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Oil Paintings, Watercolours and Prints Auction: Wednesday 13th October at 11am.Lyon and Turnbull33 Broughton PlaceEdinburgh EH1 3RR


  • 18ALEXANDER MACPHERSON R.S.W.(SCOTTISH 1904-1970)LOW WATER, LA ROCHELLESigned, watercolour33cm x 42cm (13in x 16.5in)Exhibited:Glasgow Art Club, 1941200-300

    19ELIAS STARK (DUTCH 1849-1933)THE HERD COMING HOMESigned, oil on canvas54cm x 37cm (21in x 14.5in)300-500

    20P*** ROBERTSLIGURIA OF LIVERPOOL IN A GALEIN THE BAY OF BISCAYSigned, inscribed Napoli 1883,gouache, unframed and anothermarine gouache by Tomasso deSimone (2)34cm x 60cm (13.25in x 23.5in)400-600

    21GEORGE MELVIN RENNIE(SCOTTISH 1874-1953)A HIGHLAND GLEN WITH A BURNRUNNING THROUGH ITSigned, oil on board30cm x 25cm (12in x 10in)300-500

    2219TH CENTURY SCOTTISH SCHOOLBALMORAL CASTLE WITHBLUEBELLSWatercolour30cm x 45cm (12in x 17.5in)300-500

    23DAVID FARQUHARSON A.R.A.,A.R.S.A., R.S.W., R.O.I.(SCOTTISH 1840-1907)A SHADED BURNSigned, oil on board19cm x 29cm (7.5in x 11.5in)300-500

    1ALEXANDER FRASER JUNIORR.S.A., R.S.W.(SCOTTISH 1828-1899)THE HAY FIELD, CRAIGMILLARCASTLE IN THE DISTANCESigned and dated 1877, watercolour41cm x 61cm (16in x 24in)300-500

    2DAVID ALISON R.S.A., R.P.(SCOTTISH 1882-1955)FRESH BREEZESigned, oil on board36cm x 54cm (14in x 21in)Provenance:T & R Annan & Sons, Glasgow400-600

    3WILLIAM BRADLEY LAMONDR.B.A. (SCOTTISH 1857-1924)RETURNING FROM MARKETSigned, oil on canvas34cm x 45cm (13.25in x 17.75in)500-800

    4ROBERT JAMES ENRAGHT MOONY(BRITISH 1879-1946)NEAR CHAPEL PORTH, NORTHCORNWALLSigned, pastel22cm x 29cm (8.75in x 11.5in)400-600

    5ROBERT JAMES ENRAGHT MOONY(BRITISH 1879-1946)PINES AND SEA NEAR MOUNTHAWKE, CORNWALL C. 1938Signed, pastel23cm x 28cm (9in x 11in)400-600

    6TOM CAMPBELL(SCOTTISH 1865-1943)WHALE ISLAND, SOUND OF HOY,WET SANDS HEBRIDESSigned, watercolour36cm x 54cm (14in x 21in)300-500

    719TH CENTURY SCOTTISH SCHOOLPORTRAIT OF A LADY WITH ABONNETOil on canvas74cm x 61cm (29in x 24in)200-300

    8JOHN HENDERSON(SCOTTISH 1860-1924)AUTUMN LEAVESSigned, oil on canvas44cm x 60cm (17.25in x 23.75in)1,000-1,500

    9FOLLOWER OF MARIOTTOALBERTINELLITHE VISITATIONOil on canvas, ornate wood-carvedframe88cm x 64cm (37.75in x 25in)Note:The original composition is in the Uffiziin Florence400-600

    10A** J** GRONEWEGEN(19TH CENTURY DUTCH)FEMALE FIGURE IN A LANDSCAPESigned, watercolour33cm x 25cm (13in x 10in)300-500

    11SIR WILLIAM ROTHENSTEIN(BRITISH 1872-1945)FARMYARD IN BURGUNDYSigned and dated 1908,watercolour, unframed30cm x 41cm (12in x 14in)200-300

    12JAMES HERBERT SNELL(BRITISH 1861-1935)APPLE BLOSSOMSigned, signed verso, oil on canvas48cm x 71cm (19in x 28in)400-600

    13MARY JAYNE(19TH CENTURY BRITISH)FISHING VILLAGE VIEWSigned and dated indistinctly, oil oncanvas29cm x 44cm (11in x 17.25in)200-300

    14HARRY HUDSON RODMELL(BRITISH 1896-1984)THE OLD FLEETERSigned, oil on board49cm x 65cm (19in x 25.5in)500-700

