Oracle CPQ Cloud integrations between Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) and

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Text of Oracle CPQ Cloud integrations between Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) and

  • Oracle CPQ Cloud Modern Quote to Cash for Communications

  • In today’s economy, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are not only facing traditional competitors but also digital disruptors, who introduce new business models and erode revenues from the established CSPs. A range of devices, fortified with communication capabilities are creating new forms of engagement with customers. Per a McKinsey survey, 92% of Over-The-Top (OTT) business models will be in mainstream by 2018 (“The digital pressures weighing on telecoms”, McKinsey Quarterly, April 2016).

    Commercial efficiency from Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) Cloud, coupled with operational efficiency from the Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery (RODOD) solution, delivers the necessary advantage CSPs need to compete in the current Telecommunications market landscape.

    Oracle CPQ Cloud is a flexible, scalable, enterprise-ready platform that enables CSPs to accurately capture orders for complex services and generate quotes within minutes. Proven for large and mid-size companies, Oracle CPQ Cloud improves sales productivity and delivers accuracy, and consistency throughout sales organizations and across sales channels.

    To adjust their business for the new Digital Economy, CSPs must acquire and retain customers with an engaging digital experience, must generate new revenue with innovative digital services, and must reduce their cost-to-serve with agile processes.


    Key Business Benefits

    • Shorter sales cycle and faster response time

    • Improved sales productivity

    • Increased sales profitability

    • Accurate and effective order capture

    • Pre-integrated Configure-to-Cash-to-Care process

    • Better Control over channel partners in subscription business model

    • Short deployment cycle

  • The Oracle Communications RODOD solution simplifies order fulfilment and order management to reduce order cycle time. For CSPs, RODOD enables Central Order Management (COM) teams to streamline Offer Design and Order Delivery activities. The RODOD solution seamlessly integrates with Oracle CPQ Cloud to deliver full customer journey experience across Configure-to-Cash-to-Care.


    Key Features

    • Unified support to Direct Sales, Channel Sales, E-Commerce, and POS (Point of Sales)

    • Guided selling for up-sell, & cross-sell

    • Integrated reporting and analytics

    • Proven scalability and performance

    • Pricing calculation editor

    • Pricing Approval Management

    • Proposal and Contract Management

    • RODOD integration

  • Business Challenges in the Communications Industry

    The Oracle CPQ Cloud Platform

    Besides traditional players, digitization is profoundly disrupting the CSPs market landscape. New entrants leverage new technologies and business models to gain market share and erode revenues from the established CSPs. The disruptors offer digital services similar or more innovative to those offered by the CSPs, at lower rate. CSPs have to modernize their business, to survive in the new digital eco-system.

    Oracle CPQ Cloud enables CSPs to reduce the sales cycle time by accurately capturing orders for complex services and generating faster error-free quotes. Oracle CPQ Cloud streamlines the entire quote-to-cash processes, including product selection, configuration, pricing, quoting, ordering, and approval workflows.

    The biggest challenge for CSPs is to sell and fulfill complex orders. Although such deals are typically highly margin sales, they often have low closing rates due to:

    • Long sales cycle and order cycle time

    • Inaccurate quotes / proposals

    • Inflexible pricing and discounting

    • Limited insights into customer needs / behavior to drive tailored engagement

    • Missed up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

    • Slow time to market

    • Lack of cross-channel sales support and poor usability

    • Integration issues with the other systems within the Configure-to-Cash processes

    Figure 1: Oracle CPQ Cloud and Oracle Communications RODOD


    Price & quote

    Order & fulfill

    Report & analyze

    Present & Propose

    Select & configure


  • Oracle CPQ Cloud core capabilities include:

    Unified support to Direct Sales, Channel Sales, E-Commerce, and POS

    • Multi-channel Support for Resellers & E-Commerce

    • Guided selling leads sales reps to appropriate products and services bundles to meet customer needs

