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Organization development: behavioral science interventions ... · PDF fileOrganization development: behavioral science interventions for organization improvement, 1978, 271 pages,

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  • Organization development: behavioral science interventions for organizationimprovement, 1978, 271 pages, Wendell L. French, Cecil Bell, 0136416888,9780136416883, Prentice-Hall, 1978


    B> Appropriate for courses in Organization Development, this new edition explores theimprovement of organizations through planned, systematic, long-range efforts focused on theorganization's culture and its human and social processes. The authors present a concise andcomprehensive exposition of the theory, practice, and research related to organizationdevelopment. The Sixth Edition reflects the most recent developments, advances and expansions,and research in the area of OD. KEY TOPICS: Adds and updates new material to provide the mostcurrent information available. Strengthens coverage by adding new interventions and newmaterial. Offers a more lively tone and writing style. Emphasizes the everchanging paradigms inOD theory and describes several new and important interventions in considerable detail. Setsdiscussions in the rapidly-evolving contexts of globalization, intensified competition andcollaboration, Total Quality Management (TQM) and large-scale organizational change. Providesexcellent coverage of the organization and its dynamics for managers and professionals.


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