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OptiPlex 7070 Ultra - Dell ... OptiPlex 7070 Ultra Customer-led innovation inspires the all new OptiPlex 7070 Ultra, solving real commercial customer pain points: Desire the ability

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Text of OptiPlex 7070 Ultra - Dell ... OptiPlex 7070 Ultra Customer-led innovation inspires the all new...

  • OptiPlex 7070 Ultra The desktop you didn’t expect.

    August 2019


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    Feature Overview 3-10

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  • The desktop of the future

    OptiPlex continually reimagines the desktop experience with over 25 years of commercial desktop leadership. But for OptiPlex, “desktop doesn’t define us.” We are the trusted name to deliver innovative and reliable solutions for our customers to get work done. For an all new way to desktop, Dell is proud to introduce the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra.   Built with first-of-its-kind, modular architecture, its breakthrough design hides a PC inside a monitor stand to create the ultimate space-saving & clutter-free PC solution. Marrying the beautiful aesthetics of an All-in-One with the upgradability, serviceability, and flexibility of a traditional desktop introduces an industry-first form factor.

    Evolving workspaces: Conventional desktops (DT) and All-in-Ones (AIO) separately address the needs for space savings and general computing in today’s fixed workspaces. An AIO is sleek and space efficient but since the display is integrated with the PC, it lacks the advantages of a DT which offers independent upgrades to the display, as well as to the PC and other solution elements. DT’s provide flexible deployment configurations but are often considered too bulky with unsightly cables.

    OptiPlex 7070 Ultra answers the demand for a modular desktop solution with all the benefits of a conventional Desktop PC in an All-in-One footprint.

    The OptiPlex 7070 Ultra is the world’s most flexible commercial desktop solution.1

  • Feature Overview

    A new way to desktop

    OptiPlex 7070 Ultra

    Customer-led innovation inspires the all new OptiPlex 7070 Ultra, solving real commercial customer pain points:

    Desire the ability to upgrade displays separately from the computer2

    Cite messy cabling and clutter as a challenge when deploying PCs3

    Identify space limitations as a concern when choosing and deploying PCs3

    Insights: While All-in-Ones offer an attractive, compact solution, many customers desire more display flexibility for their desktop solution. This includes both the freedom to choose which brand of display to use, as well the display refresh timing. Many commercial customers require far less frequent upgrades to the display than the compute device, making the AIO a less valuable option for fixed computing.

    Our customers need a desktop that is neat and compact, but do not want to compromise on flexibility.


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  • Feature Overview OptiPlex 7070 Ultra


    Modern modularity: OptiPlex 7070 Ultra embodies the modern workplace aesthetic blending seamlessly into any environment. Its unique design features the compact modularity of a desktop that allows each solution element to be upgraded separately, coming together for something unexpected and visually pleasing.

    Ultimate choice: The design ethos of OptiPlex 7070 Ultra centers around user choice for a personalized workflow. It is uniquely compatible with a wide range of peripherals without vendor lock-in. For a consistent look, feel and ultimate user experience, Ultra works seamlessly with a thoughtfully designed ecosystem of accessories from Dell.


    Smarter, faster end user experiences: OptiPlex 7070 Ultra provides the right technology to get users productive quicker and to stay there, enabling a successful workday. In a recent study, we saw that 77% of technology decision- makers think improving employee experience is either critical or a high priority.5 Delivering on the needs for freedom of choice and a clean, aesthetically pleasing workspace, Ultra elevates the overall user experience.

    Personalized configurations: For users that need 4-8GB’s of memory, a spinning hard drive, and the option to use an existing monitor, or for those who require up to 64GB RAM, 2 SSD’s plus Intel® Core™ i7 performance and triple displays, there is an OptiPlex 7070 Ultra solution for every workflow.

    Confident customer experiences: We believe tech that focuses on the customer wins the day. OptiPlex 7070 Ultra’s beautiful design and hassle-free technology create a lasting first impression. For a fully interactive, welcoming experience, the Ultra PC mounted to a sleek, nimble Dell display arm with a vivid touch monitor promotes more productive engagements between employees and customers while working together.