    15THOMAS CORSAN MORTON(SCOTTISH 1859-1928)STILL LIFE OF ROSES ANDORANGESSigned, oil on board32cm x 36cm (12.5in x 14in)Provenance:Alex Reid & Lefevre300-500

    16JOSEPH SHARP (BRITISH fl. 1880-1910)WAVES BREAKING OFF THESCOTTISH COASTSigned, oil on canvas44cm x 75cm (17.25in x 29.5)500-700

    17ALFRED WILLIAM HUNT(BRITISH 1830-1896)MOORED BOATSWatercolour24cm x 36cm (9.5in x 14in)and another by the same hand, apair (2)Exhibited:Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool600-800


    Wednesday 13th October

    at 11am

    Sale Number LT297

    Colour images of all lots are

    available on our website at



    Sunday 10th October 2pm - 5pm

    Monday 11th October 10am - 5pm

    Tuesday 12th October 10am - 5pm

    Morning of Sale strictly by appointment only


    Elena Ratcheva

    Nick Curnow

    Enquiries and Commission BidsTel. 0131 557 8844 Fax. 0131 557 8668 email. info@lyonandturnbull.comwww.lyonandturnbull.com

    Written Enquiries:Lyon and Turnbull Ltd.33 Broughton PlaceEdinburgh EH1 3RR

    Oil Paintings, Watercolours and Prints

  • 42HUGH CAMERON R.S.A., R.S.W.,R.O.I (SCOTTISH 1835-1918)THE OLD TRUNKSigned, oil on canvas38cm x 51cm (15in x 20in)500-800

    43STUART PARK(SCOTTISH 1862-1933)WHITE ROSESSigned, oil on canvas75cm x 62cm (29.5in x 24.25in)1,200-1,800

    44WALLER HUGH PATON R.S.A.,R.S.W. (SCOTTISH 1828-1895)IN THE HIGHLANDSSigned, watercolour24cm x 35cm (9.5in x 13.75in)1,000-1,500

    45ARCHIBALD KAY R.S.A., R.S.W.(SCOTTISH 1860-1935)GORSE FROM CALLANDER TOABERFOYLESigned, oil on canvas, artist labelverso39.5cm x 60cm (15.5in x 23.5in)600-900

    46JOHN COPLEY(BRITISH 1875-1950)ALBERTINA AND CARNATIONSEtching, signed23cm x 22cm (9in x 8.75in)200-300

    47FREDERICK GOLDEN SHORT(BRITISH 1863-1936)A BIT OF THE FORESTSigned and dated 94, oil on board26cm x 37cm (10in x 14.5in)300-500

    48SIR HERBERT JAMES GUNN R.A.,P.R.P., R.S.W. (BRITISH 1893-1964)LOCH TAYOil on board42.5cm x 35cm (16.75in x 13.75in)Provenance:Agnews, London500-800

    49CHRISTINA PATERSON ROSSR.S.W. (SCOTTISH 1843-1906)MENDING THE NETSSigned, watercolour33.5cm x 46cm (13.25in x 18in)200-300

    50MANNER OF BIRKET FOSTERWAITINGWatercolour30cm x 40cm (12in x 15.75in)250-400

    33ROBERT RUSSELL MACNEE R.I(SCOTTISH 1880-1952)HIGHLAND CATTLE ON A HILLSIDESigned, oil on canvas61cm x 76cm (24in x 30in)800-1,200

    34DONALD A. PATON (SCOTTISH fl. 1890-1906)THE GLOW OF A WINTERS EVENEAR BRIDGE OF DUNSigned, watercolour17cm x 25cm (6.75in x 9.75)300-500

    35DONALD A. PATON (SCOTTISH fl. 1890-1906)THE SUN HAS CLOSED THEWINTERS DAY, IN GLEN FALLOCHSigned, watercolour17cm x 25cm (6.75in x 9.75)300-500

    36ROBERT MACAULAY STEVENSONR.S.W. (SCOTTISH 1854-1952)ROMANCE (A MOONLITLANDSCAPE)Signed, oil on canvas71cm x 101cm (28in x 39.75in)1,000-1,500

    37FOLLOWER OF JOHN FREDERICKHERRINGIN THE FARMYARDBears signature, oil on canvas56.5cm x 82cm (22.25in x 32.25in)300-500

    38JAMES R. GILLIFINAN(SCOTTISH 20TH CENTURY)STILL LIFE OF ROSESSigned, oil on canvas46cm x 59cm (18in x 23.25in)300-500

    39H** AIRD(SCOTTISH 19TH CENTURY)S.S UNITED KINGDOM OFGREENOCKSigned, inscribed and dated 1862,watercolour23cm x 34cm (9in x 13.5in)150-250

