Opportunities in Oppland Welcome to Oppland!. Opportunities in Oppland Oppland county â— Area: approx. 25.000 km2 â— Population: approx. 180.000 â— Municipalities:

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Opportunities in Oppland Welcome to Oppland! Slide 2 Opportunities in Oppland Oppland county Area: approx. 25.000 km2 Population: approx. 180.000 Municipalities: 26 Regions: 6 Hadeland, Gjvik, Lillehammer, Valdres, Midt-Gudbrandsdal, Nord-Gudbrandsdal Towns: 4 Lillehammer, Gjvik, Fagernes, Otta Slide 3 Opportunities in Oppland 80 % above 600 m above sea level Norways biggest lake, Mjsa Norways highest mountain, Galdhpiggen 2469 m Typical inland climate Historically an agricultural county Geography Slide 4 Opportunities in Oppland Business structure - Most SMEs -Public administration is the biggest employer -Some large compani es Tourism - The biggest number of cabins in Norway - Large attractions -Maihaugen -Hunderfossen Family Park -Hadeland Glass Factory -Olympic arenas -Skibladner Trade, industry and tourism Slide 5 Opportunities in Oppland Festivals - The Norwegian Festival of Literature (the biggest in the Nordic area) -The Peer Gynt Festival (approx 12 000 spectators) Traditions -Stave churches -600 protected buildings -Many archaeological findings Culture and cultural heritage Slide 6 Opportunities in Oppland 2 university colleges 13 upper secondary education Special offers -NTG (The Norwegian College of Elite Sport) -Nansenskolen (Norwegian Humanistic Academy) Education Slide 7 Opportunities in Oppland Communications -Roads -Railway -Airport Broadband Infrastructure Slide 8 Opportunities in Oppland Three levels: Central government County Council (19) Municipality (430) Norwegian public administration Slide 9 Opportunities in Oppland County Council 37 elected repr. County Executive Board 9 repr. Committees since the 2011 election: -The Education Committee -The Transport Committee -The Culture, Environment and Regional Development Committee Gro Lundby, Labour Party Chair of the County Council Parties in the County Council: Labour Party Conservative Party Centre Party Christian Democratic Party Liberal Party Socialist Left Party Progress Party Political organisation Slide 10 Opportunities in Oppland County Council County Executive Board Education CommitteeTransport CommitteeCulture, Environment and Regional Development Committee County Mayor, vice-chair and committee chairs Regional representation Political organisation Slide 11 Opportunities in Oppland Chief County Executive Group Rasmus Olav Vigrestad, CCE Terje Kind Hjalmar Solbjr CCE advisers Information Purchasing, law Political secretariat Ownership Departments Upper secondary education 13 schools, 4 teams, 6 career centers Opplandstrafikk 3 teams Regional development 4 teams Culture Cultural heritage Dental services 22 dental clinics Learning team/network Info network Teams and networks County library County archive Property ICT Human resources Finances Archive (central adm.) Service center Administrative organisation Slide 12 Opportunities in Oppland Total: 1.800.000.000 NOK Economics Slide 13 Opportunities in Oppland Approx. 1850 employees in total Approx. 200 employees in the central administration Oppland County Council is co- owner of approx. 25 companies Employees and ownership in the County Slide 14 Opportunities in Oppland County responsibilities Upper secondary education Career centres, adult learning Regional transport Regional development Business development Regional planning Environment, energy, climate Tourism Culture Public health Cultural heritage Regional library Dental health care Slide 15 Opportunities in Oppland 13 upper secondary schools Vocational education 2 folk high schools Career centres Adult learning Upper secondary education Slide 16 Opportunities in Oppland Responsible for public transport Transport of school children Transport for disabled and less mobile people Service rides and dial-a-ride Transport licences Transport Slide 17 Opportunities in Oppland Competence within - Regional industrial and commercial development -Environmental and social planning -Strategic transport Facilitate value creation, innovation and entrepreneurship Tourism development Regional development Slide 18 Opportunities in Oppland Festivals Film Culture for children and youth Artist support Culture and business International relations Public health and sports Culture Slide 19 Opportunities in Oppland Administration of national and regional cultural heritage Distribute financial support to protected buildings Distribute financial support to museums Cultural heritage Slide 20 Opportunities in Oppland Children and youth 0-18 years Mentally disabled The elderly, disabled and long term ill in institutions and community nursing 22 clinics Difficult to recruit dentists because of the decentralised structure Responsible for providing free dental care to: Dental services Slide 21 Opportunities in Oppland Initiate library development in the county Coordinate library projects Competence centre Projects -Det smlse bibliotek -Author web Oppland -Learning computing in the library -Storytelling County library Slide 22 Opportunities in Oppland Depot for archives that are not in daily use Storage of archives for 34 municipalities in Oppland and Hedmark Development of Kulturnett County archives Slide 23 Opportunities in Oppland International strategy adopted by the County Council in June 2012 Active participation in European policy development Contribute to increased internationalisation in Oppland Participation in international organisations Bilateral cooperation agreements Internationalisation