Oracle Systems Strategy Update New York At Oceana - Exadata

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Exadata Presentation at Oracle Systems Strategy Update New York Oceana - Feb 28, 2013

Text of Oracle Systems Strategy Update New York At Oceana - Exadata

  • 1.February 28th , 2013Oracle Exadata Database MachineAmit Nandi - Enterprise ArchitectCopyright 2012, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates

2. Agenda Business and IT Challenges Oracle Solution Engineered Systems Overview ODA Exadata Evolution and Road Map Architecture Capabilities Platform and Consolidation Security Backup/Recovery Administration and Monitoring Exadata Use-Cases Summary 3. Business evolves faster than IT can react Issues: Integration Challenges Application Rigidity Business Barriers to InformationBusiness Evolution Execution Gap Resulting in: Missing opportunities ingrowing markets IT Platform Decreasing margins from Time higher operating costs200020052010and global competition High compliance costsThe result is decreasing business performance 3 4. IT SPENDING DISTRIBUTION WHAT IF IN 2012 YOU COULD CHANGE63%50%21% 25%16%25%RUNGROW TRANSFORMTHE MIX?THE BUSINESS THE BUSINESS THE BUSINESSSource: IT Metrics: IT Spending and Staffing Report, 2012, Gartner Research, 2012 4 5. IT ChallengesComponentVendor Maintenance RefreshScheduleCycleEthernet Network CiscoQuarterly 5 YearsServer IBMQuarterly 5 YearsOperating System AIXMonthly 4 YearsDatabase Oracle Quarterly 4 YearsSAN Infrastructure BrocadeMonthly 3 YearsStorage ArrayEMCMonthly 4 YearsVolume Manager Symantec Quarterly 2 YearsYou want to focus on the business instead!6 6. 7 7. ENGINEEREDTO WORK TOGETHER 8 8. ENGINEERED AT EVERY LAYERIntegration inside each layer Integration between layers Integration with other systemsPERFORMANCE l SCALABILITY l SECURITY l BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE l MANAGEABILITY9 9. Engineered TogetherTested TogetherCertified TogetherDeployed TogetherUpgraded TogetherManaged Together Supported Together10 10. Exadata Database Machine Complete, Pre-configured, Tested forExtreme Performance Database Servers Exadata Storage Servers InfiniBand Switches Ethernet Switch Pre-cabled Keyboard, Video, Mouse hardware* Power Distribution Units (PDUs) Ready to Deploy 11 11. Highly Engineered and StandardizedLess Risk, Better Results Hundreds of engineer years spent optimizing andhardening the system end-to-end Frees I/T talent to focus on business needs Standard platform improves support experience Runs all existing Oracle Database workloads12 12. Larry Ellison CEO, Oracle Corporation"By having all of the pieces in the stackfrom the silicon all the way up to theapplicationwell be able to deliversystems that run faster, are fault-tolerant,are highly secure - much more secure,much more performant, much more cost-effective, much easier to use - than we evercould have delivered by simply deliveringcomponents." 2012 Oracle Corporation 13 13. X3-2 16-core DB ServersExadata Evolution X3-8 80-core DB Servers SPARC SuperCluster 3TB DisksState-of-the-Art, Storage Expansion Rack Scale-out Hardware X2-8 CPU Refresh 2TB DRAM per node Write-back Flash Cache X2-2 DB Servers X2-8 64-core DB Servers V2 Servers Enterprise Manager 12c 40 Gb InfiniBandDatabase to Disk PCI Flash Cards Management Exadata V1 Introduced Solaris x86 Reverse Offload Smart Flash Logging Hardware DB EncryptionUnique Software Smart Flash Cache Automatic Service RequestIntegration Data Mining Offload Storage Index Smart Scan Columnar Compression InfiniBand Scale out 2008 20092010 20112012 14. Exadata Evolution 15. Hardware Generational AdvancesV1 V2 X2-2X3-22008 20092010 2012Storage (TB) 168 336504 5043X Flash (TB) 05.3 5.322.4 4X CPU (Cores) 64 64 96 1282XMemory (GB) 25657611522048 8XConnectivity (Gb/s) 88 24 184 400 400 50X 16. Key Exadata Innovations Extreme Performance at Lowest Cost Smart Scale-Out Storage Hybrid Columnar Compression InfiniBand connected servers 10x compression for warehouses Smart Scan query offload 15x compression for archives + + + uncompressed Data remains compressedcompress Smart PCI Flash Cache for scans Transparent cache in front of disk and in Flash primary DB Accelerates random I/O up to 30x Quadruples data scan rate Space SavingsCascade to standbydevCopies test backup 17. Exadata Storage Software Unique Features Exadata Smart Scans Exadata Smart Flash Cache 10X or greater reduction in data sent Breaks random I/O bottleneck byto database serversincreasing IOPs by up to 20X Doubles user data scan bandwidths I/O Resource Manager (IORM) Exadata Storage Indexes Enables storage grid by prioritizing Eliminate unnecessary I/Os I/Os to ensure predictable performance Hybrid Columnar Compression Quality of Service (QoS) Efficient compression increases Actively meet and maintain SLAseffective storage capacity and Memory Guard to protect existingincreases user data scan bandwidthsby a factor of up to 10X current transactions from memory- based failures 18. Exadata X3 Database In-Memory Machine 19. Exadata ArchitectureComplete Database platform using standard servers for Compute