    • Up-sell & cross-sell recommendations

    • Reporting and analytics for sales management, insight into sales productivity and business planning

    • Proven scalability and performance – references with 1000+ users

    Intuitive User Experience:

    • Self-Service for channels and direct sales teams

    • Pricing calculation editor

    • Graphical Workflow setup for Pricing Approval Management

    • Drag & drop setup for Proposal and Contract templates

    Product and Pricing Management:

    • Modelling of complex products and pricing

    • Revenue Recognition, VSOE calculations

    Figure 2: Oracle CPQ Cloud – Reporting & Analytics

    Figure 3: Oracle CPQ Cloud – Intuitive UI


  • Integrated Configure-to-Cash-to-Care

    The Oracle Communications RODOD solution is out-of-the-box integration to implement Configure-to-Cash-to-Care processes. RODOD enables CSPs to rapidly launch new commercial offers, flawlessly capture and fulfill orders, accurately charge customers and support them with superior customer care.

    In addition to the existing on-premise RODOD solution, release 12 of RODOD introduces direct integration with Oracle CPQ Cloud and expands customer’s deployment options to cloud-based solutions.

    As part of this release, the RODOD solution added product specific integrations between Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) and Oracle CPQ Cloud for design-time synchronization of Billable Products and Pricing. The solution also added run-time integrations between Oracle CPQ Cloud and Oracle Communications Order and Service Management (OSM) for order submission to fulfillment, order status update from fulfillment, and order line completion. By leveraging version 12 of the RODOD Reference Solution, additional Communications-specific capabilities (e.g. real-time order lifecycle visibility into business processes) can be embedded into Oracle CPQ Cloud.

    Oracle CPQ Cloud supports several other out-of-the-box integrations besides those introduced with release 12 of RODOD:

    • CRM Integrations: Oracle Sales Cloud and

    • ERP Integration: Oracle E-business Suite and ERP Cloud

    • E-Commerce Integration: Oracle Commerce

    • Service Integration: Oracle Communications OSM and BRM

    Central Order Management

    Unified Fulfillment


    Product & Pricing Design

    Convergent Charging & Revenue Management

    Ap pl

    ic ati

    on s O

    pe ra

    tio ns


    an ag

    em en


    CX Cloud

    CommerceSales CPQ Service Social MarketplaceMarketing

    On Premise


    Marketing Sales CPQ Customer Orders Service Loyalty Customer


    An al

    yti cs

    Service Order Management

    Activation & Network Control

    Network Resource



    Project Management

    Network Service


    Figure 5: Oracle CPQ Cloud – Communications Focus

    Figure 4: Oracle Communications Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery (RODOD) Solution


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    Proven Results

    • Enable self-service for direct sales teams, channel partners / distributors, and customers in one application

    • Sell across national and business unit boundaries to meet customer requirements

    • Provide earlier quote and order visibility to improve forecasts

    • Analyze profitability of complex multi-year deals in real- time, and speed collaboration with Finance and Executive teams

    • Support complex Configure-to-Cash-to-Care processes spanning across applications with the integrations within the RODOD solution and beyond

    • Drive direct, channel, E-Commerce, or point of sale solutions with a single rules engine

    • 10x increase in quotes per month

    • 3 to 7 day process reduced to less than 30 minutes

    • 117 percent revenue growth

    • 20 percent increase in productivity of inside sales group

    • Faster, 100 percent accurate quotes

    • Weeks into days (decreased quote-to-cash time)

    • Days into seconds (time to produce large proposals)

    • 0 percent error rate (down from 70 percent)

    • 400 percent increase in sales (with only 50 percent increase in support)

    • 93 percent reduction in order processing time

    CSPs effectively leverage Oracle CPQ Cloud capabilities to:

    Customers around the world and across industries have experienced significant results with Oracle CPQ Cloud, including:

  • The award-winning Oracle CPQ Cloud platform—spanning technology, operations, and support—delivers what you would expect from proven technolo