    Low touch IT experiences: Not only users, but IT will benefit from OptiPlex 7070 Ultra’s modular design. Research shows that 80% of IT time is spent on routine maintenance and support, giving them limited time to solve the increasing complexity of the end user environment.5 OptiPlex 7070 Ultra’s tool-less, modular design makes tech refresh planning a breeze with solution elements that are easy to deploy, service or swap independently, and at any time.

    OptiPlex 7070 Ultra is the no-compromise PC solution designed to delight end users, customers and IT.

  • Feature Overview OptiPlex 7070 Ultra


    Breaking the mold: Many organizations place a high value on space-saving designs, while no longer requiring

    extensive expansion capabilities and large legacy features such as optical drives and 3.5” hard drives. On the

    technology side, new mobile Intel® CPU’s deliver ample performance for a majority of desk-centric workers. Together

    these trends have allowed the OptiPlex Ultra to literally “hide the PC in plain sight” creating a super compact, full

    performance PC.

    Mobile architecture: 8th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro Mobile processors based on Intel’s Whiskey Lake architecture enable

    the streamlined layout of the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra PC motherboard. For maximum performance, Ultra operates the

    CPU at the highest configurable wattage of 25W Thermal Design Power (TDP) setting, whereas a mobile device with

    the same CPU may operate at the standard 15W TDP setting. *Note: extensive benchmark comparisons to be published when available.

    Patented design: The breakthrough design of OptiPlex 7070 Ultra has earned its team of Dell engineers one US

    patent with several others pending, identifying Ultra as “a flexible compute module and mounting options enabling a

    zero-footprint solution with mainstream performance that can be used across most commercial desktop use cases.”4

    Modular by design: OptiPlex 7070 Ultra signifies the go-forward strategy of Dell, delivering modular solutions to

    empower ultimate choice for end users and IT. With the workforce transformation underway, OptiPlex 7070 Ultra is

    the ideal solution to modernize client workspaces where desk space is premium and user experiences are a priority.


    One for many: Ultra provides the opportunity for organizations to standardize on one compute solution with many configurations. Create a uniform open workspace for multi-users, a collaborative huddle space for small teams or a multi-monitor set up for the power user. VESA-mounting options are ideal for check-in kiosks or reception areas.

    Investment maximization: Ultra offers peace of mind with its unique level of ecosystem compatibility. Get the entire value out of existing monitors when paired with the world’s most compatible, fully modular zero footprint desktop solution.2

    Choose your view: Offering excellent multi-monitor support, this one compute device can power up to three monitors ranging from 19-27in. (48.26 – 68.58cm). For bigger views, use the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra Offset VESA mount to support up to 38in. / 96.52cm VESA-compatible monitors. Providing optimal screen flexibility, Ultra adapts to various workstyles and brings a rich front of screen experience to end users.


    Get productive faster with the ease of USB-C. For a clean and future-ready workspace, Dell recommends the Ultra PC module matched with a Dell P or U Series USB-C Monitor, the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra Height Adjustable Stand and a short 0.6m cable from the monitor to the PC, providing a minimal cabling solution. Drive two additional monitors via USB-C using DisplayPort multi- streaming technology (MST) for triple monitor productivity.

    Single power cable connectivity: The rear USB-C port supports Power Delivery that enables Dell USB-C displays to power the Ultra PC module with a single cable safeguarded with Dell’s built-in surge protection while also transmitting data, video, and audio. The system can also be powered with any third-party USB-C display that meets the USB-C Power Delivery specification and provides Power Delivery of 65W or greater.

    Ultimate choice: If a single power cable is not a priority, other monitors with varied connectivity options can be used with the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra. This configuration requires a Dell Power Adapter to be connected to the Ultra PC module.

    Built-in cable management: The OptiPlex 7070 Ultra PC solution is designed with smart cable management options including short cables that require no extra tie up. Ultra’s Height Adjustable and Fixed Stands each feature a convenient cable wheel to easily wrap any cable for the per

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