on TopDisplay Settings Reading Pane

63Reading Pane: LayoutShow Reading Pane on Right

64Show Reading Pane on the Bottom

65Show Reading Pane on the Bottom

66Settings Change Theme

67Select ThemeClick OK to change Theme

Change Theme

68New ThemeSettings - Options69

Recommended Browser Listing

70Recommended Browser Listing cont.

71House-Cleaning TipsCleanup TipsIt is time to do some fall cleaning. Time to clean up your email box. Rules of thumb, if its over a year old, delete it. (Of course if it is important, you may keep it.) Then review your less than a year old emails, especially with attachments. Emails with important attachments; Save to new desktop folder. Empty your GroupWise Trash and Junk Mail.