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  • Raphael Howards: I tell this to you. Im here not going to waste anymore time. I must say

    that my father is a great and efficient leader until you caught his eye that led to his

    downfall and ineffectiveness.

    Neferea: I dont know what you are talking about. I cannot say Howards is ineffective.

    He is the right guy who united every kingdom, made an empire for himself and

    continuously served as a righteous leader till his disappearance.

    Raphael Howards: My majesty, are you making fool of me through your sick sense of

    sarcasm? It is so narrow for my father to unite everything in your name. Putting your

    noble name in his heart as the only thing that gave him the motivation to assure the

    foundation of Ezarra in which I have more valid reasons to do than he ever did!

    Neferea (standing): You gotta learn how to respect Emperor Howards. He did the

    impossible of taking control of the realm even his enemies and those who stood the way

    were more powerful and grander than him. I know your father and he is willing to take

    risks for a new fulfilled life not only for himself but also for every one of us.

    Raphael Howards: Oh its good to hear from the one who greatly benefited from his

    noble job

    Neferea: I dont know how to say this. I have seen your father enduring much hardship

    and crying within just to get right with all of us. I dont want to be some arrogant

    individual or something. To be honest, without me in his heart, he will still be wandering

    aimlessly in this hostile planet. Even you have no future because he will have no

    foundation. Without me, your father will never ever unite this hostile planet because there

    are times our help is greatly needed by him to keep his foes at bay. We even helped him

    defeat his greatest opponents. If there is no inspiration then there is no heart to continue

    hard to the goals completion. And I suggest, you are stepping in a foreign nation and

    talking with her queen, you should learn to respect me or I should call the guards to take

    you away. One thing more, without your father, you are nothing because he brought you

    along with your mother into this world.

    Raphael Howards: There is due in everything Merea! Enjoy your last moments of

    independence because sooner than later, I will take my fathers due by conquering your

    kingdom to achieve things greater than he can ever dream of.

    Neferea: I expect your best in it! Guards! Take this man away!

  • Neferea (removing her headdress): I expect the best in you. If you want to conquer us,

    you gotta give your best shot. Im counting on it..

    After the guards attempted to escort Raphael away, Raphael told Neferea that there is no

    need doing it because he is willing to leave Civi Island in his own. While Raphael is

    strolling out of the palace he saw his sister Agotamun, who is now adopted by the House

    of Merea as a tribute of his father to Neferea. Raphael also saw a young Aliya Stargazer

    and sported a lustful look on the young lady which dreaded her. Going out of the palatial

    complex, Raphael saw huge statues of Neferea supposedly erected by his father and

    sported a defiant look on the proud Civi monarch.


    1. Rayn Ezarra: Rayn Ezarra started in Emperor 1 as one of Melchizedek Harrisons

    adopted children along with Aliya Stargazer. As young boy, he always admired

    his foster fathers prowess in battle and wisdom. Rayns destiny is forever

    changed when Harrison was assassinated by one of Howards men forcing him to

    a life of an exile with his best friend Aliya being adopted into the House of

    Merea. Through the years, he harbored deep hatred to the Ezarran administration

    and vowed to punish Emperor Howards of what he did. Rayn Ezarra was

    introduced as joining a group of barbarians wanting to infiltrate the Ezarran

    government but fate has different plan for him. Rayn Ezarra was joined by his

    former rival Andsuke Toyama and Kathe Ezarra his girlfriend who secured the

    loyalty of a formidable Ezarran army to topple the foundation of Howards

    administration. Less he knew that his best friend Aliya is also there with him not

    knowing that Aliya has a number of Merean troops at her side when things goes


    2. Kathe Ezarra: Howards second daughter, a member of the Ezarran Royal family.

    Kathe Ezarra saw her fathers tyranny resulted to the murder of her foster mother

    and his involvement with the Abbess Lily to impose her false religious system in

    Ezarra. Unable to endure what her father is doing, Kathe set off in a dangerous

  • journey to find allies to finally have the strength and determination to end his

    fathers tyranny once and for all.

    3. Andsuke Toyama: A Shitenian daimyo, originally regarded as one of Howards

    strongest allies along with his father until an unfounded accusation of conspiracy

    which led to the death of his father. As a result, Andsuke shied himself from the

    ever stern and reluctant Shitenian government setting off into the ends to finally

    be the one who will bring down Ezarras tyrannical government. In the Ezarran

    lands, Andsuke got the trust of the migrants, the Tondonians and even a

    mysterious figure known as Jakks Scizor to build him an invincible fortress as a

    base to attack the Ezarran leader. Unfortunately for Andsuke, Rayn Ezarra and his

    barbarians nearly destroyed his once invincible fortress but with his strong sense

    of honor and mutual respect, Andsuke assured Rayn of his alliance and together

    they planned to shatter Ezarra into its very foundations.

    4. Aliya Stargazer: Rayn Ezarras childhood friend. Though she is raised by both

    Harrison and Merea respectively, Aliya remained a mysterious figure even to

    Rayn Ezarra. Aliya is originally adopted by one of Hosins generals Melchizedek

    Harrison along with Rayn Ezarra. Her fortune took another chapter when Harrison

    was murdered. Aliya was eventually adopted by Queen Neferea while her friend

    Rayn Ezarra went to a life of exile. Searching for her lost friend, Aliya ventured

    into Tondonia but unfortunately her destiny took for the worse being abused by

    Raphael Howards underworld gangster and his lust for her. Scarred by the

    tragedy, Aliya vowed to protect all women from violence. Aliya eventually

    caught up with Rayn Ezarra and together they inflicted major damage to the

    Ezarran dictatorship by removing its grip on the Tondonian underworld

    organizations. Refreshed and renewed after joining with Rayn Ezarra, they set the

    stage that will change the history of Ezarra forever. Aliya also serves as Rayn

    Ezarras adviser and emotional pillar in times of need. Compared to Kathe, Aliya

    understood Rayn more fully thats why the two are so mutually close as if they

    are inseparable!

    5. Ovecha or Ovy: Ovy is the Shitenian wife of Jakks Scizor. Loyal and strong, she

    is constantly aware that even though Shitenians are stronger than the Ezarrans,

  • Shitenians will eventually succumb to the demands of Howards Ezarra. There,

    she continuously studied chemistry paying it off by always helping her allies in

    times of need.

    6. Commander Ibrahim Antonious Rodent: Known as Commander Rodent to his

    peers, Rodent also felt the horror and despair when his country is being threatened

    to the always expanding Ezarran aggression. Shunned by his compatriots to

    defend Protopolia decisively against Ezarra, he was eventually discharged and

    became accustomed to a life of a rebel along with his loyal followings of bombing

    Ezarran buildings and inflicting terror among the ones who were blinded by

    Emperor Howards twisted ideals. Though he is regarded as one of the greatest

    threats Ezarra has faced to its national stability, Rodent was eventually caught and

    imprisoned deep within Ezarra. After his escape through his connections with

    Andsuke, Rodent is more than willing to give his service to end the horror that is

    happening in Ezarra. He is always aided by his most trusted friend Miss Piggy.

    7. Reynaldo Wolfpack: Rey is born in the tough streets of Tondonia until migrating

    with his parents to Ezarra for a greener pasture. Even in a young age, Rey

    demonstrated great fighting skills which caught the eye of Augustus. Under

    Augustus and his promoters, Rey was introduced into the brutal world of fighting

    and excelled into it. He even went defeating the best fighters the game could offer

    until Augustus brother Fernando wanted him to lose forcing him to fix the fight.

