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Organizing Committee Booklet Eksternal

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Text of Organizing Committee Booklet Eksternal

  • Organizing Committee


    in UPN veteran Yogyakarta

  • Dear candidate,Thank you for taking the step to apply for position on

    the Organizing Committee for Global Citizen Fair of

    AIESEC UPNVY and thus deciding to take an active

    role in bringing AIESEC UPNVY forward. Please

    complete this questionnaire using a anything font

    type, size 11.

    You can create your own design (graphic style and

    color usage) for your application booklet.

    Before create your application, please read these

    following guideline :

    1. This booklet consist of Personal Information, General

    Question and Specific Question.

    2. The Applicant MUST answer all the question, Specific

    Question answered based on applied position, and if

    there are one or more question left unanswered, the

    application will be INVALID.

    3. After you answer the question and create the application

    booklet, you have to save it in format PDF.

    4. After all requirement finish, you have to compiled it in

    format (.zip) or (.rar) in name

    AIESEC UPNVY_OC(ProjectName)_Position_Name and

    and send it to ([email protected])

    ([email protected])

    5. Applicant have to send the file maximal 3 days after the

    OC opportunity launced and there's no reason for send it

    late, the booklet status is INVALID.

    6. For further information/advice, you can ask to Maharani

    Inas (085643534546) or each Vice President who in

    charge to those project.

  • Personal and Motivation


    1. Name :

    2. Date of birth :

    3. Address :

    4. Email :

    5. Major/University :

    6. Current Position :

    7. Phone :

    Position that I want to Apply

  • Personal and Motivation


    1. Why do you want to continue in AIESEC ? And what

    are the thing that you want to take from this experience

    that will be benefitial for you?

    2. Please explain your plan for :

    a) next year

    b) 2 years ahead

    c) 10years ahead

    3. Please explain about your strengths and weaknesses !

    How you overcome your weaknesses and capitalize

    your strenghts?

    4. What is your greatest achievement and biggest failure

    in life before and what are the key learning that you got

    from that experience?

    5. What is commitment according to you? And how you

    demonstrate your commitment?

  • AIESEC General Question

    1. What is AIESEC for you?

    2. What kind of leadership that the worlds need right now

    and why?

    3. Please explain about a global issue that you concern

    the most and why do you care about that issue?

    4. In your opinion, what are the country that relevant to

    have the ambassador (Exchange Participant from

    AIESEC) from Indonesia ? Please explain why !

    5. Why Indonesian youth have to join exchange program ?

  • Contact Information


    Maharania inas


    Capacity Coordinator - Talent Management

  • AIESEC in UPNVY OFFICEGd. Agus Salim II - 2 FISIP UPN Veteran Yogyakarta

    JL. Babarsari No. 2 Sleman Yogyakarta, Indonesia


    [email protected]

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