Oahu and Hawaii Beach Weddings: Capture every Moment Of Your Wedding Day with The Best Photography

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If you are looking to have a wedding on the beach, Oahu weddings are known as the best type of beach wedding to have. With the combination of the beautiful white sandy beaches and the romantic feel of a secluded beach wedding.


  • The first package we offer is the Patriot Package. This package is created with military couples in mind that need to get married in a hurry before they are deployed overseas. Sometimes quick can mean lower quality, but Dream Weddings Hawaii guarantees that your quick Oahu weddings photograph will be of the highest quality you can imagine.

  • We also offer a video coverage option by the Oahu wedding photographer, which allows you to capture HD footage of your wedding day. We have two video options and the first one is the one camera ceremony video coverage. This option includes HD coverage of the entire ceremony of your Hawaii wedding. It includes wireless microphones and 3 DVDs unprinted. The only thing about this option is it does not include color correction, but it is still a great option if you desire to video your beach wedding.

    The second video option is the video edit upgrade, which gives you everything that is included in the original package, plus 2 HD cameras that are all recording the ceremony, which gives you 3 angles of the video footage. The footage in this option is edited and color corrected so it turns out beautifully.

  • This option will also include two 15-20 animated slideshow of pictures at the start and finish of the ceremony video, and the music of the slideshow is completely your choice.

    Hawaii weddings are absolutely beautiful, and if you are having a beach wedding, you will definitely want to make sure to capture it with a brilliant photographer. Dream Weddings Hawaii offers great prices with excellent quality for your photography and videography needs on your special day. Make your breath-taking moment last forever with our photos and videos.


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