    Unable to cope with a possible fall in grace, Reynaldo in fury killed Fernando in a

    banquet leading to his imprisonment. Disappointing Augustus and his allies,

    Augustus gave Rey a punishment worse than death. Rey is being cast down

    unconscious into the body of a multidimensional demon Goatface seemingly for

    eternity. Without Reys protection Augustus and his circles took Reys family as

    hostage until Rey will finally recant and apologize for his misdeeds. Rey saw a

    glimmer of hope in Rayn Ezarra who offered him freedom if they work together

    to be finally be freed out of the demon which consumed them.

    8. Jakks Scizor: A mysterious figure claiming to be the God of Death and a

    follower of the ever obscure Forbidden. Scizor set his abode in a tower situated

    near Tondonia in which he is said to have a liking in sacrificing young girls to

  • make him and his movement stronger. Unfortunately for Scizor, in times where he

    believes that he is at his peak, he engaged Rayn Ezarra in a number of encounters

    with each resulted in his defeat. He even forged an uneasy alliance with Rayn and

    his allies eventually realizing that they are not meant to be allied with each other

    in the first place unless it is beneficial for him. Nonetheless, he tolerated Rayn and

    his allies when needed. Though he has great hatred for Rayn for always being

    defeated by whom he called mindless scum and stealing his allies from him,

    nevertheless, Jakks Scizor after his seemingly decisive defeat, continued to supply

    indirect assistance to his rival and his friends. However his goal to end his rivals

    dominance remained in his future endeavors.

    9. Emperor Emmanuel Hosin Howards Ezarra: The main antagonist of the story.

    Contrast to his elaborate lifestyle, his obsession of plundered gold and tyrannical

    reign which resulted to the deaths of billions of people, Emperor Howards known

    as Hosin started his career in humble beginnings. Hosin came to Ezarra

    uncertain of his future in a foreign land along with his friend Merea. They were

    separated when Hosin was taken care of Mereas father with the latter going into

    Amenopolis, Civi Island. With streaks of tragedy and humiliating events in the

    life of Hosin that separated him from Merea, he embarked on a quest to finally

    unite the divided yet united kingdom of Chaos-Ezarra to finally reign with his

    friend Merea in peace and security. In a string of tragic and humiliating events,

    Hosin became even more determined perfecting his political, economic and

    wartime skills gathering a formidable number of following particularly the

    migrants. With sufficient forces, Hosin defeated his foster father making him pay

    for his betrayal. He forged an alliance with the House of Merea doing them an

    errand to remove the thorns that threatened the royal house. He managed to attract

    a number of Shitenian daimyos to share him their technology even marrying one

    of their ladies for political purposes. With everything in place, Hosin turned

    against his former employers setting stage for a chain of reactions that made him

    defeat other rulers that eventually lead to the unification of Ezarra. Hosin was not

    in fact in a good situation yet with careful planning coupled with the right set of

    events he defeated the likes of the 5 Ezarran Chao brothers, Chao Lionheart and

  • the rest of his formidable allies. With the destruction of Mandarin Khan, the

    Chao god of warfare, Hosins career skyrocketed into the realms of mythology

    that he even became a godlike war god protector of Ezarra. With his newfound

    status, Hosin pushed his ambitions further into the realm of the supernatural when

    he forced Lord Absolute, a great god of the universe into passivity. These events

    made the Emperor as one who held life and death in all of his empire until his

    supposed disappearance.

    10. Thickbeard: A rogue and unconventional Shitenian daimyo installed by Hosin

    possibly as one of his scouts to his eventual ambition of conquering the large

    nation of Shitenia. Originally while Andsuke and Hosin were allies, Thickbeard is

    just an ordinary ninja corp that helped them in battles. Until Andsukes bitterness

    and betrayal of Hosin due to the latters assassination of the formers father,

    Thickbeard got into Hosins rank and was groomed by the Emperor to setting the

    Shitenian system into chaos softening it up for eventual conquest. In Negative

    Zone, Thickbeard was introduced as one of Hosins assassins and is constantly

    checking on his bitter rival Andsuke. Eventually these two heavyweight

    swordsmen plan to put a close to their rivalry in the hostile parts of the vast

    Shitenian landscape.

    11. Raphael Ezarra: Hosins eldest son being groomed as his successor. In contrast to

    his father, Raphael probably inherited most of his fathers evil side. He is known

    to be arrogant, brash, spoiled, ruthless and even lusted Aliya for his own

    satisfaction. Yet, though Raphael is a callous individual, he is proven to be an

    efficient and also a great leader like his father. After Hosins disappearance, he is

    said to have been possessed and merged by the spirit of his father further

    enhancing his grip in Ezarra and the rest of the planet except Shitenia. Yes, he

    might not be as great as the founder of Ezarra but Raphael proved his worth in

    warfare conquering Civi Island making Neferea a mere figure head, ruthlessly

    crushing various rebellions that threatened his reign and managed to get the

    Ezarran morale into an all time high by destroying those who are said to have a

    hand on his fathers disappearance. Raphel is also well verse in debates and

    orations. He answered those who accused him of being schizophrenic by telling

  • them that he is no different from his father. Through him, the spirit of his father

    always approved of what he is doing and will even help him end those who

    planned to destroy their ambitions. Raphael has also an army of underworld

    connections that do his bidding for his personal gain in the guise of helping the


    12. Francis Ezarra: Hosins second son and an accomplished Ezarran pilot. He is

    always supportive of Rayn Ezarra, his sister Kathe and their friends. He

    constantly assists Rayn Ezarra and his friends in battles overcoming various

    obstacles. He is said to have a calm demeanor and an understanding legendary to

    the hard line Ezarran military forces. He is known to his peers as the one going

    into the most dangerous risks yet is always victorious.

    13. Fidelito Lacson: The most righteous member of Hosins inner circle

    administration of advisers. He is said to be the most calm, patient and good

    natured among Hosins council members. To many, he fell from grace after

    disagreeing with many of Hosins reckless and callous political moves. Being a

    father figure to Kathe and her friends, he is always present in battle offering the

    allies additional financial assistance and back ups that changed the tide of the

    impossible battles. He also served as a father figure to the Ezarran military rebels

    raising their morals and offering them emotional support. Though these good

    qualities are exhibited during the majority of the wars, Fidelito remains an

    alarming figure that keeps personal gain all just for himself.

    14. Agotamun: Originally Hosins eldest daughter being adopted into the House of

    Merea as a proof of an eternal covenant between Ezarra and the House of Merea

    of Civi. She also serves as a sacrifice of Hosins accidental involvement that

    resulted to the death of one of Mereas sons. Agotamun was brought into the

    Merean way constantly being regarded as Mereas daughter symbolically

    beginning the Howards- Merean dynasty. Agotamun is very close to her foster

    mother and is later married to a Civi nobleman.

    15. Aeis Neferea: A classic in every back of a great man is a woman. Despite

    playing a minor role in Negative Zone, Neferea actually played a major role

    shaping Ezarras history. She and Hosin started out as humble migrants with each

  • going into separate ways. Even after she is married with a Civi warrior prince,

    Hosin continuously visited her asked for her consolation and inspiration. She is

    Hosins standard of excellence decisive in shaping Ezarras history. With her as

    his inspiration, Hosin conquered numerous odds which led to the unification of

    Ezarra for the first time in its history. She is also known to be a capable ruler that

    always helped Hosin when the latter needed to. In exchange, Hosin removed

    every thorn in her rule that made them sign a pact of eternal covenant between

    Ezarra and the House of Merea of Civi. Hosin even gave her his eldest daughter to

    symbolically start the Howards-Merean dynasty even without getting married at

    the first place! Neferea is also known to have adopted and constantly advised

    Aliya of not repeating the love lost within her and Hosin. She told Aliya to take

    care of Rayn Ezarra the best she can which Aliya greatly agreed. Neferea along

    with Alvin Bersamina and Princess Agotamun were later seen descending into an

    obscure passage that is said to be the key of knowing the truth about Hosins

    disappearance. To many, the legend of Hosin and Mereas relationship is more

    than a husband and a wife. A relationship which encountered too many obstacles

    but in the end remained strong as ever.