and StorageScale-Out Database Servers 8x 2-socket, or 2x 8-socket Xeon database servers Oracle Database, ASM, RAC; Linux or Solaris Standard Ethernet to data centerScale-Out Intelligent Storage Servers 2-socket storage servers, Exadata Storage Software Up to 500 terabytes disk per rack 56 PCI Flash memory cards per rackInfiniBand Network Unified internal connectivity (40 Gb/sec.) 20 20. Exadata Database MachineArchitecture (X3-2 Model) Grid InfrastructureCompute128... Database 11gNodesRelease 240Gbit IB For Data and CacheNetwork FabricFusion Traffic ... StorageSmart ServerStorage1214 Software 21. Exadata Key Components A complete system: compute, storage, networking Scaleable Grid of industry standard servers for Compute and Storage Eliminates long-standing tradeoff between Scalability, Availability, Cost No Single Point of FailureDatabase GridIntelligent Storage GridInfiniBand NetworkPublic Network 22. Extreme Scalability Dynamic Elasticity: from Single App to Private CloudMulti-Rack X3-2 or X3-8 Full Rack X3-2Half Rack X3-2 Quarter Rack X3-2 Seamless hardware upgrade Predictable capacity Unlimited headroomCopyright 2011 Oracle Corporation 23. Engineered Systems for OracleDatabaseOracle DatabaseFull Rack Appliance Half RackQuarter RackOracle Exadata Database Machine 24. Oracle Database Appliance Ideal for SMBs and Departmental Systems Simple to implement Designed and priced to scale Performance improves as you scale Highest levels of serviceability Highest availability for this class of machine 25. Highly Reliable Software Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Automatic Storage Management Oracle Real Application Clusters Oracle Clusterware Oracle Linux Oracle Appliance Manager software Phones home automatically to file Service Requests 26. Fully Redundant Hardware 2 x dual-socket Oracle Linux servers 24 Intel Xeon processor X5675 cores 192 GB main memory 12 TB raw disk storage 292 GB solid state storage Built-in redundancy Server, storage, network, power and cooling 27. Start Small and GrowField Upgradeable 28. Exadata Storage Expansion RacksExpand Database Machine Storage Capacity Online 29. Data Center PlatformsChoices? 30. Data Center PlatformsOnly Oracle Exadata Integrates All into One! 31. Best Machine for Database Consolidation 32. Resource ManagementMulti-Database Environment Ensure different databases are allocatedthe correct relative amount of I/Obandwidth Database A: 33% I/O resourcesDatabase A Database B Database B: 67% I/O resources Ensure different users and tasks within adatabase are allocated the correct relativeamount of I/O bandwidth InfiniBand Switch/Network Database A: Reporting: 60% of I/O resources Exadata CellExadata Cell Exadata Cell ETL: 40% of I/O resources Database B: Interactive: 30% of I/O resources Batch: 70% of I/O resources 33. Database EncryptionFirst Secure Database Machine Moves encryption anddecryption from software tohardware Over 5x faster Near zero overhead for fullyencrypted database Queries decrypt data athundreds of Gigabytes/second 34. Maximum Availability ArchitectureOracle Exadata Database MachineUnplanned Oracle Solution Planned Downtime Oracle SolutionDowntime Real Application Clusters Online ReconfigurationServer Failures System Changes(RAC) Rolling UpgradesFlashbackRMAN Data Changes Online RedefinitionSecure BackupData Failures Automatic StorageManagement (ASM)Data Guard Application Edition-BasedGoldenGate ChangesRedefinitionStreams35 35. Maximum Availability ArchitectureIntegrated HA, DR and Replication36 36. Maximum Availability Architecture Real Active Data Guard /Application Primary GoldenGate ClustersWAN ASM RMAN / FastOracle SecureRecovery AreaBackupDev/TestStandby Comprehensive protection from failures Server Storage Network Site CorruptionsActive Disaster Recovery: Real-time standby open for query offload Correction from human errors: database, table, row, transaction Online indexing and table redefinitionOnline patching and upgrades 37. Deployment Architecture - Option #1Oracle RecommendedPre-Prod Prod DRDev/Test/QA Data Guard Exadata ExadataExadata ExadataData Center 1 Data Center 2 38. Deployment Architecture - Option #2Pre-Prod Prod DRDev/Test/QAZFS StorageAppliance Data Guard Oracle Commodity Exadata ExadataExadata ServersData Center 1 Data Center 2 39. Integrated, Task-Based ManagementNew EM Quality of Service Management Tool40 40. Enterprise Manager 12cIntegrated View of Hardware and Software Hardware view Schematic of cells, compute nodes and switches Hardware components alerts Software/system view Performance, availability, usage by databases, services, clusters Software alerts db, cluster, ASM Topology view of DB systems/clusters Configuration view Version summary of all components along with patch recommendations 41. Enterprise Manager 12cCompletely Revised Exadata Monitoring and Management 42. Automatic Service Request (ASR)Customer Data CenterOracle Support Services Comprehensive FRU replaced byFault Coverage Field Engineer 6 CPUFRU Disk controllers Oracle Field Disksdispatched Engineer 5by Support Flash Cards!Fault occurs 4Engineer Flash modules S