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  • 1odebrechtnoticias.com.br / no. 274 / january 2012

    N 260 / JUNHO 2011No. 274 / JANUARY 2012

    Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial:

    Internationalization and Transversality

  • 8 a new project in the arab emirates

    Operating for eight years in the United Arab Emirates, Odebrecht International has won the contract to build the worlds deepest sewage pumping plant, located in the city of Abu Dhabi, the countrys capital.

    10 internationalization and transversality

    With internalization considered one of the macro strategies for fulfilling the 2020 Vision, Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial closed 2011 by consolidating its international presence in different countries.

    N 260 / JUNHO 2011

    4 fonte nova arena opens visitation center

    An interactive space for the public to begin experiencing the new arena in Salvador, Bahia. The Visitation Center at the Fonte Nova Arena, built by Odebrecht Infraestrutura and OAS, was opened on January 19.




    N 260 / JUNHO 2011No. 274 / JANUARY 2012

  • editorial staffODEBRECHT NEWS is an internal newsletter published by the Odebrecht S.A. Business Communication TeamResponsible Journalist: Fabiana CabralEditorial Office: Avenida das Naes Unidas, 8.501, 32 andar, So PauloPhone Number: (55 11) 3096-8171Suggestions: fabianacabral@odebrecht.comWebsite: www.odebrechtnoticias.com.br

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    22 fast news>

    18 bndes releases funds for family homes

    The Igrapina Rural Family Home (CFR-I) and Agroforest Family Home (Cfaf ) have reason to celebrate: the Brazilian National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES) has released the funds for the remodeling and expansion of the teaching units.

    14 innovating in logistics for transportation

    Responsible for the construction of the Embraport Terminal, located along the left bank of Santos Port in the coastal region of So Paulo, Odebrecht Infraestrutura has used some creative solutions for the projects logistics.



  • 4 odebrechtnoticias.com.br / no. 274 / january 2012

    Fonte Nova Arena Opens Visitation Center> 2014 world cup

    An interactive space

    for the public to begin

    experiencing the new

    arena in Salvador, Bahia.

    The Visitation Center at the

    Fonte Nova Arena, built by

    Odebrecht Infraestrutura

    and OAS, was opened on

    January 19.

    The attractions of the

    site, which is assembled

    next to the area of the

    former Tribune of Honor,

    include an outlook with

    a privileged view of the

    construction work. A large

    glass wall allows visitors to

    safely and comfortably view

    The new space presents videos, historical soccer photos, an outlook for visitors to view the progress of the construction work, as well as a model of the Fonte Nova Arena

  • Fonte Nova Arena Opens Visitation Center

    the work being undertaken

    at the site.

    The 98-m2 space

    reveals the multi-use

    characteristics of the

    equipment and creates

    different scenarios for the

    public to interact with

    the new arena features.

    Photography panels

    share the story of some

    of the most important

    moments in Bahia and

    national soccer history

    that occurred at Fonte

    Nova, in addition to some

    of the memorable shows it

    hosted. Blending the past,

    present and future, the

    center also shares some of

    the details of the events

    that are to come.

    During the guided visit,

    monitors are available to

    tell visitors more about

    the stories presented on

    the panels and answer

    questions about the


    The space is open from

    Thursday to Sunday, from

    9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and

    has the capacity for up to 210

    people per day. Group visits

    (up to 30 people max.) should

    be scheduled beforehand

    via the website www.




    One of the attractions of

    the Visitation Center is the

    Fonte Nova Arena model.

    Above it, a special light

    simulates the view that

    fans will have from inside

    the field.

    Starting at the end of

    this month, the space will

    also offer a virtual tour,

    reproducing the details of

    the new equipment, which

    will have 50,000 covered

    seats distributed into three

    levels of grandstands,

    in addition to 70 private

    boxes, panoramic

    restaurants, a cultural

    space, kiosks and parking.


