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  • 1. Online MarketingE-Commerce Solutions
  • 2. Online Marketing ServicesThe full menu of Online Marketing Services for your business! Brand- Module Services Marketing E2market has a comprehensive range of online marketing: Newsletter- Performance Brand-Marketing Marketing Marketing Performance-Marketing (Product- Marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC, SMA) Online Display Marketing marketing Social Media Marketing Search Engine Reputation Management. SM- Media - Marketing Marketing Newsletter-Marketing Using this scope of tools, along with web- design, gives the potential to provide SERM- Marketing services for special Promotional campaigns and Viral video creation. .Page 2 LLC 2011 2013
  • 3. Online Marketing ServicesUsing an optimal mix of all marketing tools is proven to increase your sales! Reputation management & PR Branding & Banner advertising Existing customers Special campaigns PPC & context Newsletter SMM SEO PM Website Potential customersPage 3 LLC 2011 2013
  • 4. Brand MarketingBrand Marketing has strategic importance for long term successful business The goal of is creation of brand involvement. According to the specific timing goals of the brand (brand introduction, increase of brand-awareness, re-branding) we develop the strategy and choose the scope of tools to be used. Brand-Marketing has lower conversion than Performance Marketing but it creates the base and is definitely required for long-term business success. 1. Strategy development and optimization 2. Design: Logo and Brand-book development Website development Branding (portals and dedicated sites) Display design (Banner and teaser advertising.) 3. Tracking tool setting 4. Brand-Marketing management, analyzing and optimization 5. Development of special promo-campaigns and managementPage 4 LLC 2011 2013
  • 5. Performance MarketingPerformance marketing is used to find YOUR customers is defined as obtaining measurable return on investment for marketing dollars. Unlike traditional marketing platforms such as TV, print or radio, performance marketing in e-commerce is pay-for-performance. This is a combination of different analytical tools, and creativity to achieve the efficient acquisition of clients for the defined cost. 1. Strategy development and optimization of plans 2. Pre-set guidelines such as: Usability improvements Tracking tool settings Landing page creation 3. Performance Marketing management: Search engine optimization of the site (SEO) Search engine marketing (SEM) and Pay-per-click Marketing (PPC) Display Marketing (Banner & Teaser advertising) 4. Analyzing and optimizationPage 5 LLC 2011 2013
  • 6. Search Engine OptimizationThe Objective is to obtain strong positions in search engine results uses a range of tools applied to your site to gain a high position in search engine results. We provide services from two largest search engines in Ukraine: Google (70% of Ukrainian audience) Yandex (30% of Ukrainian audience) 1. On-page optimization: Site map and robots Correct linking Titles and picture description Meta-tags SEO text preparation 2. Off-page optimization: Copywriting Linking from other websitesPage 6 LLC 2011 2013
  • 7. Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing as a loyalty tool for your customers is a powerful online tool for creating loyalty and brand awareness. Subscribed followers of brand pages will take the information further to friends and family if encouraged to do so. We provide social media services in all major platforms: Facebook, Vkontakte, Google+, Twitter, YouTube 1. Creation, branding and initial settings of the brand groups 2. Constant posting (commercial and fun content) 3. Contests and additional promo activities 4. Application development 5. Promotion and advertisingPage 7 LLC 2011 2013
  • 8. Search Engine Marketing & PPCPPC as the most cost efficient online tool for the evaluation of sales is the core of PPC (pay-per-click) marketing. It is not like usual banner advertising on impressions, but provides a wide range of targeting possibilities, helping to optimize the spend and add efficiency to advertising. SEM is paid advertising in search engines and is the biggest PPC channel all over the world. We work with both of the biggest search engines in Ukraine Google and Yandex. Currently there exists more than 20 different banner and teaser networks locally, that with correct settings and knowledge, will deliver higher results and draw sales. 1. Tracking tools settings 2. Landing page creation 3. Design and text creation 4. Targeting settings and advertising moderation 5. Analyzing results and optimizationPage 8 LLC 2011 2013
  • 9. Search Engine Reputation ManagementImprovement of your reputation online is the artificial influence on search engines results. It helps to decrease the number of negative comments (or their visibility in TOP-10 results) We provide services in the two largest search engines in Ukraine: Google (70% of Ukrainian audience) Yandex (30% of Ukrainian audience) 1. On-page optimization: