Our Favorite Landmarks in New Jersey By: Caroline and Jane

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Why did people settle in Franklin Township

Our Favorite Landmarks in New JerseyBy: Caroline and JaneQuaker Meeting House Before my youngest sister, Nora, was born my family went to the Quaker Meeting House cemetery to look for names. We were looking for names we liked. A lot of the graves were crumbling so it was hard to read the names. We had a fun time searching for names at the Quaker Meeting house!By Jane

Washingtons CrossingWhen I went to Washingtons Crossing, I saw a movie about the surprise attack on Christmas. I learned that it was the turning point in the war. We also saw Washingtons troops crossing the bridge because it was to windy to cross the Delaware. When we were there we also walked the bridge. I had an awesome time learning about Washingtons Crossing!

By: JaneBy : Jane Lundgren3The Jersey ShoreWe went to the Jersey Shore last summer. As soon as you stepped out of the car, the wind whipped at your face. It was right after a hurricane so the waves were huge. There were a lot of jellyfish. Everybody kept picking them up and throwing them in the water. We also dug a huge, deep hole and tried to make water come up out of the ground. It didnt work, though, because we couldnt dig deep enough. We had a great time playing at the Jersey Shore!

By Jane and CarolineRutgers StadiumMy dad has taken me to 6 to 10 Rutgers games since I was eight, when we became season ticket holders. The most recent game Ive gone to was Rutgers vs. Cincinnati. We sit on the second story of high point solutions stadium (aka Rutgers Stadium). We won by a land slide. This was the last home game of the season, so it was also senior day so we got to see Eric LeGrand the Rutgers player who was paralyzed last season during the Rutgers vs. Army game. I hope I can go to many more Rutgers games next year.

By: CarolinePine BarrensTwo years ago my family went on a camping trip to the Pine Barrens. We set up our campsite, and got ready for bed. Everybody was ready for a great time. The next morning, we got up and changed into our bathing suits. There was a lake that everybody went swimming in. When we got there, we looked out of the window. We saw a red lake! The lake had so much iron in it , the water was a reddish color. I had a great time at the Pine Barrens even though we had to go swimming in a red lake!

By: JaneDelaware Water GapFor Girl Scouts, one year, there was a father daughter adventure weekend. out and then We camped out, and went white water rafting in the Delaware Water Gap for about three and a half hours. They also had lots of fun activities. Some of the activities were an egg tossing competition, an obstacle course, and a zip line. My friend, Grace, and I participated in the egg tossing competition. We won it too. I had really fun time in the Delaware Water .

The Hunterdon Art MuseumI went to my friends birthday party at the Hunterdon Art Museum. We made all different things out of clay. I made a light house one time. If you dont think that you can make cool things with clay then you could do glass fusing, jewelry making, or there is even a drawing class. My friend has had every one of these for her party.

By: Caroline