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Be An Organ Donor Be An Organ Donor Prepared by: Ahmad Anas Bin Awang (Organ Donation Campaign Promoter)

Organ Donation 2003

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presentation for organ donation campaign

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Be An Organ DonorBe An Organ DonorPrepared by: Ahmad Anas Bin Awang(Organ Donation Campaign Promoter)

ObjectivesObjectives• To explain the importance of organ donation in our current


• To encourage acceptance of this organ donation idea to be implemented in your own lives.


1. The need for organ donors in our area

2. How you can become an organ donor after you die

3. How your family and organ donor recipients benefit from you donation

The Need ForThe Need For Organ Donors Organ Donors

• Lack of organs such as heart, lungs, liver, kidney and lack of organ donors in our area.

• Need to have a good match of organs.

How You Can How You Can Become Organ DonorsBecome Organ Donors

• Talk to your family about your decision.o They’ll be involved on organ donation arrangements after you die.

• Always brings Donor Card everywhere.o Ensure the responsible party to notice that you’re an organ donor.

Organ Donors Benefits Both Organ Donors Benefits Both

Donor Family & Recipients.Donor Family & Recipients.

• Able to help someone in need.

• They can lead a healthier life and achieve their ambitions.


• There are urgent needs for more organ donors due to extremely low number of ready donor compared to patients on waiting list.

• How you can become organ donors by sharing the decision with your family and always keep the Donor Card.

• How organ donors benefits both donor family & recipients.

ConclusionConclusion• Understand the importance of organ donations in our current

community • Accept the idea of organ donation to be implemented in your


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