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GE Healthcare

Compact design. Clinical versatility.OEC Fluorostar*7900 Digital Mobile C-arm

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Compact system with a small footprint. Platform modularity. Point and shoot usage.Vascular capabilities. Superb image quality.What more could you want from a flexible surgical C-arm?

OEC Fluorostar 5 solutions in a unique design

Fluorostar7900 Compact

Fluorostar7900 Compact2

Fluorostar7900 Series

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CompaMonitor Cart & C

Fluorostar7900 Compact Plus

Fluorostar7900 Compact2 Plus


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Compact design to fit every environmentA compact design equipped with singleor dual high-luminance 19" flat-screenmonitors makes the OEC Fluorostar 7900Compact a first option for confinedoperating rooms and a true clinicallyversatile product eliminating the needfor a separate monitor cart.

The compact design maximizes spacearound the surgical table and bringsimaging excellence into smaller operating spaces to provide strong return on investment.

Modular flexibility to meet your needsFluorostar brings a unique plugand play design offering severalconfigurations to fit all accessneeds in the ORs. Choose up to4 screen configurations thanksto the compact Monitor Cart

option. Its small footprint and light-weight design allows users to easilymaneuver in and out of operating theatres, emergency rooms and privateclinics.

Value & VersatilityThe OEC Fluorostar can address a broadrange of clinical applications where you need it. From the ER, OR, ICU, bronchoscopy lab, to surgery centers,or doctors offices, you can leverage the strength and clinical versatility ofthe compact quality system.

ICU / CCUCatheter placement and managementis an effective use of the OEC Fluorostarsystem. Its compact size and affordabilitymakes this system a valuable tool forany ICU/CCU department.

Emergency roomThe OEC Fluorostar can give you theability to image right in your emergencyroom. Great for quick diagnoses whentime is of the essence.

Bronchoscopy labThe OEC Fluorostar can track the progression of a bronchoscope duringa bronchoscopy procedure.

Surgery centersWhen there are space constraints, but basic imaging is desired, the OECFluorostar is a great solution.

Physician officesManaging large patient volumes canslow down the efficiency of a successfuloffice practice. The compact point-and-shoot feature allows for quick diagnosisand patient workflow management.

& C-Arm

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7900 why?GE Healthcare continuesits technical leader-ship in fluoroscopicimaging with theOEC Fluorostar7900. It bringsa high qualityimaging systemfocused on helping surgeonsand their staff increasing patient

care and productivityin the OR. Combining

compact design, modularsystem with optional monitor

cart & multiple applications, for versatileclinical environments, Fluorostar 7900was designed with an aim to meet your expectations in urology, endoscopy, orthopedics, vascular and cardiology.It is also suitable for neurological applications, applications in intensivecare, and accident & emergency.

It goes where you need to go.

Fluorostar7900 Compact Plus

Fluorostar7900 Compact2 Plus

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Superb Image Quthat can make challenging procedures simple

The Fluorostar 7900 provides superbhigh-quality imaging that ensuresconfidence in performing complicatedprocedures. The combination of high-

resolution CCD- Camera and 1k x 1kimage processing offers an excellentoptimal imaging for daily procedures.

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Dose conscious technologyReduce dose with the precision thatcomes with the confidence of qualityimaging.

With just one image, in-depth diagnosisand intervention can be accomplishedthrough the various image-viewing capabilities of the Fluorostar.

The Fluorostar helps align anatomy withprecision by using laser aimers fromboth Image Intensifier and tube-side.

PreView Collimators enable placementof shutter/iris collimators prior to X-Rayexposure, reducing overall dosage topatient and staff.

To further reduce dosage, the systemallows users to easily select fluoromodes, such as pediatric option, halfdose or pulsed, for imaging anatomy at optimal mA and Kv levels.

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Exquisite details

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Extendedclinical capabilities Grab cineruns without a subtractionThe Fluorostar Cine module providesacquisition frame rates for cinerunsbetween 1 frame per second and up to 25 frames per second for better General & Vascular procedures.

Thanks to an easy to select intuitive touchscreen interface and to its

advanced post-processing capability,you can save up to 540 individualimages from the same acquisition.

Making the most of your C-ArmThe Fluorostar Vascular module supportssubtraction, peak-opacification androadmapping functionality for peripheralvascular applications.

With the unique footswitch togglemode, the surgeon has control and can easily switch between Fluoro, Cine,Subtraction and Roadmapping modes.

Advanced noise reduction feature,with as up to 16 images averaging, provides superb image quality in continuous and pulsed fluoro.

Do you need to capture a run or see an obstructionin a vessel?

Designed to provide productivity& flexibility in the OR, Fluorostaris fully packed with Cine & Vascular options to extend yourclinical capabilities giving youthe opportunity to acquire cine or vascular runs ideally for peripheral vascular procedures.

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Fast pulse mode: Designedfor productivityEasily save dose to patient and staff in the OR by selecting the Fast pulsemode with between 1 to 8 pulses per second.

Users can select the high level pulsemode, providing 1 pps to 8 pps at fixed8.0 mA for high dense anatomy if needed.

Fluorostar's true 1k x 1k image processing offers excellent image quality in all modes.

Enhanced postprocessingpossibilitiesThe proven dual-side touchscreen interface gives the user all postproces-sing functions at a glance.

Using the simple touch-screen pad, the cinerun can be trimmed, adjustedon window & level and reviewed fromslowmotion to fast speed.

The unique zoom and roam functionsenhance the interested area. Save the changes for future reviews with one button click.

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Learn your way aro Touchscreen interface The Fluorostar is operated by a simple dual-sidetouchscreen, allowing user accessibility from either left or right side of the C-arm.

One-level menu operations allow users to quicklymove through menus by simply touching optionson-screen, eliminating the need for keyboard ormouse. Easily progress on the dual touchscreensand select icon for imaging mode such as:

Patient annotation Image adjustment options Live image tools Post image processing


Quick orientation! Everything isat your fingertips. The touchscreen on the Fluorostar feels natural.Image can be rotated, negated, collimated andmagnified so you getthe most out of everyimage. As a result,this helps reduce procedure time andoverall dosage.

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around in a minuteConnectivity solution Store more. Transfer easily. The Fluorostars connectivity functionalitieshelp increase workflow efficiencies in any clinical applications. Fluorostar comes with an excellent amount of internal storage - upto 60,000 images. Quickly record images in a ready-to-use formatusing the CD/DVD. Want to expand your workspace? The USB offers a portable formatthat can be used to quickly transfer images to a computer.

Integrated DICOM with MPPS Up-to 60,000 image storage hard drive USB Port for plug-and-play image storage and transfer to review on a station or a personal computer in bmp and jpeg format Export images to USB or CD/DVD in DICOM (DCM), JPEG (JPG) or Bitmap (BMP).

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