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  • 1. Japanese conversation & ON-YUDragon Ball Left: Japanese, Right: English17 Fefruary 2014 Erico Nishimoto

2. Onomatopoeia Greek:"making or creating names English: "the imitation of a sound Japanese: "the imitation of a sound, a situation and emotion 3. Japanese Onomatopoeia Combination of Characters (Alphabet: Nishimoto Erico) Kanji: Hiragana: Katakana: 4. Japanese Onomatopoeia Sound of animal: Katakana Bow-wow Chicks are peeping 5. Japanese Onomatopoeia Sound of thing: Katakana She knocks on the door.Biri-Biri He opens a present. 6. Japanese Onomatopoeia Sound of nature: KatakanaSito-Sito: It is drizzling. A gentle rain is falling.Za-Za It rains heavily. The rain pours down. 7. Japanese Onomatopoeia Situation: HiraganaShi-n It is silent.Zawa-Zawa It is noisy. 8. Japanese Onomatopoeia Emotion: HiraganaWaku-Waku She is exited.Ira-Ira He is irritated. 9. On-Yu Japanese onomatopoeia in Manga Word being named by Fusanosuke Natsume in 1995 10. No rules & Image Symbol 11. No rules & Image Symbol 12. No rules & Image Symbol 13. Effect Auditory information Reality & Dynamism More information How? 14. Innovation 15. Innovation 16. Innovation 17. Innovation 18. Cultural Background Rice Culture 19. Cultural Background A-un 20. Rice culture & Onomatopoeia Many words to a fool, half a word to the wise.