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  • 8/20/2019 Numenera Players Guide


  • 8/20/2019 Numenera Players Guide


  • 8/20/2019 Numenera Players Guide


     TABL OF COTTS













    For a ee downloadable copy of the ocial Numenera character sheet and a step-by-step

    guide to character creation using this sheet, visit


    Writer/Designer Monte Cook Rul e Developers Monte Cook and Sean K. Reynold s

    Additional Writing Shanna Germa in

    Lead Editor Shanna Germa in

    Editor Ray Val ese

    Prooeader Mi chele Carter

    Cover Designer and Lead Artist Kieran Yanne r

    Graphic Designer Sarah Rob inson


    Ja son Engl e , Gu ido Kui p , Patr ick McEvoy, M att Stawicki , Adr ian Wi lk i ns , Kieran Yann er

    Cartographer Christopher West

    Alpha Playtesters Shan na Germain , Ray Va l ese , Co l i n M cComb, James Be l l , Er ik Mona , Dan ica K ing ,

    Sean Reynolds , Stan! , Hyrum Savage

    © 2013 ont Cook Gms, LLC

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    liknsss thof,  tdmks of ont Cook Gms, LLC.

  • 8/20/2019 Numenera Players Guide


    �LME NE

    The older man stokes the re, stirring the embers, some of which oat into the night sky. The young girl's

     gaze follows them as the sparks join the panoply of stars. "Our world is very young, the man says. He leans heavily on his gnarled wooden sta and adjusts his

    tattered cloak with one hand. "But it is built upon the bones of anothe much older world.

    The girl nods.

    "Many worlds, actually. Most people say eight, but it could be more. They say eight so that they can call

    our world the Ninth World.

    She nods again, but he can see that she doesn't truly undetand. Does he? Can anyone comprehend

    such a passage of time? The face of the world had shed so much. Even the stars were not untouched by

    the changing aeons.

    "The people that came before us,  people they were, commanded great powers. He pulls from his

    leather pouch a thing made of metal and the light, smooth material called synth. He uses his thumb to touch the clear panel in well practiced,  not entirely understood, ways. The air arund the device lls with

    light that dances and moves in symbols and pictures that mean nothing to him. The girl gasps and then

    laughs in delight.

    "Some of their ancient powe remain, even though the people do not, he tells he "And some bring wonder

    and beauty. But othe bring deaths for which we have no name. Their legacy is a blessing and a cue.

    "Magic, the girl whispe.

    The man smiles. "We call it the numenera.

  • 8/20/2019 Numenera Players Guide


    elcome to the N inth World, where technol ogy is

    magic and even ou r most distant future is sti l l very

    much the past. The N inth World is the setting of the roleplaying game NMEE™. This book is the Numene

    Player's Guide, not the ful l ru lebook. The Player's Guide oers

    a b rief overview of the settin g and the rules of the ga me, and

    it provides al l the i nrmation you nee d to create a character

    so you can pl ay Num enera, explore the N inth World, a nd

    di scover its wonde rs and d angers r yoursel

    In a ro lep l aying game, the p layers take on the ro les of

    people in a ctional world. Each player creates a character

    to portray, an d togethe r, the p layers create a story. I n the ir

    ima ginat ion, the p l ayers exper ience the same chal lenges

    and rewards that their characters experience.  cil itate

    th is , the ru les of the game govern whether characterssucceed or il at what they try to do. Thi s book someti mes

    refers to the p layer cha racters as PCs.

    In addit i on to the p layers who are the cha racters in the

    story, the re is another p layerthe ga me m asterwho

    is not only the arbiter of the ru les but a ls o the craer of

    the narrative. The game master (sometimes referred to

    as the GM) int roduces compl icat ions , enemies , a l l i es ,

    twists , and s urpr ises into the story. He or she sho uld have

    a copy of th e fu ll corebook, wh ic h i nc lu de s

    al l the inrmation om this book, p l us mu ch more. As a

    PLAYR'S GD

    pl ayer, you can read through th e corebook if you wish , but

    everything you need is here.