    The Schizophrenic Ezarran dictators:

    Emmanuel Hosin Ezarra Howards has united all of Ezarra, expanding its influence

    globally even into the netherworlds, forged successful relationships with other people

    in which no Ezarran leader has done before and easily the most ambitious empire

    builder of all time reigning like a godlike being in his nation suddenly disappeared

    mysteriously leaving his questionable credentialed son to continue what he had

    begun. Since the leadership of Raphael Ezarra, both his inner circle and his subjects

    started to doubt the legitimacy of the Ezarran leadership. Other nations have also

    raised their eyebrows doubting the ability of the new leader secretly plotting to take

    advantage of the situation and at the same time fearing for another major war putting

    deep pressures on the legitimacy of the successor. Raphael Ezarra shortly after his

    succession was already haunted by the uncertainty of his reign as the overlord of

    Ezarra. Since then there are numerous theories that corresponded the mysterious state

  • of succession in the Ezarran Empire. Here are the possible theories conspiracy

    theorists love to believe:

    1. (Actor Theory) Hosin was mysteriously murdered by his enemies forcing

    Raphael Ezarra to immediately take the succession of the throne. Here

    Raphael Ezarra continues looking and acting like his father to preserve the

    morals of the people.

    2. (Regency Theory) Hosin, feeling that he is getting old and needed a stable

    system of his governance before expiring. Thus, he stayed behind the scenes

    installing his son Raphael into the throne as a figurehead continuously

    advising and training him in the affairs of the state to be a great leader like


    3. (Possession Theory) Here, Hosin is believed to have a date in the afterlife

    leaving the Ezarran people doubtful of Raphael Ezarras leadership. Here,

    Raphael Ezarra started to have constantly receiving his fathers guidance from

    beyond. He is even believed to have been possessed by his father when things

    are not in his control.

    4. (Godlike Theory) Hosin is still Hosin in control. There is no such thing as a

    conspiracy theory in Ezarra. It is only to demean and downgrade the

    legitimacy of its leaders made by the enemies of the state. Dodging the shady

    issues of succession and the legitimacy of rulers, Hosin remained effective

    and in control as a godlike being in Ezarra. In this theory, Hosin had his son

    fell into disfavor and ordered his men to dispose of him proving his critics that

    he does not need a successor to continue the stability of his Empire. He will be

    ruling Ezarra as a godlike leader for a very long time just as he had promised.

    5. (Best Theory) The truth is that Hosin mysteriously disappeared and out of

    circulation courtesy of his former enemy Chaos Lionheart and his men

    bringing tensions in the empire. It also ushers the beginning of Raphael

    Ezarras reign as the overlord of Ezarra. Raphael may not be as great as his

    father but he gained the support of the people hunting down those who are

    responsible for his fathers disappearance. However, it is not the end of

    Hosins affair of the state. Hosin even in suspended animation continued to

  • occasionally possess his son sometimes even forcing him to commit suicide

    thus having his soul leaving his body due to Hosins mastery of both the

    temporal and supernatural. Raphael can be always brought back to life if

    Hosin desires. In Raphael Ezarras body, Hosin, through his disappearance

    and being pressured to accept reality of losing his grip on the empire has

    turned him into a violent ruler obsessed of taking Ezarra as his own on all

    means hoping not to repeat the time he lost Merea to her husband. When the

    events of Negative Zone took place, It is not only Raphaels tyrannical

    tendencies that haunt the Ezarran Empire but also the synchronization of

    father and son mentality that made the leader of Ezarra even more fearsome

    and be looked upon as an evil god that plagued the whole empire. Surely, with

    the father and son mentality inside the Ezarran leader and its monopoly of the

    temporal and the supernatural, undoubtedly it will forever pose an impossible

    challenge to the likes of Rayn Ezarra and those who wanted to take him down

    for good.


    Emperor Emmanuel Hosin Ezarra Howards is a great and accomplished Ezarran leader

    until late in his reign where the trauma of power, betrayal and disappointment started to

    consume his well being. Despite being among the greatest leaders who occupied Ezarra,

    Hosin had his fair shares of political controversies that will haunt him down until his

    disappearance that triggered a set of events that will forever changed the landscape of

    Ezarra. With his successor Emperor Raphael Ezarra, more evil and tyrannical than his

    father, set his empire plunging into war and chaos threatening Ezarra anew sparking

    notable series of rebellion. Relics from Hosins old Ezarran Empire emerges Rayn

    Ezarra, foster son of a former general. Andsuke Toyama, son of a notable daimyo and

    Jakks Scizor, a mysterious figure who claimed to have history with the emperor. These

    men are willing to fight each other to death racing across time to mark the fall of an evil

    empire. Ironically, only through a series of death defying encounters only true alliances

    are formed. Supported by Kathe Ezarra along with Aliya Stargazer, his most trusted

  • friend, Rayn Ezarra and his friends seemed more than ready to take down the Ezarran

    Empire forever changing the course of its history.


    In a heated battle testing of waters within the palace complex, Hosin seemingly have the

    upper hand until Rayn Ezarra dished him out with his own style of punishment ending the

    fight in the standstill. Hosin, realized that he cannot easily beat whom he called

    barbarian emerged from the ruins of the palace using his godlike powers to grow into

    an enormous size posing legitimate threat to the whole rebel army.

    Hosin, being the emperor of the Ezarran Empire demonstrated to Rayn Ezarra what an

    Ezarran god is all about. Being in control of life and death in the empire, Hosin grew to

    massive proportions, increased his weaponry and demonstrated his true potential by

    destroying a significant fleet that tries to oust him from his ambitions. Rayn Ezarra knew

    he cannot take alone the mad god king of Ezarra who literally has Shitenia in his disposal

    in which his predecessors only dreamt on. He went back to one of the ships, going into

    the deck to try fighting the emperor while the pilots below assist him to move in and out

    of trouble. While Rayn Ezarra prepares for another major life and death showdown, one

    of the crew told him that they will unleash a heavy force field that will try to pin Hosin

    down. Hosin told Rayn Ezarra that their fate is sealed and he alone controls not only

    Ezarra but all existence being subjected to him.

    Rayn Ezarra felt that Hosin is wasting no time trying to kill him by unleashing his most

    devastating attacks. Assisted by loyal Ezarran planes, Hosin succeeded in the destruction

    of a combined fleet of rebel Ezarrans and Shitenian fleets. Confident of his destruction of

    the famed barbarian, Hosin started to taunt and unleashing moderate amount of attacks to

    Rayn Ezarras ship. Rayn Ezarra told his ship to stick in to Hosin but Hosin did the

    initiative by trying to slash the ship into scrap metals. Rayn Ezarra capitalized on the size

    and hit Hosin a couple of times staggering the tyrant. Hosin unleashed another set of

    tentacle attacks that put the ship into turbulence. The ship unleashed a force field to limit

    Hosin and Rayn Ezarra used every ounce of his strength hacking down the mad emperor.

  • Hosin unleashed a breaking explosion that sent Rayn and the ship aback. Another set of

    rebel reinforcements arrived but only being toyed upon by the tyrant. Hosin started to

    stick in with his reflexes trying to pin down Rayn Ezarra by firing godly powers but Rayn

    and the ship narrowly escaped a fatal crash. As a counterattack to Hosins pressure, more

    force fields try to pin Hosin down but no avail. Hosin, being a master of man to man

    combat known as Ezarras man of war, used his massive sword to cut the ship eventually,

    Rayn climbed up to the sword hacking the emperor relentlessly even firing him his famed

    beams from his eye. Hosin retaliated with his tentacles and his missiles that set the ship

    ablaze. As the ship continues to stick out of trouble, while approaching, Hosin continues

    to fire projectiles to impose his will on the rebels. The ship surprisingly dodged the series

    of fatal attacks tempering Hosin into madness. Hosin started to leap towards the heaven

    using his sword trying to cut the ship in surprise. Unfortunately, force fields slowed down

    the golden king with Rayn Ezarra repeating his unsophisticated style. Hosin then

    unleashed a series of explosive attacks setting the ship on fire. Rayn Ezarra and his pilots

    knew their time is short. They need to destroy Hosin quickly or else they will all die a

    futile death robbing the Ezarrans of their future forever.

