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  • Before we begin, we would like to take a moment to thank you for booking with Omar Lopez Photography Studios! We are so exicted to begin working with you and for giving us the opportunity to capture every moment with beautiful photos that will last a lifetime. Omar Lopez Photography Studios would like to ensure you are extremely satisfied with what we have to offer. To do so, its important that we take the time to discuss your vision.

    Thank You!

    Omar Lopez Photography

  • There are many beautiful places to take photos, it just depends on the style you are looking for. Let us know your favorite locations; maybe its a place that has meaning to you, a beautiful scene or just someplace that has charm and elegance. If you dont have any ideas, we can suggest a few options.During your pre-session for your shoot, it is important to plan the right amount of time so we can accomplish all the poses you wish to shoot. This is where you and the photographer can get to know one another. At Omar Lopez Photography Studios, we strive on understanding your vision to achieve your ideal looks. We can also suggest locations depending on the season and the best time to have your

    photo session. Please feel free to have as many meetings as needed to make sure we have a clear plan.To start out, we suggest a first look session before the event when we have more time to get just the right poses. If you have a specific shot in mind, just let us know and Im sure we can make your ideas come alive. Remember, the best shots always come out better when you are yourself. Having this session to yourself can be a nice and relaxing beginning to a great night!Next, we will transition into the event shots which will be all candid, so you dont have to worry about a thing. We want to make sure you get all the photos you desire with your family and friends.



    Omar Lopez Photography

  • EngagementSessionTips To Help You Prepare for Your Engagement Shoot

    1. Think about brining at least one alternative outfit.

    2. If possible, only you and your fianc should attend the engagement session; its easier to commuicate your thoughts.

    3. Try not to bring bags, purses and cell phones to the session. Leave what you can at home or in your automobile. This is to ensure a beatiful photo and not have anything bulky in your pockets.

    4. When choosing your wardrobe, avoid busy patterns, logos and bright colors in order to draw attention to your faces.

    5. Have your outfit cleaned and pressed; even the smallest wrinkle is easily noticed in photos. For outdoors sessions during the day, check if your outfit needs an undershirt if you are wearing white or semi-transparent clothing. Try to avoid wearing thick materials and bulky items. Only wear heavy clothes if necessary.

    6. Put some thought into what you want to wear during your session. You may like to wear a piece of jewelry that has meaning to you. Keep in mind that jewelry should be kept at a minimum as to not be distracting. Also, feel free to bring along any props you may want in the photos as a representation of you.

    7. Make sure facial hair is well groomed and neatly trimmed or even treat youself to a haircut. But, dont try a new hairstylist for the first time before your session. Make sure a great cut is guaranteed.

    8. It is likely that your hands will be in some photos. Make sure your hands are moisturized and that your nails are properly manicured for the best photographs.

    9. Think about wearing complimentary colors and styles, while keeping it simple. Solid black, white, pastel, khaki and denim combinations look great together.

    Omar Lopez Photography

  • Its your day and you shouldnt have to worry about hair and make-up. Let someone who is experienced do it for you. Hair stylists and make-up artists know how to emphasize your best features, choose color palettes that will look amazing with your complexion and choose the right hair style for your face shape. If you dont have anyone in mind, we can refer people who will help you look your best on your special day.

    Hair &Make-up

    Omar Lopez Photography

  • YourWeddingThe Benefits of a Photo List To ensure we can capture everyone you want to take photos with, lets create a list so no one is missed. We can plan out exactly who you want a photo with and check off their names throughout the day. This list can be given out to your wedding party, friends and relatives so everyone knows where to be and when to take photos.

    An organized wedding shoot means I spend less time gathering guests into position and more time taking photos, which means you have more creative options to choose from.Writing down exactly who you want in your photos to make it easy to follow direction the day of your wedding. For example:

    Photo #1: Parents with the couple and their names

    Photo #2: Grandparents with the couple and their names

    Photo #3: Group and their names

    Photo #4: Bridesmaids

    Photo #5: Groomsmen

    Photo #6: Couple with bridal party

    Please provide the names and relationship of the people youd like in your photos to allow us to get to know everyone a little and keep the day running smoothly.

    Details such as humorous stories or background information is an added bonus that can lead to great shots. Knowing an inside family joke means I can have everybody laughing and capture natural-looking photos. Learning about your love of football can lead to creative beach shots. The more information you can provide, the more opportunities open up for great wedding photos.

    Omar Lopez Photography