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Created by: Hinojosa, Alvarado, & Winters. Of Mice & Men - Geographer. Born on February 27, 1902. He was raised in Salinas Valley. Had his early education there. Graduated from Salinas High School. He married three (3) times. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Of Mice & Men - GeographerCreated by: Hinojosa, Alvarado, & Winters

John Steinbeck info-

Born on February 27, 1902.He was raised in Salinas Valley.Had his early education there.Graduated from Salinas High School. He married three (3) times.His first wife Carol was very involved in his career his only wife ever involved.Gwyn Conger, his second wife, mother of his two (2) sons Thom and John.In 1949, he met his third (3rd) wife, Elaine. She and Steinbeck were very bonding toward each other, and had remained together in New York and Sag Harbor. Steinbeck later died in New York City on December 20, 1968. His ashes are buried in his family plot in Salinas, California.

Steinbecks Relationship to Salinas ValleyMany wonder what his relationship was with Salinas valley.However, he did leave Salinas Valley and moved to NYC Stanford for a brief amount of time.He did mention that he enjoyed living a simpler life in Salinas valley.Most of his literature is based in small towns that resembles Salinas.

Steinbecks Timeline- CAREER1935- Commonwealth Club of California Gold Medal for Best Book by a Californian.1936- The Novel of 9136 Prize (In Dubious Battle.)1938- New York Drama Critics Circle Award (Of Mice and Men.)1939- Member National Institute of Arts and Letters1940- Pulitzer Prize Fiction Award ( The Grapes of Wrath.)1946- King Haakon Liberty Cross ( The Moon is Down.1948- Member American Academy of Arts and Letters1984- He won a Gold Medal for all his work!!!

NOTE TO SELF: His OLDEST son Thom has his awards.

Real jobs in Salinas Valley-They dont have much, if they do jobs are listed below...

Farm fields- which is harvesting the crops, and managing the field.Teaching, not a lot of elementary schools, middle schools, or high school.There are also job offerings at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KseHhn8lNTE&feature=player_embedded

Salinas Valley in Cali!(: #snow#1973