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Olmecs By: Darian Cook, Drew Wilson, Adam Franckowiak, Dana Sheets

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Text of Olmecs By: Darian Cook, Drew Wilson, Adam Franckowiak, Dana Sheets

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  • Olmecs By: Darian Cook, Drew Wilson, Adam Franckowiak, Dana Sheets
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  • Background:
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  • Date The Olmecs developed their culture in 1100 BC and then declined around 400 BC. First Indian Civilization known.
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  • The Map The Olmec people were Pre-Colombian people who lived in tropical lowlands in south-central Mexico. Modern day states the civilization was in contains Veracruz and Tabasco By the gulf of Mexico
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  • civilization.html civilization.html /Olmec /Olmec olmecs-and-how-they-vanished-from-history/ olmecs-and-how-they-vanished-from-history/
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  • Religion Olmecs practiced a religion that is still practiced to this day by Africans in the Emali region and Nigeria. Religious practice of Thunder worship where an ax is a prominent feature. Olmec worshippers placed an emphasis on the significance of children in their religious practice.
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  • Religion Cont. Man of Crops- boy who chose to give his life so his people could grow food Rain Spirit- male presence; powerful rain god Jaguar- human/animal form of God They were a polytheistic group.
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  • Government They were basically a theocracy because they centered their life around the three gods although they didnt have a preacher. There are no recorded rulers but researchers believe there were because of colossal heads and other sculptures With their control over materials such as water and monumental stone, they could control their people
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  • /Olmec /Olmec
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  • Decline/Collapse Around 400 B.C the great Olmec city of La Venta taking the Olmec classic era with it fell. Because Europeans didnt explore the region until 2000 years later, no one really knows what how the Olmec empire declined. /The_Olmec/a/The-Decline-Of-The-Olmec- Civilization/html
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  • Agriculture Olmecs grew grain such as wheat, barley, and rice. Foods ranged deer, oceltos, rabbits, and turtles, beans, avocados, and tree fruits. Because of the abundance of resources Olmecs were able to plot fruit trees. Olmecs relied mainly on maize.
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  • Art Built huge nine feet tall stone emblems of their Gods and rulers. Monumental Statuary Small jade work Most of the Olmec artwork is highly styled and used as iconography reflected of religious meaning.
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  • /Olmec /Olmec ons/innovators/vanderwarker.html ons/innovators/vanderwarker.html
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  • Economy/Trade Olmecs traded many foods they grew with far away people in present-day Mexico and Central America. Olmecs imported the ritually important jade and other important materials. Also traded grains like wheat, barley, rice, beans, avocados, and fruits.
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  • /innovators/vanderwalker.html /innovators/vanderwalker.html /olmec /olmec
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  • Social Classes
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  • Developed a calendar 3,113 years Before Christ Carved twenty-two colossal stone heads in Southern parts of Mexico First to build pyramids in Mexico Developed a number system Developed a writing system Achievements
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