    In the wake of the Ezarran rebellion, Queen Neferea, Princess Agotamun and the loyal

    retainer of the House of Merea, Alvin Bersamina with a formidable number of troops

    landed in an undisclosed location located in the outskirts of Ezarra. Upon touching down,

    the queen and her companions were escorted by Ezarran soldiers along with high officials

    entering the structure eventually ending up in the subterranean levels. A few more strolls,

    both parties ended up just outside a room where a charred man awaits them. The charred

    man is none other than the former Emperor Howards who disappeared due to serious

    assassination attempts inflicted by his political enemies. The escorts eventually decided

    to give the queen, her princess and the retainer a moment of privacy as they entered the

    room where Howards is lying in suspended animation.

    Deep in the underworld, Kathe Ezarra and her friends are on the verge of defeating

    Yama, the lord of death. With one more barrages of powerful attacks from the respective

    allies, they sent Yama exploding into a massive ball of fire with confused souls

  • surrounding him seemingly putting him down for good. Kathe Ezarra and her allies were

    so relieved that they are back in the real world and are on their way to help Rayn Ezarra

    defeat Howards. After few steps apart, Yama reappeared in a more grotesque form

    demanding the allies souls for judgment. Unfortunately for Yama, Kathe and her allies

    seemed too powerful for the lord of death. She even told her companions that her mother

    experienced the same eerie feeling which they are now currently in. Kathe wanting to end

    things as much as possible gave everything she got assisted by her allies powerful

    arsenals to the lord of death. But the lord of death has other morbid plans for the allies. In

    his final desperation attack, Yama reflected everything the allies gave to him eventually

    succumbing to the accumulation of holy damages resulting in a massive explosion that

    took Kathe and her friends as well unable to be saved by the barriers they put on

    themselves. In the sight of Yamas death which turned hell into a piece of paradise, the

    unknown spectator grinned evilly as if he perfectly played his card well probably

    congratulating Kathe and her companions a job well done ending the tyranny of Yama

    towards Shitenian souls through time once and for all.

    Aliya Stargazer due to her supernatural endurance barely withstood Yamas devastating

    final attack. While examining her friends whom are all out cold, a rifle butt struck her

    head by unknown assailants. Semi-conscious, she eventually realized that she is being

    dragged to an unknown location which filled her whole being with dread and

    helplessness. All she heard that the soldiers are telling to themselves that the good lord

    will be delighted to take the spoils of war for his gain.

    Queen Neferea filled with compassion and overcame with uncertainty; she said to

    Howards Im sorry of making you sad and has always broken your heart. You have

    worked so hard overcoming all odds to unite Ezarra just to prove your love to me. Please

    help us! Your son is on the brink of destroying you worked so hard to build. I hope just

    like the old times, you will be there for all of us if we needed you, even one last time for

    the future of this planets well being. Howards, please wake up and fight! Princess

    Agotamun shocked of what became of her father seemed unable to gather herself up to

    speak. The queen felt compassion and tried to be a pillar to the princess. Neferea told

  • Howards Here is our daughter Agotamun. Look at her She has grown so intelligent,

    beautiful and strong. Im sure you will be proud of her. She is the offspring of the eternal

    covenant between us. She is the consummate of our aspirations since we are lowly

    migrants. Neferea eventually realized that she must face the battle alone without

    Howards unlike in the past. She felt that she must be brave and well determine to reassure

    the Ezarran future along with its subjects. Bidding Howards goodbye, Neferea closed her

    visit telling Howards You always kept me company in our darkest hours. You have

    always got me out trouble. In our past battles, you have always assisted me to victory.

    Now, please let me do this part, this time I will assist you and save everything you

    worked so hard to build. Im doing this for Kathe and the rest of your Ezarran family. I

    pray that it shall all come to pass. Neferea told herself You have been constantly

    threatening me, my family, my nation and insulted your fathers capability trying to build

    long lasting relationship with other nations by plunging them into war. Just I have

    promised myself, Raphael, I will be instrumental in getting the job done not only for

    myself but for the whole world with a new future in her horizon. Neferea commanded

    her army to set towards the Shitenian nation to end the senseless war once and for all.

    Beneath the crimson skies of Shitenia, Howards continuously unleash heavy arsenals of

    his energies trying to crash the ship where Rayn Ezarra is standing. Rayn Ezarra is never

    in this desperate situation in all of his battles! Rayn Ezarra paused a little thinking that he

    needs a dramatic plan to score a decisive victory. Howards eventually knew that the

    barbarian is thinking started to fire barrages of projectiles just to show him his divinity.

    Howards is constantly assisted by both of his Ezarran and newfound Shitenian ships.

    However, brave Ezarran rebel fleets managed to keep them away from a personal battle.

    Howards started hacking Rayn Ezarra and his ship with his tentacles but Rayn Ezarra

    pulled a dramatic sword play slightly staggering Howards. Rayn Ezarra knew that

    Howards is going to fight like a true man of war should fight. He anticipated that he

    will use his gigantic sword but this time in his own advantage. Rayn Ezarra blasted huge

    amounts of energies from his eye stunning Howards and hacked him multiple times

    hoping to end the Ezarran leader. Howards retaliated with a defense explosion hastening

    the crash of Rayn Ezarras ship. While Howards is retreating from Rayn Ezarra hoping

  • for a chess match, Rayn Ezarra constantly blasted Howards from his eye infuriating

    Howards. Howards started to use his limited psychic skills crumpling Rayn Ezarra and

    his ship. Smelling a well deserved victory at hand, Howards used his gigantic sword

    leaping towards Rayn Ezarra. Rayn Ezarra unleashed all he got again blasting Howards

    with huge amounts of violence from his eye stunning Howards for a longer time. The

    ships captain decided to stab the giant god with the ships bow thus immobilizing

    Howards making him unable to move. Rayn Ezarra deflected the strength of Howards

    sword, capitalized on his mistake merged the energies from his eye forged into his sword

    unleashed a series of finishing blows seemingly ended the tyrants rule over all Ezarra.

    After multiple slashes being thrown into Howards, Rayn Ezarra felt Howards is still

    alive. Feeling he needs to close the show for the final time, Rayn Ezarra angrily slashed

    the lever unleashing the crane stabbing Howards throat. The bloodied god refused to die

    in futility. He told Rayn that Ezarra does not belongs to him and being a god, there is no

    chance he is going to wrest the realm from him and its foundation. Rayn replied Howards

    to shut his mouth threw his sword towards Howards. Both parties ended up in a massive

    explosion when Howards unleashed a gigantic spherical attack with beams jutting out in

    all angles violently crashing the ship of Rayn Ezarra and his crew apparently killing them


    Miraculously, Rayn Ezarra and the surviving crews managed to get out of the ship in time

    before it crashed violently to the ground. Exhausted and beaten, Rayn was unable to

    assist his companions to safety. All he saw and heard is that he heard gunshots from a

    man killing all the survivors. He even saw the man in divine anger managed to destroy

    huge numbers of rebel forces. Rayn Ezarra half-consciously realized he is being stomped

    by the same man to the face forcing him into unconsciousness. Meanwhile, deep in the

    underworld Kathe with her allies are being resuscitated by unknown agents telling them

    to go and help Rayn Ezarra to give Ezarra a new future. Not caring about the real identity

    and motives of the men, Kathe and her allies proceeded in a race against time for their


