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FMSi OBDII Track & TraceMobile Based Application TutorialPresenter Name:Presentation Date:

Understand your driving behavior and visualize the data from FMSi OBDII tracking device installed in your vehicle.








After successful installation go to applications and open DriveProfiler

Enter the username and password provided to you by FMSi. Make sure Server address remains the same as above.

Tracking Vehicles(locate)

Once you login select the vehicle from the list.

It will show the last recorded position of the vehicle on the MAP.

Map can be switched from street to satellite anytime from top-left corner.

To see all the vehicles together on the map select Vehicle Group.


After the vehicle(s) is selected, it will automatically load all its trips sorted as latest ones on the top.

All trips lie in three different colors. They help us identify the driving behavior.- Green: the trip was safe, there was no exception recorded.- Amber: there were few exceptions.- Red: they were too many violations.

All the trips can be categorized as personal or business from Trip Details tab. It will help us get the Usage details on monthly basis, that totally how many KMs are driven in this month.

NOTE: if the trip category is not selected then under usage it will show all the driven KMs as unspecified.


Once a single trip is selected it will give the details on that specific trip.

Driver FeedbackTrip UsageTrip Start & End - Time - Location - Distance Travelled - Total Duration

Old trips can also be plotted on the Map by selecting the Plot button on the top right corner.- Green Mark indicates trip starting position- Blue Mark indicates trip ending positionIf well tap on any of the mark it will give the coordinates.


Once the critical notifications are active you can view them under Notifications tab.

Tap on any of the notification to get the details.


Thank YouAny Questions?ivmshelpdesk@fms-international.commention OBD and Reg # in the subject