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Office Productivity Tools 2

Laboratory Exercise # 2 Formatting PresentationsObjectives: At the end of the exercise, the students are expected to be able to: v Add slides and change slide layouts. v Modify the fonts size, type, face, and style, according to preferences. v Format paragraphs and bullets. v Set the page orientation. v Check the spelling and the grammar. Materials: 3 floppy disk Note: All exercises should be saved in your data disk and must be submitted to your instructor after every laboratory session. Files to be used: Activity3xxx.ppt Basic Information: The Formatting Toolbar To format text in a presentation means to change its font type, size, and style. The Formatting toolbar gives access to the most common formatting commands you can apply to a text or paragraph such as font type, size, style, color, and alignment.

Working with Slides and Layouts PowerPoint slides may include text, drawings, charts, outlines and/or graphics. Each PowerPoint slide is made up of different placeholders. The AutoLayout dictates how these placeholders are arranged on a slide. There are three types of placeholders in a PowerPoint slide: A title placeholder, an imaginary box that holds the title of the slide. A text placeholder holds other text, like a bullet list lines, or paragraph text. An object placeholder holds objects such as graphics, charts, media clips, etc. Slide Layouts When you are creating a new presentation or editing an existing one, slide layouts are useful in helping you choose how you want your slide to look like. A PowerPoint slide layout contains placeholders where you can type titles or bulleted lists and insert objects like charts, pictures, and videos. Placeholders are easy to use because each is labeled clearly. Just follow what is written and youll be done with your presentation in no time! To apply a slide layout, select Slide Layout on the Task Pane list. Select the layout you want to apply to your slide by clicking on a layout. You can apply different layouts on different slides or you can select all slides in your presentation and apply a single slide layout.

Laboratory Exercise 2 Formatting Presentations

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