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  • Official Rules Strava Developer Challenge 2016

    These Official Rules (including the Strava Privacy Policy and the Strava API Agreement) govern the Strava Developer Challenge 2016 (Challenge) and state the terms and conditions between Strava, Inc. (Strava) and each participant (Entrant).


    The Challenge is intended as a skill contest for software applications or websites (Apps) developed by Entrants that leverage the Strava application programming interface (Strava API). Strava-appointed judges will review and evaluate Apps submitted by qualified Entrants, and choose winners in accordance with these Official Rules.

    The goal of the Challenge is to recognize the innovative work accomplished by Stravas community of developers. The Challenge is intended to encourage the development of Apps that help Strava athletes unlock their potential under the following pillars:

    1. Build Community: Enables athletes to strive by taking part in the most engaged community of athletes in the world.

    2. Inspire Athletes: Putting the athlete first and building Apps that support their athletic goals.

    The Apps should demonstrate innovation and usefulness, and must integrate with Strava.


    2.1. The Challenge starts on August, 6, 2016 at 12:00 AM Pacific Time ("PT") and ends on October 6, 2016 at 11:59:59 PM PT ("Challenge Period").

    2.1. In this Challenge, Strava is the official timekeeper of the Challenge Period. The Challenge phases are noted in the calendar below. The dates are approximate and are subject to change at Stravas discretion.

    Note: Entrants are responsible for determining corresponding times based on their location.


    3.1. The Challenge is open to individuals who are at least eighteen (18) years of age or older (or age of majority in his or her country, state or jurisdiction of residence if the age of majority in said area is greater than 18) at the time of entry (each, an "Entrant").

    3.2. Individuals may enter as a sole Entrant or as part of an "Entrant Team" comprised of up to ten (10) participants.

    3.3. By submitting an App, Entrants agree that their use of the Strava API is subject to the terms and conditions of the Strava API Agreement found at the URL:

    3.4. Employees of Strava and their immediate families and household members (whether related or not) are not eligible to enter or win.

    3.5. This Challenge is subject to all applicable country, federal, state and local laws. By participating in the Challenge, each Entrant and all members of a participating Entrant Team, as applicable, unconditionally accept and agree to comply with and abide by these Official Rules. The decisions of Strava are final and

    Phase Start End

    Submission August 6th, 2016 September 6th, 2016

    Judging September 6th, 2016 October 1t, 2016

    Winners announcements October 6, 2016

  • binding, including Stravas right to verify eligibility, to interpret these Official Rules, and to resolve any disputes relating to this Challenge at any time.

    3.6. Persons entering as part of a company or on behalf of their employer acknowledge that these Official Rules are binding on their employer and further warrant that the company and/or employer has full knowledge of participation and has granted consent for participation. Strava will honor any employer policy regarding receipt of a prize by an employee.

    3.7. An Entrant can submit more than one App as an individual Entrant and/or as a member of an Entrant Team, as long as the Apps are not the same (i.e. duplicate submissions of the same App not permitted).

    3.8. All national and local laws and regulations of the residents country of residence apply. Residents of countries under U.S. embargo are not eligible to enter. The contest is void wherever it is restricted or prohibited by law.


    4.1. The App submission period starts on August, 6, 2016 at 12:00 AM PT and ends on September 6, 2016 at 11:59:59 PM PT (Submission Period).

    4.2. Before the Submission Period closes, Entrants must upload their App to http:///labs.strava/com/developers and provide the entry information at the URL ("Challenge Site"). Required entry information includes, but is not limited to:

    Entrant Name (Individual, Company Name or Entrant Team Name) Entrant Contact (if different from above) Athlete ID/ Strava API ID Entrants e-mail address Entrants mailing address

    App/Website Description App installation instructions and/or URL Demo/video to present their Apps: (2 mins max.)

    (collectively, a "Submission").

    4.3. Entrants may submit more than one Submission.

    4.4. For Entrant Teams, only the one (1) individual completing the Submission will be responsible for visiting the Challenge Site and submitting on behalf of their Entrant Team.

    4.5. Submission is not complete until all the online prompts and instructions to upload have been properly followed and the Official Rules have been affirmatively accepted. By entering, Entrants acknowledge compliance with these Official Rules.

    4.6. By entering a Submission, the Entrant warrants and represents that he/she (or the Entrant Team if applicable) is the creator/author of the App and any other materials submitted, that the information provided is accurate and true at the time submitted, and that he/she consents to Stravas use of the Submission, the App and any other materials forming part of the Submission, in the Challenge.

    4.7. Each Submission must comply with the App Technical Requirements and entry terms set forth below in order to be eligible.


    5.1. App specifications must be consistent with the Strava API documentation provided by Strava.

    5.2. The App must integrate with Strava and make use of one the Strava API.

    5.3. Neither the App nor the Entrants must violate the Strava API Agreement.


  • 5.4. Apps may not be updated or changed once an Entrant uploads it as Submission until after the App Judging Period has ended and the winners are announced.

    5.5. The App must be designed for the English language, and may be available in other languages, at the Entrants option. The App must also be available for use by Strava athletes in the U.S., and other countries, at the Entrants option.


    6.1. Determination of compliance with entry, technical, and creative requirements and these Official Rules will be in the sole discretion of Strava and designated Judging Panel. By entering, Entrants warrant that the Submission:

    a. is the original work of the Entrant/Entrant Team or an update to an original work of the Entrant/Entrant Team;

    b. does not contain any use of names, likenesses, photographs, or other identifying elements in whole or in part, of any person, living or dead, without permission (proof of which must be provided to Strava upon request in a form satisfactory to Strava);

    c. does not infringe or violate the rights of any third party, including but not limited to, copyrights, trademarks, logos, copyrighted material not owned by Entrant (other than Stravas related materials), contract and licensing rights, rights of publicity or privacy, moral rights, or any other intellectual property rights;

    d. is not subject to any third party agreements, and that Strava will not be required to pay or incur any sums to any person or entity as a result of its ownership, acquisition, use or exploitation of the entries or rights therein;

    e. was made with the understanding that any required permits from local authorities or other permissions have been obtained and is documented sufficiently such that Entrant can show proof of such permission upon request from Strava;

    f. does not contain hateful content of any kind (including without limitation racism, sexism, etc.), content which promotes violence or harm to another living creature, or any other offensive, obscene, or inappropriate content, the determination of which shall remain in the sole discretion of Strava;

    g. does not promote any activity that may appear unsafe or dangerous; h. does not contain reference to any political agenda or party; and that Entrant/Entrant Team

    indemnify Strava from and against any cause of action, complaints, or other claims arising out of the breach of any of the foregoing warranties.

    7. PRIVACY:

    7.1. Entrant acknowledges and agrees that Strava may collect, store, share and otherwise use personally identifiable information provided by Entrants during the submission process and the Challenge, including, but not limited to the Entrants name, mailing address, phone number, and email address.

    7.2. All information collected is subject to and will be used in accordance with Stravas Privacy Policy (, including for administering the Challenge and verifying Entrants identity, postal address and telephone number in the event an entry qualifies for a prize.

    7.3. Each Entrants information may also be transferred to countries outside the country of Entrant's residence, including the United States. Such other countries may not have privacy laws and regulations similar to those of the country of Entrant's residence. Strava will take all reasonable steps so that Entrants personal information is treated securely and in accordance with Stravas Privacy Policy and these Official Rules in respect of such transfer, but will not otherwise take steps to ensure compliance wit