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  • Outdoor classrooms and dome buildings to

    educate, motivate and inspire

  • From glasshouses and rooftop classrooms to multiple merged domes, there is a dome to suit every school.

    Since 1995 our family-run firm has led the way in designing geodesic domes.

    Today we are the number one supplier of glasshouses, skylights and dome buildings to schools and colleges across the country.

    Each one is strong, safe, eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and comes with our comprehensive aftercare guarantee.

    So take a closer look and discover what you could achieve with a Solardome glasshouse, skylight or dome building.

    Bring learning to life Create a multipurpose outdoor classroom or dome building to inspire students and make your school stand out.

    “As an inclusive space that inspires young minds there really is nothing quite like it” Helen Jones, Outdoor Learning Coordinator, Belmont School, Gloucester


  • Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK.

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    “It’s better than we expected. Parents, staff, everyone is impressed with it. It really does have that wow factor.” Brian Anderson, Headteacher, Springhead Primary School, Stoke-on-Trent

    More than 80 schools across the UK already have a dome to educate, inspire and enhance every area of the curriculum.

    Domed classrooms to bring learning to life

    It is well known that learning outside the classroom is recognised as important for the personal, social and emotional development of students.

    A glass geodesic dome brings the outdoors indoors and provides a practical ‘inbetween’ space. We have created laboratories for tomorrow’s scientists, mini- Eden projects for the study of plants, and theatre-in- the-round performance spaces akin to Shakespeare’s Globe.

    A geodesic dome can be used as more than a classroom. It can serve as a tranquil space for nurture groups, circle time and quiet study time, as well as staff and PTA meetings.

    It can also be used an an enhanced sensory space where students can learn in a hands-on environment and interact with plants and nature to help improve concentration and relieve anxiety.

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    Excellent airflow: clever ventilation means a more regulated temperature.

    Energy efficient: maximises solar gain all year round, making it more efficient to heat.

    Lightweight and aerodynamic: Ideal for sitting on rooftops and exposed sites.

    Base vents draw in cold air, top window vents

    efficiently extract hot air

    Benefits of a geodesic dome

    Bring the outside inside Every dome benefits from 360 degree views and natural light, to give the impression of being outside with all the benefits of being inside.

    Maximise your investment Combine the best growing environment with the flexibility of an outdoor classroom and meeting space.

    Involve everyone The circular layout is excellent for group work and helps to promote the inclusion of everyone.

    Cross curriculum Our domes are ideal for practical activities across the curriculum, and alleviate pressure on other facilities.

    Make the most of your space The height and shape, with no internal supports, gives you maximum space for practical teaching.

    Transform underused areas Our lightweight domes need minimal foundations which means they easily transform rooftops, courtyards, playgrounds and ‘dead spaces’.

    Share it with your community Host community groups and show off your school without having to open the main school building.

    Make money from your dome As an extra school resource your dome can be hired to outside groups or for functions.

    Low lifetime costs: low maintenance with no chance of rust.

    High strength structure: lasts for decades, standing up to wind, rain and snow.

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    The range


    There are five glasshouse domes in this range, suitable for a variety of school activities.

    The natural strength and aerodynamics of the geodesic design, ensure they last and remain robust even in extreme weather conditions.


    Built with mill finished aluminum and single glazed 4mm toughened glass, they come with base level ventilation, mechanical window winder units and a secure conservatory-style door. Silicone sealant and UV stable plastic glazing strips provide a weather-tight seal.


    All domes come with a white (external) and silver (internal) finish as standard and can be power coated in green, grey or brown if desired. The glass panels can be swapped for other 4mm panels to suit your intended use.

    If you need a temperature controlled space to use your dome all year round, then our SOLARDOME® PRO system might be more suitable - see page 14 for details.

    A range of single-glazed domes to transform your school grounds.

    Outdoor classrooms range

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    SOLARDOME® Pod The Pod is perfect for demonstrating horticultural methods by growing fruit and vegetables or setting up hydroponics.

