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  • Organizational Overview

    Founded in 1907 Seattle’s Pike Place Market is the premier historic Farmers Market in the

    United States. The Market is also the beating heart of a dynamic community in the middle of

    an evolving downtown urban core. As a complex multi-constituent organization that is a unique

    mix of government, non-profit and retail, the Market serves as a resource and meeting place

    for the local Seattle community and over 16 million visitors from around the globe annually.

    Encompassing a nine-acre federally-designated Historic District, the Market is first and fore-

    most a working farmers market. Its identity is deeply rooted in its motto “Meet the Producer”.

    The bustling year-round Market is also an urban village of more than 200 small independent

    businesses housed in 175K square feet of mixed-use real estate overlooking Elliott Bay. With

    more than 85 local farmers, 225 craftspeople and daystall vendors the Market also boasts the

    region’s finest butchers, fish markets, shops, bakeries, restaurants and specialty food stores.

    More than 400 performers practice their crafts at the Market and share their art with both visi-

    tors and residents alike. The Pike Place Market is a globally recognized brand and destination.

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    More than just a shopping destination Pike Place Market neighborhood is home to more than 500 residents, including residences for 400 low-income seniors. Within the Market are social services that serve both the Pike Place Market and the greater downtown Seattle community including the Pike Market Senior Center and Food Bank, Pike Market Childcare and Pre- school, and Neighborcare Health at Pike Place Market. These critical social services are supported by the work of the Pike Place Market Foundation, a 501(c)(3) fundraising organization that works in concert with the PDA to support the community’s needs.

    Reflecting the deeply emotional connection that the community and the city at large has to the Market, in 1971 a group of citizens, The Friends of the Market, rallied to save the Market from demolition. Accord- ing to the Seattle Weekly, Seattle is the only city in the nation to preserve and operate its public market continuously for more than 110 years.

    Pike Place Market is owned and operated by the Pike Place Market Preservation and Develop- ment Authority (PDA), a not-for-profit public corporation chartered by the City of Seattle in 1973 to manage the properties within the district. The PDA is controlled by a 12-member council which is made up of a combination of elected and appointed members: four are elected by the Market Constituency, four are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Seattle and four are appointed by the Council itself. The existence of the Council assures direct public participation in the policies that govern the Market.

    According to the Charter the PDA is: a public trustee with the mission to ensure that the traditional character of the Public Market is preserved, is authorized to perform the renewal,

    rehabilitation, preservation, restoration, development, and nonprofit management of structures and open spaces in the above-described areas in a manner that affords a continuing opportunity for Public Market farmers, merchants, residents, shoppers, and visitors to carry on their tradition and market activities. In addition to upgrading structures and public amenities in and around the Market Historical District, the PDA will initiate programs to expand food retailing in the Market Historical District, especially the sale of local

    farm produce; to preserve and expand the residential community, especially for low-income people; to promote the survival and predominance of small shops, marginal businesses, thrift shops, arts and crafts, and other enterprises, activities, and services which are essential to the functioning of the Public Market.

    The PDA Council has a unique focus of both preservation and development and works closely with the Pike Place Market Historical Commission to serve as guardians of the Market’s history and to chart its course to the future.

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    Seattle is undergoing a fast-paced renaissance and urban growth explosion. As the urban landscape around it transforms the Market will soon have more people living within walking dis- tance than at any point in the past 100 years. The Market is adapting to drastic changes in its neighborhood as well with the removal of the Alaskan Way Viaduct and the planned construction of a streetcar adjacent to the Market. The challenges facing the Market are complex including how to maintain authenticity in the face of a changing city, confronting the challenges of eCommerce in a brick and mortar location, how to honor the past without being overly dependent on history and how to stay relevant in the daily lives of the Seattle community.

    Generations of Seattle families have worked at the Market and shared the traditions of this venerable institution. It is commonly referred to as the “Soul of the City.” Within the community of Seattle and around the globe, Pike Place Market is a cherished destination and historic treasure, a beloved and vibrant location that reflects the nature of our community and the pride of our region.

    The PDA is seeking a dynamic and engaging Executive Director to manage the day-to-day

    operations of the PDA and the Pike Place Market, and in conjunction with the Council

    to develop and implement a strategy to serve its Charter functions as they confront the

    changing environment. The ED will lead a team, and serve as the key point of accountability

    for the organization. This position will serve as the public face of the market, the key

    organizational leader and the bridge to the Market’s farm, retail, daystall, residential and

    tourist communities. In addition to the day-to-day duties of the position, the ED will provide

    the vision and ability to look ahead, anticipate future needs of the Market, and provide

    recommendations to the Council regarding actions required to best serve the PDA and the

    Market community.

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    P o s i t i o n O v e r v i e w Reporting to the twelve-member PDA Council, the Executive Director is directly responsible for five department directors and approximately 108 full-time employees. The direct reports oversee the following: Finance and Administrative Services, Property Management Services, Community Preservation (half-time position), Marketing and Communications, and Operations and Construction Services.

    Major Areas of Responsibility

    Property Management: Direct the property management functions, including leasing, maintenance, and tenant services. Organize the resources of the agency to provide optimum facilities for all tenants.

    Financial Management: Oversee the preparation of the annual budget for Council approval and be responsible for its administration. Maintain the PDA’s favorable financial condition and inform the Council of any significant changes. Monitor socio-economic indicators which could have long-range effects on the PDA. Develop and manage budgets for major developments and capital improvement programs, both current and long-range in nature.

    Community Affairs: Represent the PDA in a positive, friendly and professional manner to the Market community at large, surrounding businesses, government bodies, foundations, and news media. Ensure continuing and open communications with individuals, businesses, and organizations within the Market community and encourage and enhance opportunities for public participation.

    Personnel Management: Oversee administration of agency personnel policies, including equal employment opportunity, hiring and recruitment, labor relations, and employee benefit program.

    Planning: Continue to work within the overall strategy, goals and objectives as developed from the 1971 Citizens Initiative and found within the Charter of the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority, Pike Place Market Historical Commission, the Market Constituency and the Pike Place Merchants Association. Create programs aimed specifically at the retention and encouragement of traditional Market area uses and functions, including the farmers, merchants, residents, and craftspeople.

    Legal: Direct the agency’s legal affairs in consultation with general counsel. In particular, oversee issues related to real estate financing syndications; legal parameters of construction, real estate, and other contractual relations; and enforcement of Market rules and regulations.

    Council Relations: Serves as the Chief Executive Officer in administering the agency and implementing policy decisions and directions of the Council. Serves as a professional resource to the Council in meeting the objectives of the PDA. Keep the Council fully informed of all