One Heart, One Purpose, One God

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Intro to "ONE"


<p>ONE HEART, ONE PURPOSE, ONE GOD</p> <p>ONEUNITY IN DIVERSITY INTRODUCTION The purpose of ONE is: 1. To cultivate unity among youth ministries (Youth Ministries, Christian Fellowships', Organizations) in the city of Ipoh and Perak. 2. A festival and time of celebration for all the youth ministries in Ipoh and Perak. A time of refreshment , encouragement and challenge for youth leaders and those in youth ministry. 3. ONE will be a youth movement solely to bring unity and to empower, encourage and refresh local youth ministries.</p> <p>Copyright 2008 ONE</p> <p>ONEUNITY IN DIVERSITY</p> <p>ONE involves:Prayer Festivals Concerts Conferences Workshops Community projects Business Sports/Games Schools, Colleges, Universities.</p> <p>Copyright 2008 ONE</p> <p>ONEUNITY IN DIVERSITY</p> <p>Vision1. Unity among churches (youth ministries, Christian Fellowships &amp; organizations) in Ipoh, Perak. 3. Encouraging youth leaders and challenging them to keep serving God in youth ministry. 4. Encouraging, Empowering, Refreshing &amp; Challenging youths to be passionate about God and their calling. 5. To pass it on to the next generation.</p> <p>ONE HEART, ONE PURPOSE, ONE GODCopyright 2008 ONE</p> <p>ONEUNITY IN DIVERSITY</p> <p>ONE PRAYER What is ONE prayer?1. ONE prayer is when all the youth leaders and those in youth ministry in Ipoh come together and pray for the city, state and nation for revival and unity. 2. To see His kingdom established in Ipoh,Perak. 3. There will be prayer and worship. 4. To build the spiritual unity and unite our hearts as ONE. 5. Will be held once a month in different churches.</p> <p>Copyright 2008 ONE</p> <p>ONEUNITY IN DIVERSITY</p> <p>ONE NITEWhat is ONE nite? ONE nite is a promo for ONE festival. It will be a concert where bands from other churches can participate. There will be praise and worship, sketches and a message! ONE nite will be done twice a year, once every 6 months. Why have it? To cultivate unity and it will also prepare the working team(youth leaders/workers) to learn to work together and build a stronger bond.</p> <p>Copyright 2008 ONE</p> <p>ONEUNITY IN DIVERSITY</p> <p>ONE FESTIVALWhat is ONE festival?ONE festival will be a 3 day outdoor/indoor festival where youths can come together for a time of celebration. There will be games, music, food, workshops, shows and most importantly the WORD! During the morning there will be games, praise &amp; worship, sessions, and workshops. At night it is open to all. There will be a concert and evangelistic message.</p> <p>Copyright 2008 ONE</p> <p>ONEUNITY IN DIVERSITY Why have it? Its time for the Gods people to come together as one. To celebrate His love and build something that is consistent. This will be something consistent. Something to on pass to the next generation so that they will catch the spirit of unity.</p> <p>Who will be part of it? Everyone and anyone who wants to see unity among Christians in this city.</p> <p>Copyright 2008 ONE</p> <p>ONEUNITY IN DIVERSITY</p> <p>Other ONE projects 1. 2. 3. 4. ONE community ONE student (school ,college &amp; university) ONE games ONE business</p> <p>Copyright 2008 ONE</p> <p>ONEUNITY IN DIVERSITY</p> <p>1. ONE Community- The purpose of ONE Community is for churches and Youth ministries to work together to reach the community. 2. ONE Student - ONE student is basically to reach out to schools, colleges and universities. - Events for CFs, community, leadership workshops, teamwork workshops, evangelism, etc.</p> <p>Copyright 2008 ONE</p> <p>ONEUNITY IN DIVERSITY 3. ONE Games - Inter-church games. To build relationships and get connected with other churches as well as using this for evangelism. 4. ONE Business - To have business workshop, seminars, conference on Kingdom Business. - How businessman (young or old) can partner with the local church and be an influence and impact the marketplace. - To encourage young adults to stay on in Ipoh and see the opportunities available so that they can partner with their local church.</p> <p>Copyright 2008 ONE</p> <p>ONEUNITY IN DIVERSITY</p> <p>ONE TEAMAdvisors: Ps. Ong Hock Huat (FGA, Ipoh) Ps. James Willson (Lifeline Church, Ayer Tawar) Ps. Elijah (Church of Praise) Matthew Dass : Co-ordinator (FGA, Ipoh) Sherene Ng : Assistant Co-ordinator (Harvest Time Sanctuary ) Joshua (Lifeline Church) CGBC (Sharene) Word of Life (Leo) River of God (Ken Raj)</p> <p>Copyright 2008 ONE</p> <p>ONE HEART, ONE PURPOSE, ONE GOD</p>