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<ul><li> 1. Thursday, 9:13 PMRE: This Is How We DoIt!From: Jeff Dedrick&amp; LizTomey</li></ul><p> 2. Dear Friend...If I were a betting person I bet that if you were to save all your Internetmarketing emails from this week alone, youd have tens, if not hundredsof"pitches" in your mailbox.On any given day Id also bet you are battered, beaten, bruised, and almostharassed by offers of the "Next Big Thing", which if you dont buy now,youllnever EVER have a chance to buy again!I really wish you could see me when I say all of that because I am totallyrolling my eyes. :)Im not even remotely exaggerating when I say its a daily deluge of pitch inmy own mailbox. And Im sure its the same for you...This seem at all familiar to you?This sound like the kind of thing you come home to after a tough day on thejob or that you discover upon waking up and firing up your computer in themorning?Are you on the receiving end of so many pitches, offers, and opportunitiesthat you dont know which way is up, which way to turn, and what theheck to REALLY do to succeed online?!?It starts out innocently enough... you get on one marketers list and thenbuy a product he promotes... a product which is supposed to help you makemoney online.Then, youre on the persons list that you just bought from -- and he sellsyou on someone elses product -- and on and on and on... slowly but surelyyou end up on more lists than you can count and youregetting **crushed** with pitches. 3. And the more pitches you get, the more you buy, each product promisingto be the one that helps you break out, break free, and FINALLY succeed!Except the success is really only limited at best...Because most of these products are not complete or they cover basics youalready know... some of them are contradictory... some of them tell you todo one thing, and others tell you to do something else entirely...Frustration sets in...So much information...So many emails...So many ebooks...So many gurus...So many special opportunities...So many strategies...So many choices...Where do you REALLY begin?How do you finally make the income (and the life) you desire... that youdeserve?With hundreds of products between us, opt-in listsexceeding 300,000subscribers, new products being released regularly,and weekly affiliate promotions, Jeff and I have generated millions insales online...And we have amassed our own Internet riches very quickly... 4. And wed like to help you generate this kind of income too...This is the exact same live workshop people paid up to $997 toattend, and learned all of our insider secrets. We recorded the whole thingand now you can have access to all of the recordings for the entirethree day workshop!During this workshop Jeff and I pull back the curtain to our entire businessesand SHOW YOU everything we do to generate the millions in sales we doonline each and every year.Heres what we covered in this 3 day workshop...In this module, youll start off with Jeff and Liz guiding youthrough whatyoull be covering through the entire workshop, so that you can be preparedor skip around the other modules tofind the exact information youneed. In this module youll...Learn all about how two of the hottest marketers online got started!Youll be shocked to find out theyre regular every day people just likeyou! Watch as Jeff and Liz literally pull back the curtain on every singleaspect of their business. Literally nothing is held back in this workshop.Theyll be telling you and showing you how to do everything! 5. This module starts out with Jeff giving you the rules for success, and howyour mindset can determine if you succeed or fail. This is where your futurestarts! In this module youll...Learn how to focus on one project at a time to make the mostmoney... This is absolutely vital and something you must understandin order to ever make a single dime online.See how to plan your day, week, and year so that you are continuallymaking money. Making your first $1 is great, but you need to keepmaking money in order to keep paying the bills.:) Know what to watch out for "time vampires" that hold you back from the things that actually make you money! Learn why advertising is vital to your business, and Jeff will also cover the how, what, and why of advertising your business.Outsourcing is one of the most important things you can do in your business,and Jeff is an absolute living example of how successful you canbe even if you have no techy abilities at all to do anything online, when yououtsource.How Jeff takes his ideas, totally outsources them, and makes millionsof dollars in sales on work that others do for him. This part of theworkshop alone is worth more than 10 times what were charging for thewhole thing. This is exactly how you go from broke to totally cashing in! Inthis module youll... 