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  • Operator’s Manual


    Subject to the following conditions, Henny Penny Corporation makes the following limited warranties to the original purchaser only for Henny Penny appliances and replacement parts:

    NEW EQUIPMENT: Any part of a new appliance, except lamps and fuses, which proves to be defective in material or workmanship within two (2) years from date of original installation, will be repaired or replaced without charge F.O.B. factory, Eaton, Ohio, or F.O.B. authorized distributor. To validate this warranty, the registration card for the appliance must be mailed to Henny Penny within ten (10) days after installation.

    REPLACEMENT PARTS: Any appliance replacement part, except lamps and fuses, which proves to be defective in material or workmanship within ninety (90) days from date of original installation will be repaired or replaced without charge F.O.B. factory, Eaton, Ohio, or F.O.B. authorized distributor.

    The warranty for new equipment and replacement parts covers only the repair or replacement of the

    defective part and does not include any labor charges for the removal and installation of any parts, travel or other expenses incidental to the repair or replacement of a part. EXTENDED FRYPOT WARRANTY: Henny Penny will replace any frypot that fails due to manufacturing or workmanship issues for a period of up to seven (7) years from date of manufacture. This warranty shall not cover any frypot that fails due to any misuse or abuse, such as heating of the frypot without shortening.

    0 TO 3 YEARS: During this time, any frypot that fails due to manufacturing or workmanship issues will be replaced at no charge for parts, labor, or freight. Henny Penny will either install a new frypot at no cost or provide a new or reconditioned replacement fryer at no cost.

    3 TO 7 YEARS: During this time, any frypot that fails due to manufacturing or workmanship issues will be replaced at no charge for the frypot only. Any freight charges and labor costs to install the new frypot as well as the cost of any other parts replaced, such as insulation, thermal sensors, high limits, fittings, and hardware, will be the responsibility of the owner.

    Any claim must be presented to either Henny Penny or the distributor from whom the appliance was

    purchased. No allowance will be granted for repairs made by anyone else without Henny Penny’s written consent. If damage occurs during shipping, notify the sender at once so that a claim may be filed.


    The above limited warranty does not apply (a) to damage resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, or abuse; (b) if the equipment’s serial number is removed or defaced; or (c) for lamps and fuses. THE ABOVE LIMITED WARRANTY IS EXPRESSLY IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS, AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES ARE EXCLUDED. HENNY PENNY NEITHER ASSUMES NOR AUTHORIZES ANY PERSON TO ASSUME FOR IT ANY OTHER OBLIGATION OR LIABILITY.

  • Warning: Incorrect installation, adjustment, servicing, maintenance, cleaning, or unauthorized modifications to the appliance can result in damage, injury or death. Read the Operating Manual carefully before starting to use the appliance.

    For your safety: Do not store or use any flammable gases or liquids near this appliance.

    What to do in the event of danger or if you smell gas: - Shut off the gas supply immediately - Do not touch any electric control elements - Make sure the area is well ventilated - Avoid open flames or sparking - Use an external telephone to notify the appropriate gas supplier

    (if the gas supplier is unobtainable call the relevant fire station).

    “RESET” (gas appliances only) If the burner malfunctions "rES" will light up on the display. An acoustic signal will sound after 15 sec. Press the Reset button to re- start the automatic ignition process. If the "rES" display does not light up again after approx. 15 sec. the flame is burning and the appliance is operational. Please notify Customer Support if the display is still lit after repeated pressing.


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    Manual CombiMasterTM

  • Dear Customer

    Congratulations on the purchase of your new CombiMaster.

    Your decision to buy a new CombiMaster means that you now have a top-of-the-line Combi Steamer. Your CombiMaster will give you many years of reliable service thanks to its outstanding quality and nearly unlimited cooking potential. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind of a12 month warranty from the date of invoice. The warranty excludes glass damage, light bulbs and sealing material as well as damage caused by improper installation, use, maintenance, repair or deliming.

    In order to make the most of these benefits, we recommend that you study this manual carefully.

    Your Authorized Henny Penny Distributor Call Customer Service 1-937-456-8400 for any questions or problems in operating your unit. Henny Penny reserves the right to make technical changes in the interest of progress!

    As of August 16, 2005, the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive went into effect for the European Union. Our products have been evaluated to the WEEE directive. We have also reviewed our products to determine if they comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive (RoHS) and have redesigned our products as needed in order to comply. To continue compliance with these directives, this unit must not be disposed as unsorted municipal waste. For proper disposal, please contact your nearest Henny Penny distributor.


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    General instructions / For your safety 5

    Features 9

    Controls 10

    Cooking techniques 11

    Control modes 12

    Moist Heat Mode 13

    Dry Heat Mode 15

    Combi-Steam Mode 18

    Tender Steaming Mode 20

    Finishing®Mode 22

    Working with the temperature probe 24

    Cool Down Function 27

    Cleaning 28

    Steam generator auto-rinse, deliming and manual draining 30

    Settings – Fahrenheit / Celsius 31

    Fault Warnings 32

    Table of contents

  • Please take the time to read the following safety and operating instructions carefully. Keep this manual in a convenient location so that it is available to anyone using the equipment. This equipment must only be used to cook food in commercial foodservice establishments. Any other use is not intended and is therefore considered danger- ous. Operate using hands only. Damage caused by the use of pointed, sharp or other objects will invalidate the warranty. The equipment must only be used by trained person- nel. It is vital that all users be given regular safety instruc- tion. Foodservice operators should provide staff with regu- lar training to understand and avoid the risks of acci- dent or damage to the unit.

    Daily checks before switching on • Lock air baffle top and bottom. • Lock hinged racks properly in position in the cook-

    ing cabinet.

    General • The temperature of door glass, outer casing and

    add-ons may exceed 140°F (60°C) • Avoid having heat sources (e.g. grill plates, deep fry-

    ers etc.) near the appliance. • If the unit is idle for prolonged periods, shut the

    water supply stop valve and turn off the appliance power supply (gas and electricity).

    When setting up table-top units with the appliance manufacturer’s original standard stand or base cabinet the maximum top rack working height is 63 in. (160 cm).

    WARNING – If containers are filled with liquid or contents which liquefy during cook- ing, do not use rack levels higher than those where the user can see into the container. Warning sticker is enclosed with equipment.

    Warning! • Caution! Hot steam (risk of scalding)! • Caution! Containers and grids are hot! • Make sure the mobile oven rack is

    correctly locked in position!

    General Instructions / For your Safety

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  • Loading/removal Open appliance door slowly. When door is opened heating and fan shut down automatically. The fan wheel brake is activated. The fan keeps run- ning for a brief period only. Do not touch the fan wheel. Do not insert pans or grids until the hinged rack has been properly secured and the mobile oven rack has been pushed up to the stop and locked in place. Only use commercial-grade heatproof accessories.

    Units with hinged rack (061/062/101/102) To remove rack Slightly raise rack unit and lift out of front catch. Swing rack to middle of cooking cabinet. Lift up and out of slots. To replace, set into slots and reverse the procedure.

    Mobile oven rack Working with mobile oven racks, mobile plate racks and transport carts for base-top units (option) - Remove hinged rack. - Set guide rails on cabinet floor.

    - Push mobile oven rack or plate rack into cabinet up to the stop and lock into place.

    - Transport carts must be properly attached to the unit using the holder.

    - Unlock mobile oven rack or plate rack and roll out. - When transporting the mobile oven rack or plate

    rack on the transport cart, make sure the transport safety catch is engaged.

    - Cover and secure containers with liquids to avoid spills and the risk of scalding.