    “Learning outside the classroom brings learning to life” Holly Coles, Teacher, Park View Infant School, Hampshire

    Max. diameter 3.62m / 11’10”

    Dome height 2.22m / 7’04”

    Volume 15m3 / 530ft3

    Door width 0.84m / 2’9”

    Internal area of base 8.83m2 / 95ft2

    Recommended max. capacity 10


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    SOLARDOME® Haven The Haven is regularly chosen by schools and colleges to provide a venue for independent and small group study sessions.

    “It provides everything we need in one space and also represents our commitment to being a ‘green’ school.” Angela Stanton, Head Teacher, Alfreton Nursery School, Derbyshire

    Max. diameter 4.61m / 15’1’’

    Dome height 3.05m / 10’01’’

    Volume 34m3 / 1200ft3

    Door width 0.74m / 2’5”

    Internal area of base 14.93m2 / 161ft2

    Recommended capacity 15 – 20


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    SOLARDOME® Retreat The Retreat is the most popular choice for an outdoor classroom. It can accommodate classes of up to thirty at primary level.

    “The dome was exactly the kind of thing we wanted, an attention-grabbing high-grade facility, and it fitted the space so well. ” Dr. Stutt, Head of Science, The West Bridgford School, Nottingham

    Max. diameter 6.27m / 20’07’’

    Dome height 3.47m / 11’05’’

    Volume 69m3 / 2436ft3

    Door width 0.81m / 2’8”

    Internal area of base 28.56m2 / 307ft2

    Recommended capacity 28 – 35


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    Max. diameter 8.12m / 26’8’’

    Dome height 3.90m / 12’10’’

    Volume 125m3 / 4414ft3

    Door width 0.8m / 2’7”

    Internal area of base 48.77m2 / 525ft2

    Recommended capacity 35 – 45

    SOLARDOME® Sanctuary The Sanctuary is suitable as a larger outdoor classroom or STEM facility. It accommodates classes of up to thirty at secondary level.

    “From class lessons to after-school clubs, and even the Christmas grotto, the school’s dome has become an invaluable outdoor learning resource.” Neil Burton, Headteacher, Westgarth Primary School, Redcar and Cleveland


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    Max. diameter 10.14m / 33’3’’

    Dome height 5.20m / 17’1’’

    Volume 272m3 / 9606ft3

    Door width 0.89m / 2’11”

    Internal area of base 77.04m2 / 829ft2

    Recommended capacity 40 – 45


    SOLARDOME® Paradise The Paradise is ideal for science experiments and large scale horticulture. It can comfortably accommodate a mezzanine level for increased floor area.

    “This facility will make a real impact, not just on the teaching of plant biology but right across the curriculum.” Dr Stutt, Science (HOD)/Biology, The West Bridgford School, Nottingham

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    From bespoke CAD drawings to technical advice, structural analysis and manufacturing, we will listen carefully and work with you every step of the way.

    Whether you want double doors, a specific dome profile, specialised cladding, double-glazing, or to link domes and buildings together, we can make it happen.

    Options and Accessories Accessories and dome options to complement your outdoor classroom.

    1 Multicoloured internal frame

    2 Full dome in green, brown or grey

    3 Additional doors, double doors and windows

    4 UV reflective film to reduce heat, glare and UV transmission

    5 Acoustic absorbers

    6 Wooden cedar and aluminium staging units

    7 Wooden benches with storage or galvanised frame

    8 Wooden planters

    9 Integrated metal frame base

    We understand that your new dome is an important decision, and we’ll be on hand to help to ensure your dome is configured to meet your particular needs.

    A range of options and accessories (see facing page) is available to make your dome your own, and if you already have something specific in mind then we can work with you to make it a reality. Whether you want double doors, a specific dome profile, specialised cladding, double-glazing, or to link domes and buildings together, we can make it happen.

    We can also provide supporting material such as CAD drawings and techni