6. Learn the steps Jeff takes when he starts outsourcing a project... All the way from idea phase to completed money making product!See what things you can outsource within your own online business. Stufflike website building, traffic generation, content, etc, etc, etc. Youll beamazed at how much you CANoutsource and still make a ton of money! Be shown everything you should know before you start outsourcing... Dont make the same mistakes that Jeff did.Hell beshowing you exactly what you should know before you even get started! Get the inside scoop on what sites and resources you should be using when outsourcing anything in your business. These are the exactplaces and things Jeff uses in his business each and every day to get thingsoutsourced.Little Known Fact: In 2006, Jeff showed Liz how to take herbusiness from making only $100,000 to making over $300,000within one year simply by using his outsourcing techniques! 7. Niche marketing is where the money is at! Liz is in over 20 niches, andknows niche marketing inside and out! In this module youll... Learn all the little places Liz uses to find ultra profitableniches that she enters and profits from like mad! The exact steps that you should follow to find out if a niche is going to be profitable or a total dud for you... Youre not going to believe this one... Liz is going to show you her big list of seriously profitable niches. Pick one of these, and youre for suregoing to make some serious money! What you need to do once you find a niche, so that you canstart profiting in the quickest amount of time. Watch as Liz picks a niche, and details out exactly what she would do to make money in this niche. This is absolutelypriceless information! 8. This will be the longest module of all because Jeff will be showing you howhe has personaly built a huge list, and how he profits from that list dayafter day! In this module youll... Learn unique ways to create income on demand while building your list... Find out the exact methods and tactics that Jeff personally uses to sellproducts to his list as an affiliate. No customer service, no productcreation, but he gets paid! :)Learn the basics of list building... This is for those of you who dont havea list. Well give you all the details of what you need to know to get started! See examples of squeeze pages we personally use to build our lists. Usethese and youll be getting people to join your list just Jeff does... Know what things you need to be giving away from your squeeze page sothat people will actually opt-in to your list.This is where 99% of peoplescrew up, and why they never get any subscribers.Understand how to build a relationship with your list... This is exactlyhow you get your list to BUY from you! Discover tactics that Jeff uses to create tons of little incomestreams that turn into big money all from his list building efforts. Learn killer ways Jeff has used bonuses to make people jump to joinhis list and buy his products too...In this module Liz will be talking about email marketing in nichesoutside ofthe Internet marketing niche. All the way from how to become an expert in aniche to profiting with every email you send out... In this module youll... Find out the real "rules" of email marketing... Follow the"rules" that Liz teaches in this module and youll be building list in any niches you want 9. and profiting from each and every one of them. How to automate your email marketing so that you can profit from your list even when you dont want to work... :) Learn the secret key that Liz uses to make people buy from the emails she sends to her lists... This little secret if used with every email yousend out can make you more money than most people you know!See my exact blueprint that I use instant commission products to buildhuge lists of BUYERS. These kinds of lists are where you will make 85%of your money. Watch live as Liz shows you how she made almost $10,000 while she taught at this actual bootcamp. She didnt work a day online, butstill made money, and she shows how you can do the exact same thing.In this module Liz will be showing you several ways you can use a blogto make more money in your business. A blog is a powerful versatile toolthat can do many things for you and your business. In this module youll... How Liz uses blogs to make money with Adsense, selling advertising, selling leads, building and selling them, and so much more. Just one ofthese tactics could create a full time income for you. Learn the exact methods I use to get my blog selling and building my lists for me. These tactics can be used in as many niches as you want!Discover how you can use blogs to run your entire business...Liz sharesher entire blogging blueprint all the way from A-Z. This is REALinsider information...How to use your blog to get traffic to any website that you want... Blogsare by nature traffic generating machines when used properly. Learnwhat Liz does to use her blogs to get them sending traffic wherevershe wants. 