    Nu menera is a ll about discovery. I n the game, your character wil l d iscover wonders of the prior ages (our own world' s r

    distant future) and a technology so advanced that, as author

    Arthu r C. Clarke wrote, it is i nd istin guis hab le om magic. You

    wil l d iscover mysteries to solve and meet interesting people who

    popul ate this strange world. You wil l d iscover dangerous es

    in the rm of eraterrestrial s, robots, m utants, o r the genetic

    experiments of the past. You wi ll dis cover technology called the

    nu menera that wil l aid in your endeavors.

    The key to playi ng N um enera i s the story. The way to "win

    thi s gam e is t o come away with a great tale. Always remember

    that your character is one of the m ain heroes in a bul ous

    science-ntasy narrative. The Ninth World is a weird andwondrous place, an d the trials a nd tribu lations you ce are

    part of that story. T hrough your ch aracter, you wil l d iscover

    thi ngs un l i ke anythi ng you've dreamed of, and in so doing

    cra a tale wi th your iends that you' l l always remember.

    Read through the N umen era Overview (page 4) , an d

    then j ump r ight i n and make a character. You don' t have

    to read th rough every character option right awayju st

    choose a type, descriptor, and cus that sound interesting,

    and get goin g!

    A whol e new world awa its you .

  • 8/20/2019 Numenera Players Guide


    LME NE

    NUMENE OVERVIE ny suciently advanced technology is

    indistinguishable om magic. -Arhur C Clarke

    The key to playing Numene is the stoy. The way to "win this game is to come a way with

    a great tale.

    T here have been e ight p revious worlds . You ma y refer

    to them as ages , aeons , epochs , or eras , but it ' s not

    wrong to th i nk of each as its own i nd iv idua l wor ld .

    Each rme r wor ld s t retched across vast mi l lenn i a of t ime .Eac h p l ayed host to a race whose civ i l izat ion s rose to

    sup remacy but eventual ly d ied or scattered, d i sappeared or

    transcended . Dur ing the t ime that each wor ld our ished ,

    those that ru led it spoke to the stars , reengineered their

    phys ica l bod ies , and mastered rm and essence, a l l i n the i r

    own u ni que ways .

    Each left behin d remna nts .

    The N inth World is b ui lt on the bones of the previous

    eight , and in part icu lar the last ur. Reach i nto the

    du st , and you' l l nd that each part ic le has been worked,

    man uctured, or grown, and th en grou nd back into a

    ne, articial soi lby the rele ntle ss power of tim e. Look to

    the hor izonis that a mounta in , or part of an im poss ib l e monu ment to the rgotten emperor of a lo st people ?

    Feel that su btle vib ration b eneath your feet and k now that

    ancient enginesvast machines the s ize ofkingdomssti l l

    operate in t he bowels ofth e earth .

    The N inth World is about d i scover ing the wonders ofthe

    worlds that came bere it , not r their own sake, but as

    the means to im prove the present and bu i ld a ture.

    Each of the pr ior e ight wor lds , in its own way, is too

    distant, too dierent, too incomprehensible. Life today

    is too dan gerous to dwel l on a pa st that cann ot be

    un derstood. The peop le excavate and study the marvels of

    the pr ior epochs just enough to help them survive in theworld they have been given. They know that energies and

    knowledge are suspend ed invi s i b ly in the a ir , that resha ped

    continents of iron and glassbelow, upon, and above the

    earthhold vas t treasu res, an d that secret doorways to

    stars and other d imens i ons and rea lms prov ide power and

    secrets and death. They sometimes cal l i t magic , and who

    are we to say that th ey're wrong?

    More oen, however, whe n they nd leovers of the

    old wor ldsthe devices , the vast machi ne compl exes ,

    the a ltered land scapes , the changes wrought upon l iv ing

    creatures by anc ient energ ies