    The Fonte Nova Arena

    Sustainable Space,

    installed inside the

    Visitation Center, is

    another new feature and

    presents the three pillars

    orienting the project:

    social, environmental and

    economic. We created a

    5odebrechtnoticias.com.br / n 274 / janeiro 2012

  • 6 odebrechtnoticias.com.br / no. 274 / january 2012

    > 2014 world cup

    The following individuals were present at the center inauguration, from left to right: Dnio Cidreira, President of Fonte Nova Arena; Jos Luiz Ges, Engineering Director; Elias Dourado, Bahia Subsecretary of Labor, Employment, Income and Sports; and Ney Campello, State Secretary for FIFA 2014 World Cup Affairs

    special place for people

    to learn about some of

    our actions, such as the

    insertion of homeless

    individuals, digital

    inclusion, literacy classes

    for workers, volunteer

    work, recycling and the

    reuse of materials, in

    addition to programs that

    anticipate the operation of

    this equipment, explained

    Lino Cardoso, Marketing

    and Institutional Relations

    Director at Fonte Nova


    In the store that

    operates at the site, the

    visitor can choose between

    two institutions to help:

    OSID (Brother Dulce

    Social Projects) and the

    Ax Project, purchasing

    souvenirs such as pieces

    of the old stadium, bags,

    toiletry kits, cellular phone

    holders and aprons, among

    others, which are made by

    the Ax Project Cutting and

    Sewing Workshop using

    arena worker uniforms.

    The items feature screen

    graphics and design

    signed by designer Luciana


  • 7odebrechtnoticias.com.br / no. 274 / january 2012


    On January 17, the Minister of Sports, Aldo Rebelo, General Secretary of FIFA, Jrme Valcke,

    and the former player and member of the Local World Cup Organizing Committee Board of

    Directors, Ronaldo Nazrio de Lima, visited the construction work for the Fonte Nova Arena.

    Accompanied by the Governor of Bahia, Jaques Wagner, the visitors flew over and walked

    through the construction site. According to Aldo Rebelo, Bahia and Salvador are on schedule

    and have the capacity to host large events. The government has no doubt that the city can

    meet the expectations surrounding its hosting of the World Cup, said Rebelo.

    Jrme Valcke summarized the first part of the visit to Brazil, which began in the city

    of Fortaleza: There is no reason to doubt that the stadiums will be delivered for the

    Confederations Cup and the World Cup, said Valcke.

    The former forward for the Brazilian national team, Ronaldo, spoke to Members of the

    construction project and proposed a challenge. We will create a challenge for the stadiums

    that will be ready this year, he said. Ill form my team and play a team formed by the workers

    before the fields are inaugurated.

    Ronaldo meets with Members and fans during the visit to the Fonte Nova Arena

  • 8 odebrechtnoticias.com.br / no. 274 / january 2012

    > achievement

    Operating for eight years in the United

    Arab Emirates, Odebrecht International

    won the contract at the end of 2011

    to build the worlds deepest sewage

    pumping plant, located in the city of

    Abu Dhabi, the countrys capital. The

    sanitation project will benefit some three

    million inhabitants by 2032.

    With investments of US$ 362 million,

    the contract is the largest in the history

    of the Abu Dhabi Sewage Company

    (ADSSC). The construction work for the

    sanitary sewage system sewage pumping

    plant is set to begin in March of this year,

    with an estimated conclusion in March


    According to Paulo Suffredini, Contract

    Director, the plant will be located

    100 meters deep and have a width

    of approximately 50 meters, with the

    capacity to pump a final flow of 39 cubic

    meters per second. The collected sewage

    will be carried along a tunnel, already

    being constructed, to two independent

    A New Project in the Arab Emirates

    Illustration shows the new Abu Dhabi sanitation project.

  • 9odebrechtnoticias.com.br / no. 274 / january 2012

    treatment plants that have already been

    built in Al Wathba.

    The pumping plant will be installed

    at the end of the 44-km tunnel and

    is designed on a slope, beginning

    approximately 25 meters deep and

    ending at nearly 100 meters. The tunnel

    will be constructed in this way so that

    gravity itself will transport the waste,

    explained Paulo Suffredini.

    According to Suffredini, the part of

    the project falling under Odebrechts

    responsibility represents a f