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  • Oracle Backups Benchmarked and Best Practices

    Ryan Behiel

    Solution Architect

  • Agenda

    • An Oracle Backup Performance Retrospective

    • Key Oracle Backup Concepts – a Few Simple Things you Should know

    • NetBackup Copilot for Oracle - Overview

    • Testing Performance Limits (AKA Don’t Shoot the Messenger!)

    • Oracle Database Performance Enhancing Configuration Suggestions

    • Copilot For Oracle Performance Numbers

    • Q&A

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  • An Oracle Performance Backup Retrospective

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  • April 15, 2002

    “eWeek Labs and engineers from Veritas Software Corp.'s labs, in Mountain View, Calif., recently completed a high-end Oracle backup performance test…”

    “eWeek Labs worked directly with Veritas engineering on this benchmark.”

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  • Veritas Oracle Backup Benchmark Hardware Configuration

    Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC5









    STK L700 Fibre




    STK L700 Fibre

    Brocade 3800/3200

    2 Gb Switches

    L700 Control







    Sun Fire










    Benchmark Hardware List

    Backup Server

    Sun Micro 6800

    24 750MHz CPUs

    25GB of RAM

    Disk Storage STK 9176B (x2)

    2.88 TB (each)

    Tape Drives STK 9840B (x24)

    Tape Libraries STK L700 (x2)

    2 Gb Fibre Switch Brocade (x6)

    2 Gb Fibre HBA Emulex (x31)

    Est. HW Cost $1.9MM (2002 $’s)

  • A total of 31 Emulex 2 Gb Fibre cards were required to connect all this hardware together.

    In 2002, 2Gb Fibre was relatively new.

    The first batch of 2 Gb cards were from JNI. We found a hardware defect that only occurred when restoring data. All 31 cards had to be replaced and the zoning completely reconfigured due to new WWN’s.

    This defect was very costly to JNI.

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  • 6 Brocade 2 Gb Fibre switches were needed to connect the massive amount of equipment together.

    Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC7

  • StorageTek (now part of Oracle) loaned us 24 STK 9176B tape drives for this benchmark.

    This was the only tape drive that offered a combination of two critical performance criteria:

    – 5 second tape load speed

    – 20 MB/sec backup performance (native)

    There were faster tape drives but most drives of the day took over a minute to load. Achieving a 2 TB benchmark number would have been impossible if it took 24 minutes to simply load all of the tape drives.

    Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC8

  • Benchmark Results

    Drum roll, please…

    “It took us 1 hour to back up 2 terabytes of data.”

    To put this in perspective, a few months before this benchmark, an Oracle Corporation benchmark was only able to achieve 1TB/hour.

    Let’s use the lessons learned from this type of benchmark to help us create the fastest and most efficient Oracle backup environment.

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  • The NetBackup Appliance – Performance Powerhouse

    Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC10

    Oracle 2TB/hr Benchmark (2002) NetBackup 5330 (2017)

    315U (7.5 Racks) Rack Units 14U

    2TB Backup Storage 687TB

    2TB/hr Backup Performance 7TB/hr

    $1.9MM Price Priceless

  • Key Oracle Backup Concepts

    A Few Simple Things You Should Know

    Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC11

  • Key Oracle Concepts

    RMAN: Recovery Manager. Oracle created backup API. Introduced in Oracle 8

    Online redo logs: Files that store changes to database as they occur.

    Archived redo logs: Online redo logs that are transitioned to an offline state

    Datafile: The majority of Oracle data is stored inside of datafiles

    Oracle Restore: Physical recovery (e.g. datafile) of database

    Oracle Recovery: Logical recovery of database to point in time using redo logs

    BCT: Block Change Tracking. When enabled, makes Oracle incremental backups faster

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  • NetBackup Copilot for Oracle

    Quick Overview

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  • Backup Processing Overview – Copilot for Oracle

    Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC14

    NetBackup Deduplication Appliance

    Oracle Server

    Oracle RMAN script is automatically generated and

    database backup is scheduled and run by



    NetBackup automatically sweeps the Oracle backup data into NetBackup share


    NetBackup knows exactly which DB the backup images belongs to, how long to retain

    images, and automatically manages the database disk

    backup location (MSDP, Tape, etc.)


  • Testing Environmental Performance Limits

    Don’t Shoot the Messenger

    Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC15

  • Baseline Performance Testing

    “The lesson here: Analyze the entire data path when designing backup systems. You'll be wasting money on high-end tape and disk hardware if the systems and network between them are slow.”

    • Baseline performance testing is arguably the most important step in the process of optimizing the backup performance of your environment

    • Baseline testing determines performance characteristics of hardware external to the NetBackup Appliance

    • Focus on the network, SAN and Oracle environment

    – The performance of the NetBackup Appliance is thoroughly tested and documented

    Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC16

  • Baseline Performance Testing – Oracle Database Server

    • Basic performance metrics

    – 10 GbE = 600 MB/sec (nominal)

    – 8 Gb Fibre = 600 MB/sec (nominal)

    – Bonding increases throughput but not 100% linear

    • I/O Capacity

    – So many variables associated with I/O

    – Only true way of determining I/O capabilities is through testing of every storage component

    Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC17

    NetBackup Deduplication Appliance

    Oracle Server

  • Baseline Performance Testing – Oracle Database Server

    Use the NetBackup agent for basic perf testing

    • Backup simple (non-Oracle) data from all storage connected to the Oracle server

    – This is a safe, non-destructive test

    – Configure a non-Oracle policy for single and multiple stream backups

    – Document backup performance achieved as streams are added

    – Likely to saturate performance with 2 or 3 streams

    – This test will give you an indication of achievable Oracle backup performance

    Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC18

    NetBackup Deduplication Appliance

    Oracle Server


    For standard Oracle client and Copilot for Oracle

    backups, the NetBackup Oracle agent will be installed





  • Baseline Performance Testing – Oracle Database Server

    Additional baseline performance testing utilities:

    RMAN BACKUP VALIDATE command – Run this from the DB server

    – Non-destructive

    – Designed to validate datafile blocks

    – Also provides a good indicator of I/O capacity associated with datafiles

    – Have DBA run this if backup performance is in question

    IOMETER – Open source I/O testing tool

    – Non-destructive

    – Provides detailed analysis of all I/O patterns

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    Oracle Server

  • Oracle Database Performance Enhancing Configuration Suggestions

    Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC20

    “An effective backup strategy must be tailored to the type of data being backed up.”

  • Oracle Database Performance Enhancements

    • Enable Block Change Tracking (BCT)

    – Significantly reduces I/O impact of incremental backups

    – Without BCT, 100% of every datafile is scanned during every backup

    – Added impact on Oracle database is negligible

    • Limit number of full backups

    – Use differential incremental backups

    – Oracle’s Incremental Merge can help (more on this later)

    • More datafiles enables better backup parallelism

    – Typical to have 1 backup stream per datafile

    – This can impede backup performance if number of datafiles is small

    – You have little impact on this setting but you can discuss with DBA

    Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC21

    Oracle Server

  • Copilot for Oracle Performance Enhancers

    • Optimized Share Reserve provides optimal performance

    – I/O is load balanced across entire shelf (6 LUNS)

    – Minimize I/O contention by scheduling the “sweep” p