Operation Security Kick Ass

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Operation Security Kick Ass. In a world of evil . Efficient security protection in Cloud Age - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Operation Security Kick AssIn a world of evil

Efficient security protection in Cloud Age

RSA, Diginotar, Symantec and others have announced they have been compromised by hackers. Learn the latest in the virtualization and datacenter security threats landscape and how to best protect yourself.

By David Hald, CEO, SMS PASSCODE A/SWe are the technology leader in providing next generation, global, session-based, multi-factor unified authentication for enterprise IT networks

We have the smartest solution for protection against the next generation of identity based security threatsSMS PASSCODE

SW based LOUD and clear


3-tier channel based salesin 38 countriesMarket provenCustomers (also global sites) PartnersGlobal Coverage: Government, Telco, Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services

Technology Alliances PartnerCitrix Ready Solution of the Year Finalist

4Mention TELCO: KPN & Telenor Global sales in 40 countries OUTSIDE DK!Gartner Magic Quadrant 2012

Red Herring Global 100 most interesting IT companies. 2011 (& 2010)

Gazelle 2011 (& 2010)

Computing Security Awards Finalist 2011

ComOn Tech Gold 2010, December 2010

White Bull Top 30 IT Companies in EMEA, August 2010

Citrix Ready Solution of the Year Finalist, May 2010

Product Excellence Finalist in Two- and multifactor authentication, February 2010

Secure Computing Magazine Global Top 5 Innovator, October 2009

Top 25 most promising technology company in Northern Europe, August 2009SMS PASSCODE- Recognized technology leader

Magic Quadrant User Authentication

52011 = The year of breaches

7Our world is screaming ex.:Cloud=Scaleble and flexible solution to handle diverse needs delivered from somewhere and from someoneBYOD=Pre-financial crises way of making your company sound attractive !

This calls for a new way of thinking or is it just an old way of thinking?

Security is key!But High Holistic Security is King!

Broaden your view!

So what is SMS PASSCODE take on this?

Questions you or your costumers should ask themselves:

Well - it is a SMS PASSCODE session?

With SMS PASSCODE you will get a:

SMS PASSCODE version 6.1 at a glance

SMS PASSCODE version 6.1 introduces:

SECURITYRaising the bar of security

16SMS PASSCODE version 6.1 introduces:Location & context aware security

17SMS PASSCODE version 6.1 introduces:Location & context aware security

18SMS PASSCODE version 6.1 introduces:Location & context aware security

19Flexible Deployment Options . . .. . . Depending on a Customers Needs

LAN: An enterprise network protected by SMS PASSCODE on premises

Hosting:A hosted network protected by a hosted SMS PASSCODE

AaaS:A hosted or enterprise network protected by a hosted SMS PASSCODEThe same code-base for all of the infrastructuresVery suitable for all of these deployment types thats very very uniquePoint to the engine 20SMS PASSCODE try it out live: