Outline-Holocaust Research Paper (Selection Process

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<p>McCarter 1</p> <p>April McCarterEnglish 101, Section 132Mr. Neuburger5 April 2011OutlineConcentration Camps/Selection ProcessI. Intro. Into Hitlers reignA. 19371. German troops marched in Nuremberg, Hitler then revealed what he wanted this new army for.2. The Nazis never hid their radical and violent originsB. 1941 Killings in Poland were sporadic1. No reason for why certain families/individuals were selected2. Polish population was assessed and graded according to racial valueUnsuitable or additional populationC. Jews were held in ghettos until their fate was decided1. Describe the environment</p> <p>II. Jews and other groups traveling by cattle train to concentration campsA. They did not know where they were going1. Soldiers loaded on trains2. Families were still together at this pointB. Told they were going to work1. To a better placeC. Very crowded and unsanitary conditions1. One small window, could not see out2. One place to use bathroom/center of room3. Not given food/were told to bring food and belongings they could carry with themD. After arrival at camps1. What happened2. Immediate deathE. Conditions of camps1. Horrible smell2. Gas chambers3. Illness</p> <p>III. New people arriving dailyA. The living conditions1. Shelter2. Food3. HygieneB. Work situations1. What they had to doIV. Who was in charge of these camps for HitlerA. Did they choose this or were they forced to take chargeB. What happened after Holocaust was overVI. Victory after Holocaust was overA, Survivor TestimonyVII. What happened to Hitler?A. RevengeB. People wanted him dead</p>