One of the World’s Artistic Archaeological Wonders 17 kya Lascaux Cave

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  • One of the Worlds Artistic Archaeological Wonders

    17 kyaLascaux Cave

  • Lascaux Cave Landscapesouthwestern Francenear the Vzre River(say, VIS-air)

  • Lascaux CaveA Teenage Discovery in 1940

  • Painted Gallery

  • Painted Gallery Entrance(stag)Painted Gallery back wall(bison)

  • Great Hall ofGreat Hall of the Bulls

  • Great Hall of the Bulls

  • Main Gallery

  • Main Gallery Black Cow Panel & quadrangular signs

  • Main Gallerys end & shaft

  • Scene of Dead Man, Shaft of the Dead Man

  • Visiting scholars at Lascaux Cave 1940 Abb Henri Breuil: a new cave-art sanctuary has been found

  • Lascaux Cave post WWII Tourist AttractionExcess carbon dioxide, from visitors breath, caused deterioration of paintings by 1955condensation on walls corroded on rock faces, leading to moss and algae.

  • Great Hall of the Bulls at LascauxLascaux closed to the public in 1963

  • Conservation at LascauxCulture Gouv, France; Photo: MCC/DRAC Aquitane/Grotte de Lascaux 2001 colonies of microrganisms , mushrooms, bacteria developed on rock edges and floor.

    * fungicides, antibiotics IMMEDIATELY used to contain the problem.

  • 1980 Life Size Copy of Lascaux Under ConstructionConstruction of cement shell across a wire mesh.This created the skin of the lifesize replica of Lascaux Cave.The shell corresponds exactly in shape to the interior of the original.

  • Projecting images from original onto replica wall of Lascaux CaveLascaux II - open to the public since 1983

  • Cosquer Cave, France 30 kyaCave entrance was not underwater between 19-29 kya (drop in sea levels during late Pleistocene)

  • Cosquer Cave

  • It is interesting to see how the same information can lead to such completely different results.Lawrence Robbins 1983:58

    *Cave art first appeared in Europe 30 kya; aurochs Lascaux Cave, from Guilaine 1991: 62-63.

    *Lascaux area landscape; on the left bank of the river Vzre, Lascaux is set a little apart from the traditional prehistoric sites further downstream, between Moustier and Bugue.The excellent state of conservation of our prehistoric heritage is due to the numerous rock-shelters and natural caves in limestone, which dot the landscape; map shows distribution of caves in the area, including Lascaux.* -- 4 teenage boys discovered Lascaux Cave*Lascaux Cave painted gallery frescoe -

    *Lascaux Cave painted gallery entrance has stag and back has bison -

    *lascaux cave great hall of bulls small stags painted in ochre;

    *lascaux cave great hall of bulls small stags painted in ochre; inset are horse and red bull from great hall of the bulls;**lascaux cave main gallery overall view;*; MAIN GALLERY Black Cow Panel, more fragmented than the Panel of the Imprint which is composed of horses, bison and quadrangular signs. *lascaux cave main gallery end and shaft;

    * lascaux cave scene of dead man in shaft of dead man* -- Abbott Breuil visits Lascaux Cave in 1940.*lascaux cave tourism WWII era*Lascaux cave great hall of the bulls right wall;**See also Dons maps*; lascaux cave construction of cement shell

    *lascaux cave photographic projection helped position figures and walls and relief in reconstruction;*courtesy