  • Rayn Ezarra eventually found himself being tied to a stake in chains. Ezarran soldiers

    started to approach beating him violently. Howards now revealed as Raphael Howards to

    the public, from a distance told Rayn that he already got what he wanted, a true spoil of

    this petty war that is destined to rule with him in his new rebuilt Shitenian palace who is

    none other than Aliya Stargazer. Rayn Ezarra realized that they are trying to rape Aliya

    once again like Howards underground connections did back in Tondonia. Raphael

    Howards told Rayn that since he is already a victorious leader in heaven and earth, he

    simply needs a consort that will satisfy him. In a fit of anger, unable to help Aliya, Rayn

    violently screamed at Raphael Howards that he is going to make him pay when they

    crossed paths again. Calming down, Rayn Ezarra sarcastically told Raphael Howards that

    he already saw Ezarras true state of affairs and its foundation also where it is heading

    towards to. Ezarran soldiers started stabbing Rayn Ezarras arms telling him that he is

    already beyond the state of helplessness and gave him a couple more shots to the face.

    Aliya tried defending herself against her assailants but in her weakened state, the men

    were overpowering her. As she was about to be raped repeating her ordeal, Aliya saw

    Kathe and her allies putting down scores of Howards men and seized the opportunity for

    freedom. Aliya capitalized on the mistake made by one Ezarran soldiers, grabbing his

    weapon and managed to kill successive ones. Rayn Ezarra saw reinforcements arriving at

    the scene intensifying his anger breaking the chains pulling the stake down, grabbed his

    blue sword throwing himself to Raphael Howards. Raphael Howards even in his

    damaged state successfully defended himself from a raging barbarian. Soon, he realized

    that Rayn Ezarra is too powerful to him. Rayn Ezarra managed to break into his defense

    slashing him numerous times unleashing huge amounts of energies the best the sword can

    offer and started brutally beating Howards. Imminently from a decisive victory, Rayn

    was taken aback in which seemed to be another divinely ordained explosion.

    With the Ezarran government forces out of place, Aliya kicked down the furnace bowl

    towards the disorganized troops in which seemed to be her place of sacrifice. Aliya shot

    the furnace bowl with a minimal amount of her cosmic energy killing some of the

    soldiers. Rodent and Wolfpack went into Aliyas rescue. Together, they put down more

    Ezarran soldiers and shot down a combined battalion of Ezarran and Shitenian arsenals.

  • After clearing the place, they joined Kathe and the rest to keep enemy reinforcement at

    bay hoping to save their leader from destruction.

    While Kathe and the rest of the allies are fighting against the combined coalition of

    Ezarran and Shitenian forces, Rayn Ezarra rose up from the floor and saw Raphael

    Howards back in his divine form ready to engage him for one last final battle. Rayn

    Ezarra picked his sword up and taunted Raphel Howards that the battle has officially

    started. Raphael Howards told Rayn Ezarra that his friends are becoming machine

    destroyers rendering feared machines ineffective at their presence but he will be the one

    to lead the forces in their most important and sacred victory resulting to a barbaric end for

    a heretic and mindless barbarian. Rayn Ezarra replied Howards to eat his words and

    boasted he already took down someone smarter and more divinely powerful than him.

    Raphel Howards eventually told Rayn Ezarra that the barbarian has yet to face the

    greatest threat to his existence. Raphael Howards allowed himself to be possessed by his

    father changing his personality telling Rayn Ezarra that never again will the Ezarran

    Empire be separated from him. Rayn Ezarra assured the newly possessed Howards that

    he should die trying. Howards equipped all his weapons during his prime gunning for a

    smooth destruction of the barbarian.

    Rayn Ezarra told Howards how ill equipped he is to train his son for future leadership. He

    further commented that Raphael Howards, in order to save his face needs his father to

    save him from the mess he is responsible. Howards replied Rayn Ezarra that regardless of

    his opinions, he and his son still holds life and death in Ezarra and assured that the

    barbarian will be the first one to feel the brunt of his divinity especially when his grip on

    his united empire is threatened. Rayn Ezarra escalated the tensions replying that Howards

    will pay what he did on his foster father. Howards warming up using Chaos Lionhearts

    hooked lasso told the barbarian that he is giving him the supreme opportunity to do so.

    Rayn Ezarra started approaching Howards with his Gan sword while Howards started

    whipping the approaching barbarian with his lasso. Rayn Ezarra surprisingly fought a

    cleaver fight sticking in and out hoping to dodge the dangerous scourging in order to

  • strike an open Howards. Howards also moved in and out continued using his lasso to

    keep the aggressive barbarian at bay for a counter attack. Rayn Ezarra eventually moved

    out of trouble blitzed his way slashing Howards with his sword but endured numerous

    scourges due to Howards supreme reflexes. Howards equipped his Grandmaster sword

    clashing metals with Rayn Ezarra. As Howards is about to overpower Rayn Ezarra, Rayn

    Ezarra used an awkward stance stunning and staggering Howards stealing the moment

    with slashes unto the Ezarran leader. Howards unleashed violent energies from

    Grandmaster but missed hitting the barbarian squarely. Howards used his lasso even

    more aggressively occasionally hitting the barbarian but Rayn Ezarra broke the

    convention of fighting man to man by firing lasers from his eye stunning Howards. Rayn

    Ezarra dodged slower whippings made by Howards. He managed to sneak inside

    constantly slashing Howards into helplessness. Howards used the Sword of Restoration

    countering Rayn Ezarra sending him in distance range and unleashed his godly powers to

    stop the barbarian. Like Rayn Ezarra, Howards being the great unifier and the ultimate

    man o war of Ezarra has even more different plans in his sleeves. With the experience

    of defeating both great men and gods, Howards believes that he has everything in hand to

    send Rayn Ezarra crashing down. Rayn Ezarra not allowing Howards to get away, blitzed

    through him and started to unleash melee combinations but one dramatic counterattack by

    Howards followed with slow but telling slashes sent Rayn Ezarra temporarily in

    unconscious state. Howards wanting to make it sure he got Rayn Ezarra by unleashing

    storms from his Grandmaster weapon. Knowing Rayn Ezarras legendary determination,

    Howards rode the horse into the castle ruins to play mind games with the barbarian.

    Shitenia is the largest nation of the planet. A nation in which comprised one third of the

    whole planet has been always looked upon by world leaders as the ultimate price of their

    leadership due to their manpower, economy, effective military administration and

    technology. However, numerous leaders have failed or actually succeeding in subduing

    this great nation ruled by a complex bureaucrat of military nobilities. The only leaders

    who came close of actually invading Shitenia is Raphael Ezarra but his invasion will soon

    proved it is not built on solid foundation. The greatest conqueror of Ezarra Emperor

    Emmanuel Howards only managed to assure the alliance of few major controlling

  • daimyos but they all paled in comparison to the vast administration of the Shitenian

    nation. But in this critical time, even though Raphael Howards invasion of Shitenia

    might not be stable enough, it will be more than enough to make Shitenia hosting the

    place of the most important battle yet that will decisively change the future of the planet!

    With the vastness of the Shitenian Empire so is the vastness of military belligerents that

    will participate for their place in changing history.

    Beneath the once impenetrable stern Shitenian Empire, the whole nation plunges into the

    abyss of war. The once effective and peaceful superpower was now the venue of the

    heaviest and most violent war yet in the history of the planet. The rebellion of Rayn

    Ezarra and some disgruntled Ezarran officials originally limited to Ezarra has spread the

    inaccessible superpower due to Raphael Howards ambition to make the Shitenian nation

    as his new capital. Everything under in Shitenia escalated into a huge war and is heading

    towards ruins. Kathe Ezarra and her allies are fighting life and death trying to stop a

    combined coalition of Ezarran and rogue Shitenian forces. Francis Ezarra is leading the

    rebel forces in the atmosphere struggling to negate the offense of his own fathers forces.

