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Opposition by James Dobbins

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Not the best poetry in the world. It's mine, in my time, for myself as for any who may read and enjoy, or criticize or destroy. What does it matter anyway? they's just words yo.

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First edition © James Dobbins 2012 No works presented herein shall be reproduced, in part or in entirety, without prior written permission from the author, James Dobbins. Contact the author : [email protected], [email protected] All rights reserved © James Dobbins 2012

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Slowly Through the Dark Slowly through the dark, on searching foot and wondering eye. Await the call of the morning lark to loot stars from the sky. Frigid winds bow 'round, without effort, sweet on my skin. They've peddled down to meet with the ground a-saunter their shy din. Each day a new life, which, born to us we should cherish. For we know we shall not meet here twice, only once we perish. Alight the fire now, for a meal, our first day break. The end of which lies a reminder; through zeal, our lives at stake.

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Thrown to the Coals Thrown to the coals that no one knows our lives fleeting will we ever find meaning? In all our world we know not the fool, who is in our self to breed out the tool; all angels know god and their pick-up isn't barred. As humans, us mammals are like shotgun barrels. Our tainted food not kept pure is a killer, but as long as it lines your pockets is just filler. On the road of the day we carry on our way, on a whim feel the sway.. Do we care anyway? It seems not after years, all that's left are fears; of each other, of what's inside father mother brother sister hide..

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The chains should rust soon and like an angry baboon, we must take to the trees to see how we can flee. Looking over all we've destroyed, as we've played with the world as a toy: feeling that it can be broke and replaced, is a joke that is laced with no gratitude or hope. And our lives we're feed keep us doped It feels there's no way out, yet if only we would scream and shout from the roof-tops of our nations, about civil discriminations… Maybe we could break this constant torture and rape cycle, that we've born unto the world and watch a new age unfold. If for nothing but for future generations, we need emancipation. But it will only come through action of our own benefaction: My voice alone cannot be loud enough but with all the world in tow, Maybe one day it could be heard, that we've ended this stupid row.

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Moon of the Morn’ So tranquil is our landscape, calm in its everest blue. The summer moon, full in its splendour, keen for the watcher, Gone apace the sprinkled dew. Beauty few grasp to elate. Reverent, spiritual night, sing silent to the heavens. Weep with the morn', weep joy over all, even light can fall. Gentle, mortal eloquence. Godly harmonies take flight.

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Flux If I was lightning I'd burn out Sol, and burn both retina of you all... ...To make a planet into a star; churning primeval consciousness from the depths, to way out far. Ascend, mere embers, to furnace. Wrenching ancient fractal plains; fingertips blister and scar, and heal to pain. A fire, pure, without bias; like natures ‘customed trials, arching light made dark suffer, out from Asgards mountain halls. Harmonious cacophony, intertwined melody, solar winds never rest. Creator, Destroyer; dichotomous agent, at no one’s behest.

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The sun sets in the east. A Viking longboat beast, hidden in ripples and shimmer, takes to land from high seas. Prey fight as dogs or be eaten. Torches burn as light grows thin. Light directed from pure energy through the optic omniverse, an animal as are we, must contain the same burden of curse, on our treacherous journey, past flesh expression of soul. When our worldly activities cease, we carry on through humanity.

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Death and the Soliloquy Death and the soliloquy, turn a blind eye. Side the heavens till morn, ever riding... the hills converse a warning; eternity’s change of robes, fray, friar’s tongue decays to feed the rising earth. Water of the sea ascend, frothing, vaporising, hues to view prismatic reality. Survival of the fit, write to dust which hardens to stone, hence weathered lessons and eroded teachings, meet the sea. Ascend once more and again Never alone; blood of all-father spills through cosmic waves. What beyond all could comprehension entangle? Smoke and mirrors, abstract reality, true reality... To whom? That great thing from which we and all we see are born? Nothing should be, yet by these accustomed laws perceived, everything has its place to be. But from what does all this appear? How is that to begin with? What did something begin from, when truly nothing should exist.

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Death Eternal As life itself, with access through all gates, so too, there is no rhyme for our dark friend. Death rose as an equal, eternally. Foreboding belligerence over all. On roads where feet are tread to bone, (the mar of waste-lands trudged alone) we'd rather never have to meet, death, that bastard, warring woe; so callous in his ways, that all find swift defeat. The raven's claws, the hell-hound's bark shall beg beneath e'er silently. Though like a thief's ignited spark such lightning arc's reach wantonly.

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Wise Words "Take care of hands and teeth, your arse and your two feet." Wise words a man of old relayed to me one day. I asked of eyes and ears and also asked of strength. He answered, "Nay, just those I mention defend these"

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Tracing the Forest Domicile Tracing the forest domicile away from a shadowy civilization. A dark toiling earth, bereft nobility and worth, amend self-gratification. Searing plains of adversity, walls, ignorant, situate torn minds, once blissful. Promise to appease, a heavy avalanche of knees. Thoughts in action turn choice deedful. Yet still recede I to a cavernous mind, meandering tunnels through questions too deep, for beneath the surface, emptiness will seep. Light shatters darkened forms to keep thee entwined. Homely burrow, in a safe place. A perfect sphere, a shell, awake. With perfect flaws, unto fear unknown, seeds hopefully sown; ones dually fraught personal cause.

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Scene from a Dream Night-time stride beneath fair moon-light, looking left, the ocean rocking, breaks white sprays on hilly shores. Endless wavelets course the docks. Warring thoughts, something’s not right here... Past the docks I spy some buildings. Amber lights reveal a scurry. Dream feet flight, I’m instantly there. Hundreds flee, in hurried fashion, signalling to trail their lead. Dread is heavy, as a sickness; can’t shake this feel we all may die! Scampering towards a mountain, closer now, I see a cave mouth. Moon-lit clusters hurry in as fallen shadows disappearing. Now I know I feel an evil. People vanish in the darkness, screams and cries increase with fear. Instincts urge I hide away Everything’s quiet… … .. .