    40FOLLOWER OF THOMAS HUDSONPORTRAIT OF WILLIAMSHENSTONE, POETOil on canvas74cm x 62cm (29in x 24.5in)1,000-1,500

    4119TH CENTURY BRITISH SCHOOLSAILING BOATS IN A SQUALLOil on canvas29cm x 49cm (11.5in x 19.25in)300-400


    2419TH CENTURY AUSTRIANSCHOOLSTILL LIFE WITH FLOWERS AND ALADY BIRDOil on canvas59cm x 49cm (23in x 19in)500-700

    25ALEXANDER ROCHE R.S.A.(SCOTTISH 1861-1921)DESERTED BEACHSigned, oil on board26cm x 34cm (10in x 13.5in)500-700

    26EARLY 19TH CENTURY BRITISHSCHOOLWASHERWOMEN AT A GREEKTEMPLEWatercolour34cm x 25cm (13.25in x 9.75)and another by the same hand (2)250-400

    27JOHN WATSON MCLEA(SCOTTISH fl. 1832-1861)SHIPPING NEAR LEITHSigned, oil on canvas19cm x 30cm (7.5in x 12in)400-600

    28EWAN GEDDES R.S.W.(SCOTTISH 1866-1936)AT CRAMMOND BRIGSigned, watercolour29cm x 38cm (11.5in x 15in)300-500

    29SIR JAMES LAWSON WINGATER.S.A. (SCOTTISH 1846-1924)A COUNTRY LANESigned, oil on canvas41cm x 51cm (16in x 20in)500-700

    30JAMES GARDEN LAING R.S.W.(SCOTTISH 1852-1915)ANTWERP CATHEDRAL INTERIORSigned and inscribed, watercolour44cm x 29cm (17.25in x 11.5in)200-300


    32JAMES HALL CRANSTOUN(SCOTTISH 1821-1907)PERTH SEEN FROM A DISTANCEWITH A COTTAGE AND FIGURES INTHE FOREGROUNDSigned, oil on canvas42cm x 60cm (16.5in x 23.5in)800-1,200

    51JOHN PEDDER(BRITISH 1850-1929)WINDEMERE FROM LAUGHRIGGSigned, watercolour22.5cm x 33cm (9in x 13in)500-700

    52ROWLAND LANGMAID(BRITISH 1897-1858)FISHING BOATSEtching, signed16.5cm x 35cm (6.5in x 13.75in)150-250

    53SCOTTISH SCHOOLCOASTAL LANDSCAPE, IONASigned with initials RGH,watercolour on bone6cm x 7cm (2.25in x 2.75in)250-350

    54ALBERT DUNINGTON(BRITISH 1860-1928)THE HERDSigned, oil on canvas43cm x 34cm (17in x 13.5in)300-400

    55AFTER CLAUDE LORRAINEBOAT COMING INTO A CLASSICALHARBOUROil on canvas57cm x 72cm (22.25in x 28.25in)300-500

    56DAVID MOTLEY(SCOTTISH 19TH CENTURY)AS THE CROW FLIES, LOCHACHRAYSigned, signed, inscribed and dated1897 verso, oil on canvas91cm x 61cm (36in x 24in)300-500

    57ALEXANDER LEGGATT (SCOTTISH c. 1828-1884)THE YOUNG FISHWIFESigned, oil on canvas50cm x 60cm (19.75in x 23.5in)700-900

    58DAVID HICKS(BRITISH 19/20TH CENTURY)A DESERTED HIGHLAND LOCHSigned, oil on canvas61cm x 84cm (24in x 33in)300-500

    59JOHN W. MORRIS(SCOTTISH 1865-1924)SHEEP GRAZING BY A LOCHSIDESigned, oil on canvas60cm x 50cm (23.5in x 20in)300-500

    Colour images of all lots are available on our website at www.lyonandturnbull.com


    78TOM PATERSON(19TH/20TH CENTURY SCOTTISH)TWO CHILDREN ON THE DUNESSigned, watercolour25cm x 34cm (9.75in x 13.25in)300-500

    79COLIN HUNTER A.R.A., R.S.W., R.I.(SCOTTISH 1841-1904)THE MORVEN HILLS FROMLISMORESigned and dated 189144.5cm x 90cm (17.5in x 35.5in)500-700

    8020TH CENTURY SCHOOLSEASCAPEOil on panel50cm x 72cm (19.5in x 28.25in)200-300

    81EDWARD DUNCAN R.W.S(BRITISH 1803-1882)VILLAGE IN SUSSEXSigned and dated 1883, watercolour25cm x 34cm (9.75in x 13.25in)200-400