    Shitenian forces plunged into civil war between the nationalists and the ones who allied

    with the conqueror Howards in promise of positions which the government failed to give

    them. Protopolian reinforcements started to arrive in Shitenia to assist Ezarran rebel

    forces hoping to win against the stronger Ezarran administration forces. Queen Neferea

    and her fleets are on their way heading towards Shitenia with her promise of finally

    closing the fight against Raphel Howards to stop the nonsensical war detrimental to

    world progress. Unknown forces from the depths of the underworld probably led by

    Jakks Scizor fought their own battle against the Ezarran administration at the same time

    helping Kathe Ezarra and her friends when things went rough. Andsuke Toyama fighting

    alongside with his daimyo allies against another rogue Shitenian former ninja now

    daimyo general Thickbeard. Andsuke and his troops managed to penetrate Thickbeards

    defenses forcing the latter to a decisive showdown. Andsuke and Thickbeard intensely

    fought each other like real commanders should do but the time Thickbeard is gaining the

    upper hand. Andsuke technically broke the convention by being assisted by his daimyo

    allies driving Thickbeard and his forces away. However, while Thickbeard on the loose

  • Andsuke believes that he is soon destined face Thickbeard one more time. This time it

    will be more decisive and they will be all alone!

    Rising up from the state of unconsciousness, Rayn Ezarra followed Howards into the

    castle ruins. While getting into Howards, Rayn Ezarra endured rogue Shitenian samurai

    warriors, Shitenian arquebuses, Shitenian cannons and Howards own loyal Ezarran

    troops. Rayn Ezarra believed that Howards is trying to pin his energies in the hands of his

    men for easy pickings if he managed to catch up with him. Rayn Ezarra explored the

    palaces fighting more infantry units until slashing one of the false doors leading him back

    to Howards. Howards was impressed of the determination his enemy has been

    demonstrating. He made it clear to Rayn Ezarra that never again will he lose the empire

    he worked so hard and never again will he get separated from the presence of Neferea

    ever again. He assured Rayn Ezarra that this will be their last battle. Rayn Ezarra started

    aggressively towards Howards. He blitzed into the Ezarran ruler trying to pin him down

    like barbarians do. Seeing this, Howards knew that his reputation is in peril so as his grip

    on his Empire. Determined not to lose everything he worked so hard, Howards started

    using Chaos Lionhearts lasso to keep Rayn Ezarra at bay. Like before, Rayn Ezarra

    managed to sneak into Howards hacking him with his Gan sword. Howards moved away

    peppered Rayn with godly energies. He also summoned lightning attacks to stop Rayn in

    his track. Howards continued shooting his infamous projectiles but Rayn knocked him off

    with his eye beams. Howards repeated his pattern of using his lasso but Rayn destroyed

    one of them with his sword. Howards then faked Rayn hitting his armor with his

    barbarian cutter katana forcing Rayn to move away clashing metals with Howards.

    Howards switched on with his Grandmaster nearly killing Rayn. Rayn countered

    Howards with energy attacks but to no avail. Seeing the opportunity, Howards used his

    gauntlets manhandling the barbarian to the edge of the room. Sensing that Rayn is

    already bleeding and weakened, Howards used his Sword of Restoration to end the fight

    immediately. Rayn has other plans. Rayn deflected the coveted weapon with his Gan

    sword disarming Howards. Rayn fired a more powerful version of his eyebeam

    staggering Howards yet remained invincible.

  • Rayn didnt care whether he can damage Howards or not. He simply needed the

    opportunity to deliver the fatal deathblow. As usual, Howards started swinging his lasso

    to the Ezarran barbarian. Rayn circumnavigate the battle area to confuse Howards.

    Howards used time stop from one of his arsenals slowing Rayn Ezarra down. He

    continued firing godly energies towards Rayn for him to be ripe for destruction. With the

    time effects ending, Rayn Ezarra moved away from areas affected by time stop. Rayn

    Ezarra tenaciously dodged Howards whippings. In rage, he destroyed the lasso that

    blocked his way towards Howards. Howards discarded his lasso and switched to his

    Shogun Katana. Rayn continued moving towards Howards but Howards faked the attack,

    stopped time hitting Rayn squarely with his sword. Rayn was miraculously saved by the

    remnants of his armor. Rayn launched an offensive attack pinning Howards releasing

    huge amounts of energies while slashing Howards like a madman. Howards shrugged all

    attacks telling Rayn he holds heaven and earth, life and death so he cannot be killed.

    Howards unleashed an assortment of godly energies trying to blow Rayn pointblank but

    Rayn found himself trying to wrest Howards Grandmaster from him. Howards

    eventually got the better of Rayn unleashing tornadoes sending him out of the room.

    Howards in desperation continuously unleash godly energies in order to end the epic

    battle. Thinking everything is under control with the barbarian nowhere to be found,

    Howards picked up the legendary Sword of Restoration. Again, Howards is invincible

    and remains the undisputed master of both Ezarra and Shitenia. When the smokes are

    clear, Howards was greeted by Rayns eye beams. He connected the blasts with

    synchronized swords play from his Gan. Howards countered Rayn pitting his legendary

    sword against the barbarians weapon. Howards swang his sword overpowering Rayn,

    switched back to his grandmaster releasing huge amounts of energies and summoned

    storms to get the better of Rayn. Howards switched on to his legendary sword hoping to

    deliver the fatal blow in case of survival. After the storms left the room, Rayn surprised

    Howards by hanging just below the ceiling. He took advantage of the situation by

    disarming Howards once again of his legendary sword. Howards switched on his katana

    destroying Rayn of his Gan sword. Howards told Rayn that he fought better oppositions

    than him. As he is about to slice Rayn into two, Rayn successfully parried the attack and

    forced Howards into a hand to hand combat. Howards switched on to his gauntlet to

  • deliver Rayn mightier and more telling blows. The two fought an intense and brutal fight

    with neither man on the winning side. As they are about to finish each other, Fidelito

    Lacson, one of Howards inner circle council advisers emerged from the rubble where he

    was unconscious for the time being resulted from the first fight between Rayn and

    Howards. Rayn seized the opportunity obtaining the Sword of Restoration while Howards

    is focusing his sight on his former council member.

    Fidelito Lacson, the once righteous member of Howards inner circle pointed a gun

    towards Rayn Ezarra telling him none of the combatants deserve the throne of Ezarra. He

    added that due to lack of mental capability and proper education, Rayn Ezarra shall be

    disposed. Fidelito Lacson brimming with confidence believed that time is in favor of him

    after all the well calculated plans he made to get rid of the two men. Rayn Ezarra replied

    Fidelito that he doesnt deserve the throne because he used his relatives and the Ezarran

    people for his self centered gains. Fidelito replied Rayn Ezarra that politics is that way

    that you need to do everything to succeed much less understood by a feeble mind like

    Rayns. Fidelito was about to pull the trigger of his gun. He bade Rayn Ezarra goodbye

    along with his ambitions. Due to the nature of the conversation, being a godlike being,

    Howards full with confidence laughed hysterically seeing how both men conducted

    themselves in what he sees as lowly and petty manner for a leader. In indignation,

    Rayn Ezarra capitalized the much needed moment, fired intense beams from his eye as

    powerful as he could staggering both men off guard, blitzed towards them stabbing both

    Fidelito and Howards killing them both. The time the Sword of Restoration stabbed

    Howards, the spirit of his father left him and reverted back to his own self, Raphael

