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Original SonnetBy,Tia Bentivegna

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Tia BentivegnaMs. GardnerEnglish 10H (2)17 Sep 2014Original SonnetThey walk around as if they are the bestThey carry their honor and beauty in their strideStrutting up and down the halls on their crest, Destroying and trashing on everyones pride.Great heroes and heroines are nothing like thisWhy do they have to boast and tear us down,Once the riveting bell has rung, so has their blissAnd in themselves they have to put away their crown,For a day they arent here is a day well cherished.I know once this is over they will lose their reignAfter one too many mistakes, they are punished,That even when one tried, they left them in the rain.Then happy I am, that my love is so strongThat my family, my love, is always along.