10. In this module Jeff reveals actual sells processes that he has used on severalof his 6 figure launches to make as much money as possible. Ignorethis and youll be leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table! Inthis module youll...Discover the exact sales process behind Jeffs incredibly Jeff has made hundreds upon hundreds ofthousands of dollars of this site, and hell be revealing everything he putinto this site to make him money. Again... This is REAL insiderinformation that no one isSHOWING you!Learn the sales process that Jeff uses to do nothing but build him a list,and make his affiliates the money. This tactic is what the "big boys" usefor long term profits for themselves, andyoull see it all! See the tools Jeff uses to get his affiliates putting people into his sales process for him! If you dont have a list, this is THE tactic that will buildyou that list and make you money at thesame time.Learn the "little" tactics Jeff uses in his sales process to extract evenmore money from every single sale he makes! This is how you go frommaking a few thousand a year to several thousand a year! How to create a monthly income using your sales process. The best kind of sales are the ones that come in each and every month! :) Jeff will beshowing you easy ways to get people to pay you monthly.In this module Liz shows you all of her tactics for creating products in theInternet marketing niche and other niches. With over 200 products under 11. her belt, Liz KNOWS how to create products, and now wants to teach you todo it too! In this module youll... Learn the entire product creation process Liz uses to create products that make her money over and over again. You can easily take thisprocess and start creating products yourself.How to do research to find out what kind of product a niche wantsto buy. If you dont have what a niche wants, they wont buy from you.Liz shows you how to know exactly what your niche wants! Watch as Liz shows you her RD3 method... Research, Duplicate, Differentiate, Dominate... Those four words make up the RD3 method,and when you follow it, youll have products that your customers willrush to buy! See all the different types of digital products that you can easily create, or have created by others and sell over and over again for profits! How to create products to put into your backend system, so you can make money from the same customers over and over... This is anothergreat tactic that will grow you income.Writing website copy that sell people your products and/or get them tosubscribe to your list is one of the hardest skills to learn, and is incrediblyvital to your success. In this module Liz teaches legendary copywriter JohnHostlers, Chunk Copy Method. In this module youll... Learn all the things you should have in every piece of website copy you create to sell a product... All of these things must be used together in acertain way, and if you mess it up, your sales will suffer.See how to get people reading your copy from the top all the way downto the order button, and how to get them to click on that orderbutton and order. 12. Discover where you should put testimonials, benefits, etc, throughout your sales copy so that people understand what you are offering and WANT IT! Watch Liz as she goes through an entire sales letter and details outeach part of it, so you know exactly what to put in every sales letter youcreate! Get access to the entire Chunk Copy method! In this moduleyoull alsoget access to the entire Chunk Copy course as taught by John Hostler.Traffic is another vital part of your business, and in this module Liz will beshowing you the steps you need to take when getting started with drivingtraffic to any website that you own, andwhat tactics are actuallyworking! In this module youll... Watch as Liz reveals the ONLY place you should ever drive traffic to. Ignore this, and all your traffic efforts will be in vain...Learn what a traffic wheel is (no not a link wheel) and why you need todevelop your own right now, and start using it to drive traffic. This is aVERY important strategy! See that too many traffic tactics can actually hurt your traffic generation efforts. You really only need 3-5 traffic tactics to get as much traffic asyou want. Anything else is wasted efforts! Find out what traffic tactics Jeff and Liz personally use in their traffic generation. These are real strategies that are really working! 13. Jeff has had some of the biggest launches in Internet marketing history. Inthis module hell be showing you in detail what hes done to make theselaunches so successful. In this module youll... See what 2 campaigns are vital to your launch. This tactic alone can take you from a $100 launch to a $100,000 launch! Learn how to get the "big boys" to promote for you even if youre not well known in your niche. The big hitters ARE the key to the success of yourlaunch, so pay close attention to these tactics that Jeff teaches. Discover what direct mail tactics Jeff uses to get all of his affiliate and jv partners promoting for him during his launch. Learn how to create and run a JV blog that gets your affiliate and JV partners total pumped up and fi...</p>