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Oakland Unified School District · PDF file Advanced Placement 19 . Violence Prevention 19 . Conflict Resolution 19 . Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) 20 ... AP Calculus AB/AP

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  • Oakland Unified School District

    Instructional Services Support Oakland’s Teachers

    And Administrators

    Instructional Services is committed to improving Oakland schools by partnering with teachers, administrators and school communities to measurably improve student achievement. We provide effective, high quality consultation, curriculum support

    and coaching services.




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    Instructional Services has provided this directory of services to ensure that schools have the opportunity to take advantage of the many services provided by our division. The list of services is a living document and will change due to funding and district sponsored initiatives. Do not hesitate to contact the program managers listed to find out what can be done to support your staff or students. Put our expertise and experience to work in your school or division!

    Consulting We facilitate planning and provide expert information on core content areas, district and school initiatives, compliance and more:  Review curriculum, instruction and assessment practices  Facilitate long term school initiative planning  Support programs and assist with compliance, including English Language Learner Program and

    other mandated programs  Assist with linking standards to instruction  Identify appropriate outside consultants and resources Curriculum and Initiative Support We provide tools, best practices and interventions to support strategic work and instructional leadership:  Develop assessments and evaluation tools  Support understanding and collection of valid and reliable data  Assist in analysis of qualitative and quantitative data and lead discussions about implications for

    future instructional practices.  Develop and disseminate best practices, exemplars and roadmaps for instruction.  Develop and continuously maintain quality curriculum tools, products and services.  Identify strategic professional growth for initiatives  Monitor implementation of district initiatives  Coordinate subject area initiatives  Integrate technology  Support use of Edusoft and/or other district assessment tools  Select and implement intervention strategies

    Coaching We provide strategically focused coaching services that are connected to the district as well as school site goals and vision, using the cycle of inquiry:  Build coherent, whole school coaching models for school sites  Train and coordinate site coaches  Coach leaders (principals, NExO’s, and teachers (pre-K – 12 and special education)  Individualize professional development  Support New Teachers

    Executive Officer, Mary Buttler: 879-8601 [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]

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    Title Page Elementary English Language Arts 4

    Secondary English Language Arts 6

    Math 7

    Science 12

    Elementary English Language Learner 13

    6-12 English Language Learner 14

    Academic English Development (AED) 15

    Curricular Programs 17

    Textbook Services 17

    Social Studies 17

    World Languages 18

    Physical Education 18

    Gifted and Talented (GATE) 18

    Advanced Placement 19

    Violence Prevention 19

    Conflict Resolution 19

    Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) 20

    California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) 20

    Instructional Technology 21

    New Teacher Support and Development 22

    Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) 25

    School Improvement and Incubator Coaching Services 26

    College and Career Readiness Office 28

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    ELEMENTARY ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS                                Manager, Mary Pippitt-Cervantes: 879-8608 [email protected]

    Program/Service Description

    MOCHA integrated with Open Court (MOCHA – Museum of Children’s Art)

    Collaboration of VAPA and K-5 ELA to integrate art into the core reading program, Open Court. A week-long summer institute is provided to teams of interested teachers. Artists from MOCHA provide year-long follow-up in-classroom coaching and demonstrations.

    Developing and distributing Pacing Guides See our fabulous new electronic guide for ELA standards at Pacing guides for Open Court and Foro Abierto are also available on the district website.

    Developing Response To Intervention (RTI) Guidelines

    Guidelines for the implementation of Tiers 1, 2, and 3 as well as recommended programs for addressing each Tier of Intervention. Training and support for DIBELS/IDEL, the new assessment tool for K and 1 classrooms. Ongoing support and training for sites wishing to utilize the progress monitoring aspect of this tool.

    Content coaching and support for ELA implementation

    ELA Coaches and Coordinator provide site coaching and support to principals and ELA site coaches on ELA Program implementation (Open Court), and ELA Intervention through Walkthroughs and feedback.

    Content coaching and support for Elementary Network Officers and their principals

    ELA Network Coaches and Coordinator provide coaching and support to Network Officers and principals on ELA Program implementation, Tiered Intervention, and RTI, PLCs, professional development plans, assessment reports and data analysis.

    ELA Implementation Rubric Tool developed by a team of ELA site and network coaches for the purpose of guiding the discussion during observation debriefs. Helps describe levels of ELA implementation from beginning to masterful.

    Principal Small Group Inquiry Facilitation Facilitation of principal inquiry groups for all elementary networks. Weekly full day inquiry meetings. In addition to facilitating the inquiry process, coaches assist with agenda planning, resources, protocols and research materials.

    Reading Leadership Team Monthly meeting of key district stakeholders for the purpose of coherence around preK-5 ELA. Meetings usually begin with a walkthrough at an identified school site.

    Personnel for Frontloading training This institute prepares teachers to effectively teach language throughout the instructional day, with particular emphasis on how to link language instruction to reading instruction using the Open Court Reading Program and the Open Court English Learner Support Guide. ELA literacy coaches provide this training in collaboration with ELL program.

    mailto:[email protected]

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    Professional Development for Coaches Coaching and professional development to 27 site based coaches

    Standards Maps for each unit in K-5 ELA instructional materials

    Tool developed by coordinator and ELA site coaches to connect the standards-based benchmark assessments to the units of instruction. Developed in collaboration with grade-level teams at various sites.

    Summer and Fall Professional Development for Classroom teachers and coaches

    These institutes prepare teachers to effectively teach the core reading/language arts program throughout the instructional day.

    Support for site-based CIC and Professional Learning Communities

    Coaching and professional development to site based coaches on effective facilitation and coaching practices.

    Support at sites for assessment ~ distribution, scanning, data analysis (Mostly Reading First sites + a few additional sites)

    Training, distribution, and scanning for all assessments K-5 for all K-5 benchmark assessments. Analysis of results and instructional next steps for all grades K-5 during site-based CIC.

    Wireless Generation Pilot Coordination of the use of electronic assessment system (DIBELS/IDEL) at 10 sites. Interface with provider to assure system functions at each site. Collaboration with OUSD Research and Assessment to facilitate the formatting of reports for district and site purposes.


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    SECONDARY ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS                                            Manager, Sarah Breed: 879-8272 [email protected]

    Program/Service Description

    Writing Proficiency Project Project provides Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) with tools and resources necessary to engage in a site-based cycle of inquiry around writing instruction. Initiative includes the Process Writing Assessment (PWA) for grades 4-9, a grade-level sequence for expository writing with a priority-writing genre for each grade level, a teacher leader network, intensive summer PD with BAWP, and high school participation in CSU’s Expository Reading and Writing Course.

    English-Language Arts Instructional Guide The blueprint for rigorous standards based instruction. Essential Standards are identified for OUSD. Access our electronic guides and instructional resources for ELA at

    Secondary ELA Benchmark Assessments 09/10 ELA Benchmarks will measure the same eleven Essential Standards three times during the academic year.

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