    83JOSEPH DENOVAN ADAM R.S.A.,R.S.W. (SCOTTISH 1842-1896)COWS GRAZING AT SUNSETSigned, oil on canvas19cm x 29cm (7.5in x 11.5in)Provenance:Phillips sale, Edinburgh, 7th October1977, lot 25300-500

    84WILLIAM LIONEL WYLLIE R.A.(BRITISH 1851-1931)SHIPPING IN PORTSMOUTHHARBOUREtching, signed8.5cm x 33cm (3.5in x 13in)and another by the same hand, apair (2)300-500

    85JOHN HOUSTON R.S.W. (SCOTTISH 1856-1932)THE MORNINGS EXERCISESigned, watercolour30cm x 20cm (12in x 8in)250-400

    86ALFRED EDWARD BORTHWICK(SCOTTISH 1871-1955)PLAYTIME IN THE FARMYARDArtists label verso, oil on canvas16.5cm x 24.5cm (6.5in x 9.75in)250-400

    69WILLIAM LIONEL WYLLIE R.A.(BRITISH 1851-1931)H.M.S. ORIONEtching, signed27.5cm x 20cm (10.75in x 8in)200-400

    70BERNARD R. LACHEVRE(FRENCH 1885-1950)WHITE STAR LINER TITANICSigned, inscribed and dated 1910,watercolour and bodycolour25cm x 35cm (9.75in x 13.75in)250-400

    71BERNARD R. LACHEVRE(FRENCH 1885-1950)HILARY, BOOTH LINE, LEAVINGHAVRESigned and dated 1909, signed andinscribed verso26cm x 37cm (10in x 14.5in)250-400

    72WILSON HEPPLE(BRITISH 1853-1937)THE HAYCARTSigned and dated 1912, watercolour54cm x 36cm (21in x 14in)600-800

    73LEOPOLD RIVERS(BRITISH 1852-1905)POTATO PICKERSSigned, watercolour35cm x 54cm (13.75in x 21in)600-900

    74LOUISE PERMAN(SCOTTISH 1854-1921)PINK ROSESSigned, oil on canvas34cm x 44cm (13.25in x 17.25in)800-1,200

    75REV. JOHN THOMSON OFDUDDINGSTON H.R.S.(SCOTTISH 1778-1840)CASTLE WITH HORSEMENOil on panel, unframed26.5cm x 37.5cm (10.5in x 14.75in)400-600

    76MCNEIL MACLEAY (SCOTTISH fl. 1829-1848)HIGHLANDER IN A GLENSigned and inscribed Edinburgh,oil on canvas30cm x 40cm (12in x 16.5in)and another by the same hand, apair (2)1,500-2,000

    77PAUL SOREL(20TH CENTURY BRITISH)BOUQUET OF FLOWERSSigned, oil on canvas92cm x 72cm (36.25in x 28.25in)400-600

    60ROBERT BUCHAN NISBET R.S.A.,R.S.W., R.B.A., R.W.S., R.I.(SCOTTISH 1857-1942)PLOUGHINGSigned, watercolour17cm x 22cm (6.75in x 8.75in)300-500

    6119TH CENTURY BRITISH SCHOOLHALF-LENGTH PORTRAIT OF ASEATED LADYOil on canvas90cm x 70cm (35.5in x 27.5in)Note:This is likely to have been painted as amarriage portrait, because of theprominence of the wedding ring on herhand.300-400

    62A** R** BRANDENYACHT AT FULL SAIL IN CALMSEASSigned, oil on canvas50cm x 70cm (19.75in x 27.5in)300-500

    63A** R** BRANDENTWO SCOTSMEN ROWING OFF THECOASTSigned, oil on canvas36cm x 50cm (14in x 19.5in)150-250

    64MASON HUNTER A.R.S.A., R.S.W.(SCOTTISH 1854-1921)HARBOUR SCENESigned and dated 1905, oil on board24cm x 35cm (9.5in x 13.75in)250-400

    6520TH CENTURY BRITISH SCHOOLHMS OCEAN IN A TYPHOON OFFJAPANInscribed, gouache41cm x 57cm (16in x 22.5in)and another, HMS in Fair Weatherby the same hand, a pair (2)400-600

    66JOHN WATSON MCLEA (SCOTTISH fl. 1832-1861)VIEW OF RESTALRIG, EDINBURGHSigned and dated 1850, oil on board28cm x 39cm (11in x 15.25in)600-800

    67LUCIEN POIGNANT(FRENCH 1905-1941)WELLSigned, oil on canvas54cm x 43cm (21.25in x 17in)400-600

