One Sis Two Sis Red Sis Meiosis

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One Sis Two Sis Red Sis Meiosis. By Ella Alter and Robbie Baxter. Once upon a time, down in the deepest depths of the ocean, there lived a thriving town of fish. One year this town was very successful. It made a lot of money and was quite prosperous. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of One Sis Two Sis Red Sis Meiosis

One Sis Two Sis Red Sis Meiosis

One Sis Two Sis Red Sis MeiosisBy Ella Alter and Robbie Baxter

1Once upon a time, down in the deepest depths of the ocean, there lived a thriving town of fish.

One year this town was very successful. It made a lot of money and was quite prosperous.

This town was very diverse: Red, blue, green, orange, and black fish inhabited it. With the prosperity of the town and the amazing weather they were experiencing the mayor decided that they should increase the population to make more workers

The towns government decided that the most efficient way to double the towns population would be to use the newly developed Fishyclone3001, and clone each fish.

The cloning was a success and most definitely called for celebration. A town dance was to be held.

The mayor decided that this was the perfect time to have a fin spin jamboree at the local dance hall. Now this dance hall used to be the town hall for the town back when it first began, so it naturally lied smack dab in the middle of town The date was set, the time determined, and the dancing gills were prepared.Grocery StoreHousingDance HallHousingScience Lab.SchoolMallFor those that arent aware of the Fin spin dance:

Line up in two lines, each fish across from his/her partner. (In this case they were each across from their clone.)When the Fishanthem starts, each fish slaps fins with the fish to the diagonal left of them.After slapping gills (which often leads to gills being left behind on fins), spin around three times and run to the wall in front of you.However, this finspin dance took an unfortunate turn. While the fish were running to touch the wall of the dance hall a rumbling was heard all throughout the water. Almost exactly as the fish touched the wall, the ceiling of the dance hall caved in to reveal a huge ship hull had crashed and landed on the town. The fish ran outside the dance hall to see the damage. Ship hull and fragments were piled on top of eachother for what seemed like miles. The fish were stuck.

Fish swam for miles and miles looking for a way through this crashed ship but always came up empty handed. Cries of lonely fish rang throughout the divided town.Mom?Seeing that there was no chance to reunite, each area decided that they should start their own town and attempt to make this new town like their last. And so, we shall make our own town!However, the fish towns forgot to take into account that each new town had certain buildings that were not shared between the two. One town had the science laboratory, the grocery store, and the music store, while the other town had the school, the mall, and the movie theatre. These stores mattered. Soon both towns began to fail because they lacked a building that the other had. The towns needed to save themselves, and fast.What should we doNo options were left. The towns had to use their last resort: LFP, or Little Fish Pills. Usually these helpful pills are used to divide the baby fish from pregnant mother fish, but it was said that they could also split normal fish in two smaller fish. Something risky like this would usually be tested before trying it on everyone, but the towns had no choice. And so the pills were distributed.LFP!And soon enough the pills took affect and the fish began to split rapidly. The plan was a success! Now came the easy part. Each divided fish was given instructions to meet at a certain end of their town at noon the next day.

At noon the next day each fish met at its destined location unknowing of what was coming next. The scientists explained that now that they were divided, each group of fish was to leave the town in a group with a ration of food while they swam to a new town or ran into another group of divided fish. The colonies of fish departed in search of a better life away from their old town. With food, and friends to travel with, everything was alright, life was good.New LifeSymbolism and Comparisons to Meiosis

This story was a representation of the phases of Meiosis:The fish in the story represented the chromosomes within a cell.By having the town grow and prosper and then multiple themselves Interphase was shown.Metaphase I and Prophase I were shown when the fish prepared to do the fin-spin dance. The slapping of fins was like the crossing over of genes that occurs in Prophase I. Them lining up in two lines was like the tetrads lining up at the metaphase plate and because it was not specified which fish in the pair had to go to which side, independent assortment was shown.Anaphase I is shown when the fish run to opposite sides of the wall.Telophase I and Cytokinesis I are shown when the boat crashes in the dance hall and forces the fish to make two new towns.Having the town begin to fail represents Prophase II because in Prophase two the nuclear envelope begins to break down.

Having the fish take the pills represents Anaphase II and partly Telophase II because the chromosomes (fish) become true haploids. Having the fish split can also symbolize the sister chromatids separating like in Anaphase IIWhen the fish meet at opposite ends of the town and eventually leave Telophase II and Cytokinesis II are shown because in those stages the cell fully splits into two haploids and then leaves the area it was in to find another haploid to fertilize with.Bibliography Clipart