    Howards. Dying, Raphael Howards reminded Rayn Ezarra You will never ever

    duplicate what father and I did for the Ezarran Empire. Enjoy your reign while you can

    because it is not designed nor it is destined to last. The ghosts of your past will eventually

    find its footing and will prove that your government is built on a house of sand. The

    eternal reign of both me and my father will shine throughout eternity and shall be the

    standard of both heaven and earth. After these words, Raphael Howards died. Rayn

    Ezarra remembered how Howards killed his foster father sending him into a life of exile

    and giving Aliya trauma by abusing her twice, in rage, Rayn Ezarra beheaded the dead

  • Ezarran leader. Rayn Ezarra once thought that the legendary Sword of Restoration is

    designed to also bring back those who were victims of the evil administrations but soon

    realized it is simply designed to be the sole weapon that can kill a godlike ruler for a new

    future. Rayn Ezarra tied up Raphael Howards riding a horse dragging him out of the

    palace and proudly announced to the belligerents raising his Sword of Restoration I have

    killed your leader! There is no reason to continue this war! Im now in supreme control of

    the Ezarran domains! Let us now cooperate for the future of our land! I dont want to see

    both sides suffer more unnecessary bloodsheds under a banner of a self centered tyrant!

    Amazingly, the winning enemy side saw their dead leader and became instantly

    demoralized. They too are forced to submit to Rayn Ezarra, the new overlord overlooking

    the Ezarran domains who has now Ezarras future in his hands officially ending the most

    violent series of wars in the history of Ezarra!

    Moments after both belligerents decided to stop the war, Kathe and her friends arrived to

    attend her brothers death. She saw Rayn Ezarra still fresh from revenge of the bad blood

    between him and her father and brother. She blamed Rayn Ezarra for what he did in

    killing her brother. She added that they promised each other that the latter would only

    deal with her father. Rayn Ezarra told Kathe about the big picture Kathe, both your

    father and your brother are both great and effective leaders but the temptation of power

    and grandeur pay a heavy price. I know how you feel of losing two relatives, but this is

    war, you are a warrior like me so I think you know the implications. War chooses no

    people to spare you know that. There is much the world to offer than a death of a beloved

    relative. You should know that Raphael Howards dressed like your father has cost the

    lives of many people more than you can imagine. He caused the destruction of many

    nations which to their people they hold so dear. Raphael Howards jeopardized our

    relations with Queen Neferea, the woman whom your father has much respect and

    reverence. I will never forget what your brother did to our friend Aliya. She must be in

    distress while your brother is at large. Kathe told Rayn that he is so insensitive that he

    never felt a death of a close relative regardless of what he did. Rayn replied Kathe that his

    world fell apart after her father betrayed his foster father, one of his most trusted general.

    Rayn added Kathe, dont worry, this will be the last war in Ezarra. I will try my best

  • never to allow anymore war to happen that will cause the distress of our people. The

    sacrifice of great lives will not in vain. The death of your brother will usher a new

    beginning for a transitional period in Ezarra. My dear friend, Kathe, you fought so hard

    and well, if will be the leader of Ezarra, it will just be a transition for something more

    lasting for our future! I give and dedicated my reign to you and your family for years to

    come. Excuse me Kathe, it might be better that I shall give you time to mourn in peace.

    Rayn Ezarra consoled Kathe saluting the fallen leader telling her even he cost so much

    bloodshed, he is still regarded as one of Ezarras best leaders and a worthy enemy. Rayn

    Ezarra saw Francis Ezarra who is about to attend to his fallen brother. He hugged Francis

    and said sorry to him. Francis accepted Rayn Ezarras apologies telling him everything

    will be fine and full support from the Ezarran family. Rayn Ezarra went to Aliya and

    hugged her tightly assuring her that everything is over and shes vindicated once and for

    all, a complete freedom from her past.

    Being the new leader of Ezarra, Rayn Ezarra never took time to rest from his wounds. He

    conducted a public speech of assuring the Shitenian nation of mutual cooperation, mutual

    protection and eternal diplomatic relations between the two superpower nations. The new

    Ezarran leader humbly bowed and apologized to the Shitenian government of what the

    Ezarrans did in the past causing a series of tensions and mistrusts. He eventually assured

    the war torn superpower of providing them gold funds to restructure their economy along

    with a formidable amount of troops as protection from future threats. The new leader

    even elaborated the once flourishing relations between with both countries tracing back to

    the old Ezarran United Kingdom of the Chaos and Howards once beautiful relationship

    with the Shitenian Nobility. Before ending the speech, taking advantage of Shitenian

    superstitious polemics hoping to tighten his grip to the rich Shitenian nation, the new

    leader told the people Even the former Ezarran leaders are dead their souls still linger

    deep in the netherworld in desperation of recruiting new otherworldly armies to destroy

    both of our harmony. Yet, with mutual protection and our combined forces, they will

    realize that even supernatural armies dont stand a chance to people whose greatest

    weapons are determination, willpower, honor and the love for life for life is sacred. So, I

    urge both our nations and the rest to cooperate and unite as one for the sake of peace,

  • prosperity and security! Then! No threats could separate us on what we hold dear! With a

    thunderous round of applause the oration of Rayn Ezarra received mixed response. To

    some, they have found a more promising leader that can lead them to a brighter future but

    to the most of the elite class and the critics, the new Ezarran leader is worse than his

    predecessor and only is good in empty talks eventually plunging them to another crisis.

    Nonetheless, ironically, both Emmanuel Howards and Raphael Howards worked so hard

    to conquer Shitenia but with a fateful date with destiny saving it and coupled with an

    assurance of trust, Rayn Ezarra completed the conquest of Shitenia that might be the

    key to his descendant L. Viper of having all of Ezarra at his disposal.

    Fresh from being the new leader of Ezarra, during his short stay in Shitenia, Rayn Ezarra

    lodged in a modest mansion surrounded by his new armies overlooking Shitenias

    mountainous landscape. He eventually reunited with his old allies congratulating him of

    finally ending the war. Andsuke, being a ladies man invited Rayn Ezarra to take some

    time with some beautiful women in town but Rayn reasoned his friend that he is

    officially married with Kathe and he has already one best friend in Aliya who can

    easily eclipsed other women who seemed better than her. Rayn also jokingly remarked

    that he is too weak for now to take a beating in the hands of the women. In the end, Rayn

    Ezarra politely declined Andsukes invitation. Instead, Andsuke brought some rice wine

    for Rayn and the rest of his allies to cheer up celebrating their lives greatest moments.

    Rayn ended the night asking Andsuke of Aliyas whereabouts. Andsuke answered Rayn

    that Aliya went into Kathe and her relatives to arrange for Raphael Howards burial.

    Rayn wondered what made Aliya attend to Raphael Howards since both of them have a

    bad history. Andsuke saw his friends curiosity and answered that Aliya and Kathe are

    also the best of friends. Aliya is a sensitive woman and is willing to put peoples

    sufferings as her own. He assured Rayn that Aliya is a priceless friend he can cherish as

    long as he lives. Wolfpack also told Rayn he saw Aliya alongside with Queen Neferea

    and her escorts to console Kathe. Rayn eventually told his friends to have a great night

    rest and they will be departing for Ezarra in the next two days.

  • Rayn Ezarra spent his morning with a warm bath in one of the hot springs before

    proceeding to sign a Mutual Assurance treaty with the Emperor of Shitenia in the

    presence of the preeminent daimyos, Rayn Ezarra found out his friends departed a day

    earlier to attend for the state funeral of Raphael Howards. Immediately after the deal with

    the Shitenian administration, Rayn Ezarra backed up by a combined fleet of Ezarran and

    Shitenian forces commanded by the great Imperial Daimyo Andsuke Toyama headed

    back to Ezarra for the state funeral and his coronation as Raynzeor.