    68MCNEIL MACLEAY (SCOTTISH fl. 1829-1848)LOCH SCENESigned and dated 1878, oil oncanvas40cm x 67cm (16in x 26.25in)600-800

    87EVELYN L (LT COL) ENGLEHEART(BRITISH EARLY 20TH CENTURY)HERBACEOUS BORDER,BROCKLEY ENDSigned, watercolour18cm x 28.5cm (7in x 11.25in)Provenance:Frost & Reed, 1939300-500

    88GEORGE MELVIN RENNIE(SCOTTISH 1874-1953)OVERLOOKING A HIGHLAND GLENSigned, oil on canvas25cm x 34cm (9.75in x 13.25in)300-500

    89JOSEPH MORRIS HENDERSONR.S.A. (SCOTTISH 1864-1936)AUTUMN TINTSSigned, oil on canvas50cm x 60cm (19.75in x 23.75in)Provenance:T & R Annan & Sons, Glasgow600-900

    90WILLIAM BRADLEY LAMONDR.B.A. (SCOTTISH 1857-1924)THE SHEPHERDSigned, oil on board24cm x 29cm (9.5in x 11.5in)Provenance:Malcolm Innes Gallery400-600

    91JAMES LITTLE (SCOTTISH fl. 1875-1910)A VEGETABLE STALLSigned and dated 1880, oil oncanvas25.5cm x 42cm (10in x 16.5in)300-500

    92ARCHIBALD RUSSELL WATSONALLAN (SCOTTISH 1878-1959)BLOSSOM IN A CHINESE VASESigned, pastel75cm x 55cm (29.5in x 21.5in)600-800

    93AFTER GEORGE MORLANDMEETING BY THE ROADOil on canvas32cm x 38cm (12.5in x 15in)150-250

    94FOLLOWER OF GEORGE LESLIEHUNTERSTILL LIFE OF ROSESOil on canvas, unframed51cm x 38.5cm (20in x 15.25in)250-400

    95SCHOOL OF EUGNE BOUDINMOORED BOATSBears signature, oil on canvas30cm x 45cm (12in x 17.75in)400-600

  • 121MARGARET THOMAS(BRITISH 20TH CENTURY)RIVER ROOFTOPSOil on board29cm x 59cm (11.5in x 23in)Provenance:Sally Hunter Fine Art, London300-500

    122ANDREW HEMINGWAY(BRITISH b. 1955)INTERIOR OF A SHED WITH SACKSSigned and dated 1980, watercolour71cm x 48.5cm (28in x 19in)Provenance:Brockwood Park School, Hampshire.300-500

    123DONALD MOODIE R.S.A., P.S.S.A.(SCOTTISH 1892-1963)ARTICHOKESigned, pastel22cm x 20cm (8.5in x 8in)150-250

    124LIN PATTULLO (SCOTTISH b. 1949)COTTAGES WITH FIELDSSigned, oil on canvas19cm x 24cm (7.5in x 9.5in)150-200

    125LIN PATTULLO (SCOTTISH b. 1949)COTTAGE, WESTEROSSSigned, oil on board10cm x 16cm (4in x 6.25in)100-150

    126DAVID EVANS R.S.A., R.S.W., R.G.I(SCOTTISH b. 1942)JOHN F KENNEDYOil on canvas90cm x 54cm (35.5in x 21.25in)400-600

    127GEORGE DONALD(SCOTTISH b. 1943)NINE TRANSLATIONS FROM THECHINESEA folio of nine prints signed andnumbered, an edition of twelvefolios, this one numbered 857cm x 38cm (22.5in x 15in)300-500

    128FOLIO OF TWELVE ARTISTSPRINTSTHE SEA! THE SEA!by Lindsay Ellis, Arabella CrumEwing, Dougla Gray, Jane Hyslop,Henry Kondracki, Gail Lemasurier,Ian MacIntyre, Robert Maclaurin,Michael McVeigh, Susan Norrie,Joan Smith, Peter Standen, eachsigned, inscribed, folio numbered18/40, only ten folios sold as a set.SHeet size: 57cm x 38cm (22.5in x15in)300-500

    96ALEXANDER FRASER JUNIORR.S.A., R.S.W.(SCOTTISH 1828-1899)A BEECH GLADESigned and dated 53, oil on board28cm x 48cm (11in x 19in)500-700

    97FRANK J. EGGINTON(IRISH 1908-1990)BELTRA, COUNTY SLIGOSigned, watercolour35cm x 52cm (13.75in x 20.5in)200-300

    98GEORGE MURRAY A.R.C.A.(SCOTTISH 1875-1933)FLORASigned, watercolour53c...


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