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Embers of Man The living tales of men in graves forgotten, like Iduns golden apples, never found rotten, breath to sway morals from other's adversity; proof of goodness overthrowing dark vortices. The light in the air shows the shade and the hue, where more are found better than those bitter few; A lining of silver round cavernous minds in which bounds are endless and all is entwined. So, fallen leaves stoke the fire, a-rise, the flame seeking higher. No matter the size, nor the deed of an ember, it shall fend to flock souls for now and forever.

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Battle Ready Tonight frost-giants from Niflheim descend now to my father’s plains, to wreak havoc upon my soul. I shall fight to the death, and if this war's not my goal, may the gods grant me the strength to defend, that I survive to the next war and the next. Gungnir, now, I aim so true, that my enemies may be vexed. Succumb now, all whom I battle; with a weak heart you will be met with destruction. Ride the calling screams at your death. Know; what I convey tells of the one-eyed god of wisdom. The hammer and the spear, adrenaline and glinting eyes, berserk and poised. Invoking Thor's anger; raging tides; unequalled, shall destroy. My path is of the warrior; assimilating all that I fathom I grin till my last breath on this earth. I shatter every barrier, contesting every calamity; fight the long winter, for the new birth.

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Home The night has long enveloped the sky. I stand alone. The ground, becoming damp, whispers under my feet and midnight breathes into my chest. Cool air traveling on the breeze sneers at me, as I suffer its simplicity. Distant taller trees strain in sombre tones, to the gusts of winds heaving past their branches. The moon shine thins through thickening clouds. While voices of thunder resonate realms of the earth, lightning brings an instant of daylight to the sky; my loss of sight is effervescent, I see yet again and again... My mind is at peace now with the world. The power of the storm brings serenity. The viciously tranquil landscape has left my soul at peace. I find honour in this escape. Walking to a familiar place, my heart becoming warm, home is where I find rest.

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Physis Our nature is electromagnetic, in metal amplified. She dwells a mountain valley under trees, head swathed in golden waves like fields of wheat. Of such uniqueness, imperfection, how could any feign in love ‘tward her... A riling order, sprite of energy, betwixt the deep cosmology, she breathes

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Uphold Lies are told, and men indignant, shine bold. Their toll is strife, till their wife and children eat them to the grave. Petty tyrants; fake falsetto penance; compete to grip, and they'll rip the ideal till there's naught to save. The death is nothing; bellies dropping, mongrels stupefy and hide behind unsettling lies. There is no far reaching sustenance. The barrage, conditioned, prohibit innocently, incognizant. All who scream, in want to placate the dream, they deem insane, but we, fain; our tribe shall end present tension. Skim and toss the impure, liquated dross; clear the water; true and dear, render this time for ascension.

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Collective It is a field of seamless dreams, owing one to the other. And in autumns most, golden straws are drawn in hopeful measure. What mind can know another? Who would wish for such impishness, now? And such not able, do seek such airs of thought, -ever softly.

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Aperture Oh how sweet, this sunshine; gleam perpetual smile. (All the while, children play, a soldier, to die.) This kid, lain, eyes heaven, horn’d rays prism blue skies. Through clouds, horizon thick, whisps play the zenith. These shadows cast by clouds, leave blissful minds behind. A reflective repose, yet true light still hides.

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Through the Fields I watch the night turn to day, with the slow seem of the sun ascending. Though the rumble of time speeds away, my soul will echo to the flame, counting to the kindling. Call those who bear witness, to the sickness, ask that they ascribe their emotions in blood, to testify their own beliefs. No more shall we quarrel, on this storm we enter the battle field. Courageous in plight; the seed of hope overcomes fear. Death is soon near. A shadow is cast through the fields, flames smoulder to mourning souls.

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Requiescat in Pace Only the morals of my becoming can ready me for this pain, trapped in the responsibilities of my own ceaseless decay. Striving for some common ground to build my place of reign; passing on to the world (and one I will come to know). Passing on to deliver my soul: for someone else to gain. No right can surpass the pain that will me mine, my body will float on the breeze, be sprinkled through the vine. Only known as carved in stone yet letters too decease, God bless my weary soul. One day I shall rest in peace.

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Singing, Still, the Song A voyage long travelled and traversed by many; all that’s come and gone, singing, still, the song. The burden itself decrees peace for understanding. The crooked collection; Perceptions vice before comprehension, Such, jaded in forms, belie our expressions. We are courageously bountiful to our deeds, disfigured survival, our tool to achieve. Muddy banks... all that earth and stone,

(a solidity, in excessive ease) Beneath lie rounded cavernous flows.

(hammered intellect, do you yet see?) Rain that cycled this river here; whimsical effort indeed.

(birthing emotive hues to colour all experience) From the many forms it came, shall the many eternally breathe.

(riding the waves of empiric indulgence)

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Caught in this Web caught in this web and it feels like I can't go home Altering patterns of thoughts ebb with the tide The mind grows tired in its skepticism and all the crumbs are carried by the ants just cause is questioned in my philosophy where does morality and logic lie true? and you and I and all are just chaos wrapped in fine dressings, only to spoil wars between hog-men and extremists reign Supremacy bringing men to their knees no peace, not just yet, we're building and destroying, refining and again, creating hollow minds of old age torn from youth forget the dreams, the spirit is left a-stray fall to obey paper, metal and digit codes Planning for tomorrow, forgetting about today seek not, seek not, truly let your spirit ride For we know not many things, but what of joy Spirit as a toy, that should not gather dust in play every day, to rid dis-ease, to shine

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