Objectives In this lesson you will learn to use Subject Pronouns, Possessive Adjectives and Object Pronouns. Students will be able to write 10 sentences

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  • Objectives

    In this lesson you will learn to use Subject Pronouns, Possessive Adjectives and Object Pronouns.

    Students will be able to write 10 sentences using subject pronouns, possessive adjectives and object pronouns.

  • PRACTICE Handout:

    Simple Present or Present Continuous

  • SlatesReview

    Simple Present vs Present Continuous

  • SlatesWhat am I (Melissa) doing?

    Melissa is rolling the ball.

  • Subject PronounsWhat are subject pronouns? they are:

    "I," "you," "he," "she," "it," "we," and "them."

  • ReviewDeaf Tutor: Subject Pronouns

    DVD: Lesson 12

  • Subject PronounsSingularPlural1st personI We2nd personyouYou (you-all)3rd personhetheyshe it

  • Subject PronounsObject Pronouns

    Mr. Garcia sent her the money.

    Subject Pronouns WHO? Mr. Garcia (He) Example: (I, he, she, it, we, you, they)

    OBJECT pronouns - Who he sends it to (her). Example: (me, him, her, it, us, you, them)

  • Subject PronounsObject PronounsSubject PronounsObject pronounsImeHehimSheherItitWeusYouyouTheythem

  • ExampleDecide which is the Subject Pronouns and which is the Object Pronouns in the following sentence.

    Mary is going to fix me a sandwich. Subject Pronoun

    Object Pronoun

    Mary (She)meMary is going to fix the sandwich for WHO?.

  • Subject/ Object Pronouns

    mehimherHe gaveita present.usyouthem

    Subject Pronouns Object Pronouns

  • What is Possessive Adjectives?

  • ReviewPossessive Adjectives

    Deaf Tutor DVD: Lesson 27-30

  • What is Possessive Adjectives?Possessive AdjectivesIMyHeHisSheHerItItsWeOurYouYourTheytheir

  • Possessive AdjectivesMy, your, his, her, its, our, and their are the possessive adjectives. They are used before a noun to show possession or ownership.

    Example:That's my folder. (My is an adjective which shows that I am the owner of the folder.)

  • Possessive AdjectivesMyHisHerItsOurYourtheirIm calling my sister.Theyre talking about their grandchildrenShes visiting her friends.Are you talking to your mother?

  • Possessive AdjectivesSubject PronounsPossessive AdjectivesObject PronounsImymeHehishimSheherherItitsitWeourusYouyouryouTheytheirthem

  • Example:What are you doing?I am fixing my sink.

    Whats Bob doing?Hes fixing his car.

    What are your children doing?Theyre doing their homework.

  • SlateWrite down the subject pronoun, possessive adjective and object pronoun.

    He drove his car.

    The dog caught its frisbee, and it gave it to her.

  • Closure1.)Write two sentences using Possessive Adjectives.

  • Time ExpressionsEvery day/week/weekend/month/yearEvery morning/afternoon/evening/nightEvery Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/ . . . Every Sunday morning/ afternoon/evening/nightEvery January/February/March/ . . .

    Once aTwiceday/week/month/yearThree times a

    All the time

  • Time ExpressionsExamples:I call her every Sunday morning.They talk about them all the time.She goes to Yoga every Monday evening.I play Frisbee once a week.

  • How Often?Page 7

    Who are you calling?Im calling my sister in San Francisco.How often do you call her?I call her every Sunday evening.Subject PronounPossessive AdjectiveObject PronounTime expression

  • How Often?Page 7A. What are George and Herman talking about?B. Theyre talking about their grandchildren.A. How often do they talk about them?B. They talk about them all the time.Subject PronounPossessive AdjectiveObject PronounTime expression

  • In class:SbS page 8 #1-10

  • Closure1.)What did you learn today?

    2.) Write one sentence using Subject Pronoun, Possessive Adjective and Object Pronoun.

  • WIPWrite in your journal about yourself, your family, and your interests. (p.9)


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