    Back in Ezarra, Rayn Ezarra celebrated his victory paraded around the city heading

    towards the state funeral escorted by a combined Ezarran and Shitenian forces led by

    Andsuke Toyama. In the middle of his heros welcome, Ubackk or Go Soba threw

    himself in front of Rayn Ezarra telling him that since he is going to execute him, he

    pleaded the new Raynzeor to immediately end his life to join his beloved friend in the

    afterlife. Rayn Ezarra shocked the crowd by pardoning Ubackk. Rayn commended of

    Ubackk of his undying loyalty to Howards. He urged him to join him in Ezarras

    transitional period. Seeing extreme depression on Ubackks face, Rayn ordered his troops

    to accompany Ubackk to Howards burial. Rayn shouted to the people telling them a new

    era has dawned on Ezarra. He assured the people that he will do everything to make their

    lives normal again.

    Arriving at the state funeral, Rayn Ezarra reconciled with his friends. He proceeded to

    Kathe and her relatives telling them that both their father and brother are great leaders.

    He assured the grieving party that there will never again be bloodshed in Ezarra. He

    promised them Ezarra will face a great and brighter tomorrow. After Raphael Howards is

    laid to rest, Rayn Ezarra ordered gun salutes paying tribute to a worthy opponent and a

    great leader. Aliya asked Rayn how come Ubackk ended up living. Rayn answered his

    friend that he has still role to play for Ezarras further development. He reminded Aliya

    that Ubackk is one of Howards best friends and pivotal for the unification of Ezarra

    during the Chao Era. Neferea verified Rayns claims patting Aliya that Ubackk is a good

    person. He is just simply misunderstood due to his loyalty. Rayn hugged Aliya tightly

  • telling her nothing bad will ever happen to her again. Neferea congratulated Rayn Ezarra

    officially ending both Howards reign on the Ezarran Empire.

    Waking up for the day of his coronation as the new Raynzeor of Ezarra, Rayn Ezarra was

    handed a mail by one of his attendants. Rayn read the letter from Aliya telling him she

    wants to see him after the coronation for something very important. Rayn dressed up on

    his way to be the new monarch of Ezarra. In one of the fortified ziggurat palaces once

    ruled by Ben Naboshazzar Chao, Rayn Ezarra in full regalia of a warrior emperor told his

    crowd with him leading the empire as a new Raynzeor in the period of transition, never

    again will there any be bloodshed in Ezarra. He assured the Ezarrans that he will continue

    the good things the previous leaders accomplished making the Ezarran Empire stronger

    than its ever been. He told the Ezarrans that there will be more friendly and lasting

    relationship with other nations. He impressed the Ezarran people that he already forged a

    long lasting relationship with the ever stern Shitenian Empire. The Raynzeor urged the

    people to forget about their differences and unite to face the challenges of tomorrow. The

    Raynzeor ended his speech telling the people with the right cooperation and discipline,

    they will bring Ezarra into another golden age beyond the horizons. Rayn Ezarra

    eventually went into the enthronement room and was officially crowned as the new

    Raynzeor of Ezarra with Kathe Ezarra as his new empress in this period of transition in

    Ezarran history. Rayn promised Kathe he will be only a temporary Raynzeor eventually

    giving the empire to Kathe and their future descendants. Kathe replied Rayn that the

    empire is for everyone. However controversies are starting to creep upon the new

    Raynzeor when he insulted Vicar Parisee to put him the feathered helmet to his head. The

    Raynzeor did the public relation himself telling everyone that he just wanted people to

    know that in Ezarra, even mighty men needed a check in order to promote humility for

    the betterment of the empire. Those who are exempted from taxes need to show their

    gratitude to those who gave them their privileges and lastly, he added that too much

    attachment in power leads to stagnancy. In rage, Vicar Parisee and his bishops left the

    scene. The Raynzeor told the people again according to the teachings of these men of the

    gods they are in the temporal world not to be served but to give their service to many.

    Neferea in attendance asked Agotamun if she is impressed of her brother-in-law.

  • Agotamun replied Neferea that the new leader is nothing special not to mention he lacked

    education. Neferea respectfully corrected Agotamun and replied to her that Rayn Ezarra

    got his education from someone out of this world. Neferea smiled to her daughter

    sporting a puzzled look to the queen.

    After his coronation, Rayn Ezarra wondered why Aliya is not present in the coronation.

    Out from everyone, he drove to the place where Aliya instructed him to meet her. Rayn

    Ezarra waited a little longer until Aliya arrived. Rayn asked what Aliya is up into. Aliya

    told Rayn that shes going to fix matters in a faraway place and will return for him. Rayn

    told Aliya that he is willing to go and help her. Aliya declined telling Rayn that he needs

    to stay because Ezarra needs him in this crucial time. With sadness on Rayns face, Rayn

    offered Aliya to be his chief adviser. Aliya declined telling Rayn to spend his time wisely

    in Ezarra for he does not know the time until when his reign will last. Aliya assured Rayn

    that sooner she will come back for him and they will be together. Aliya bade Rayn

    goodbye telling him she needs to go to fight her own battle. Rayn saw Aliya walked away

    from him fading away into the darkness. Rayn replied Aliya that he will wait for her. He

    marched back towards his vehicle back to civilization to celebrate his greatest victory

    with his friends. END..

    BONUS: The Death of Queen Neferea, the End of an Era.

    Queen Neferea at age 96, in her usual Sunday morning, while doing her humanitarian

    activity suddenly felt tired and faded out. She was attended and brought back to her

    palace. Despite having her friends at her side to invigorate her, cheering her up for her

    recovery, she eventually fell into deep sleep. The queen found herself alone entering the

    door leading to a series of stairways to a pastoral setting. Surprised, the door where she

    entered is already gone. Now, she found herself again in her younger years. Surprised,

    she was embraced by her mother, the former Princess Regent Meleena. She was

    welcomed by her deceased father in his warrior like glory with a peaceful and redeemed

    countenance. Both of her parents tightly embraced her telling her everything is all alright.

    As she walked further, she was reunited with Imperial Minister Boi, her uncle. Neferea

    tried to apologize of all her short comings to her uncle but he assured her there is no need

  • to do so. Walking further, she saw her retainer Alvin Bersamina in a happy state. To her

    surprise, her beloved husband, the former Pharaoh Ra Gibbeon Demistocles told her he

    missed her so much and ended up hugging her tight giving her security. Go Soba or

    Ubackk eventually approached Neferea telling her that everybody is waiting for her grand

    arrival in a place prepared for her. Curious, Neferea was even more puzzled when her

    children approached her and told her that there is more than to life. Trying to find things

    out, Neferea further walked beyond the pastoral setting and it was revealed they are on

    the top of the hill. She was followed by all the people she met until meeting her friend

    Emmanuel Howards mounted on a horse at his best. Howards told Neferea and her family

    that he is leading them to a place where they can make up for their shortcomings, no

    more war, no more problems and no more tribulations. Howards made it clear to Neferea

    that both he and her dad already forgave each other and they are ready for everything

    except they are waiting for her arrival. With a great smile in her face, Howards along

    with his men escorted Neferea and her companions into the golden city on the horizon.

    On their way, Neferea and her companions comforted each other that the city they are

    entering will secure their eternity where everything is glorious and at peace they all long

    desired. The following day, Nefereas granddaughter found her grandmother peacefully

    died in her sleep. The death of Queen Neferea ends another great era in Amenopolian

    History. The Queen will be remembered as someone who came to the throne with a non

    royal bloodline with a heart of a real queen winning the hearts of the people. She will be

    always known for her endurance during adversities, her longevity and effective

    administration in which future leaders of the Amenopolian civilization will hold dear as

    their standard bearer. Queen Neferea remains the Queen of queens not only within

    Amenopolis but in all of Ezarran history.